As per reports by a research firm, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system is due to be out before the end of this year, 2012. The operating system may build upon drive of the former version. Microsoft-powered phone shipments for 2Q were reported to go up by 227 percent as compared to the previous year.

This seems to be the clear platform of choice as Windows 8 uses the same interface as phones running Microsoft software. As Windows 8 has the same interface as Windows Phone, the sales of the device may increase as the similarity greatly reduces the learning curve. Let’s take the instance of Apple’s iOS, for those who know how to use an iPhone, would surely know how to use an iPad or an iPod touch.

However, there is one warning to the data as these estimates are of shipments of phones to carriers, not sales of phones to consumers. So the good news doesn’t knock off easily unless huge stockpiles of Windows Phone devices on store shelves or in warehouses are sold to people.

What sounds as a positive development for Microsoft is that at this point, nearly all of the phone shipments should be the new Windows Phone, and not the old Windows Mobile platform.

Canalys, which is an independent analyst firm, states that the figures are for Windows Phone. From that point of view, we should see sales numbers over the coming months slanted towards the new platform. And that platform is about to become even newer at a very important time.

Matching nearly with Windows Phone 8 is Windows 8 for desktops and laptops; the code was just released to manufacturers earlier this week.