Aiming for a huge success, Microsoft is reported to manufacture more than 3 million Surface tablets in 2012, as per market researcher IDC.

According to analysts, this number also marks the number of units; Microsoft plans to create by Christmas. It looks like Microsoft is all set to offer serious rivalry to its competitors as the company plans to plunge into the tablet market.

Microsoft Surface Tablet is expected to hit the market October 26.

Microsoft isn’t really known for selling its own devices. It’s typically known for software in devices that are manufactured and sold by other companies.

Now it is simply a matter of time to see whether Microsoft will eventually sell off 3 million models of its first version of Surface tablets as the competition is tough.

Apple shipped around 1 million iPads in the first month of its launch in 2010, which was an exceptional success. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the next big tablet on the market, sold around 600,000 devices in the first month.

Apple also reported to trade 3 million iPads in the first quarter following its launch in 2010, and till date, the company has sold 84 million iPads. Apple seems to be on track to sell whopping number of 100 million devices by the end of 2012.

Microsoft is also preparing for the launch of Windows 8, its new operating system this October. This quarter seems to be critical for the company as it also plans to enter the tablet market.

IDC also reported that the 3 million tabs also include both Intel x86 and ARM-processor versions. Microsoft Surface RT tablets are built with ARM processors, and will not support legacy software that runs on Windows 7. Intel-based Surface will run Windows 8 Pro, and will support legacy software.

There are rumors that the cost of Surface RT devices will start $199.