Tuesday, July 23, 2024

“Apple’s Lightning Reversible Cable Made With An Authentication Chip”: Bradstock

Apple immensely publicized its Lightning Cable as being the most durable, reversible, smaller, and smarter connector.

Many cable experts took a closer look at the connector such as Peter Bradstock from Double Helix Cables, who says there’s a dynamic assignment in the new iPhone, which lets the cable be inserted in either direction that makes in reversible in use.

Shipped with the latest iPhone 5, the Lightning Connector has eight pins at both the sides of the plug. There’s a special authentication chip included in the device, which assigns each pins dynamically.

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The latest sixth-generation iPhone 5 reads the type of data from the pins and makes adjustments as per the direction in which the cable gets inserted.

Bradstock also noted that various features of the Lightning cable including the USB power connections are balanced on each side of the plug. And in case the pins on Lightning are numbered from one to eight on each side, pin one on the top row connects with pin eight on the bottom row. This is what lets users use it in a reversible direction.

Bradstock was the first to discover that the Lightning cable was made with an authentication chip, which won’t make other cheap alternatives function on the iPhone 5.

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Apple has a shortage of Lightning cables. The firm’s site says it will ship the connector within a time period of two to three weeks. However, there are many Apple stores that have the connector in stock.

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