250K Accounts Compromised, Says Twitter; Clarifies that Hack was Unrelated to Yesterday’s Outage


 In what appears as more bad news for the microblogging social network, Twitter has been sending out mails to 250,000 of its users claiming that it has been experiencing “unusual access patterns” which could indicate possible hacking of their accounts. However, the site has claimed that this incident is independent of the outage it experienced yesterday. Twitter has requested its users to change their passwords following this incident and ensure that they use a strong enough password to protect their accounts.

A common thread observed in the users whose accounts were possibly hacked indicate that this could have affected the early adopters of Twitter, who have been using the site since 2007. If this is found true and you are among those who joined the brigade much later, you’re probably safe.

We’re not quite sure if they’re related, but coincidentally, Amazon too experienced an outage yesterday. Twitter of course has chosen not to comment on whether it had received any information from other companies who experienced such outages. However, the company did refer to security breaches that occurred at New York Times and Wall Street Journal sites, and has also speculated that recent security issues in browsers related to Java could also have led to the hacking of these accounts.

Just to be on the safe side, we advise all our readers to take care of their Twitter accounts and change their passwords at the earliest. Be safe, and let’s do all that we can from our end to keep our online identities secure.