You may not like the news a bit if you are an ardent fan of the game Threes! The developers do not like the idea either. However, that would not make any difference to the innumerous dodgy app makes who have flooded the App Store in the last seven days with multiple clones of this game and its browser-based clone, 2048. Around fifteen clones are launched everyday with some interesting names like 2048 Candy, Threes Saga, 2048- Addictive Number Matching Puzzle Challenge Game.

Most of the games want you to combine number like the parent game. However, there are some others who have shown a bit of innovation. They have designed the games where the players need to match doges, Klingon characters and shirtless photos of a popular Brazilian DJ.

The numbers of “Threes!” clones are not as much as that of “Flappy Birds” though, which used to be around 60 in a day. However, the fact that makes the difference is that “Threes!” is still live now whereas “Flappy Bird” was not so.

There is no denying the fact that all these tile-sliding games owe their existence to none other than “Threes!” but the parent game has hardly got its due and there is a slight chance of getting the same as well in future. Still, the developers of game said, “We do believe imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” but it also shamed the cheap imitators by saying, “but ideally the imitation happens after we’ve had time to descend slowly from the peak – not the moment we plant the flag.”