Windows 10 updateSince its launch on 29 July, Microsoft Windows 10 received its third update yesterday. Three consecutive updates from Microsoft has placed the sustainability of the latest Microsoft operating system in serious doubt. Experts associated with Microsoft stated that the updates are bound to happen as it is for the development and betterment of the OS. Additionally, a spokesperson from Microsoft has stated that users were facing some issues while using Windows 10 and the updates were meant to solve them.

What was the update all about?

KB3081438 is the latest update that Microsoft has provided for Windows 10.

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Even though it was stated that the new update was done to make Win 10 work smoothly, a spokesperson has said it was designed and re-aligned to solve issues relating to the Windows Store. Users were unable to download applications, download updates or access the store because of which the update was required. After the update, the issues were put to rest, users have reported.

Features not disclosed

While receiving a Windows 10 update, users do not know for which application the update was itemized. However, it is suggested for Win-10 HOME users to update the OS as and when updates are made available from Microsoft because they are working on improving the OS.

Microsoft is expected to make some big changes along the way as they are busy handling updates and patch work. Meanwhile, users are happy about the new updates because that has helped o remove a lot of glitches.

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