Pokemon game has always had a repute of glacially slow change, but with Pokemon X and Y, this is not the case. Ther are a large number of new Pokemon X and Y features  which have been introduced, at a small and large scale. The 20 biggest features of Pokemon X and Y are listed below

  1. The Fairy Type
  2. Mawile! Wakes up from your Grave
  3. New graphics
  4. Capability to view EVs
  5. Train EVs with Minigames
  6. Remove outdated EV bags via Reset Bags
  7. Trainer PR videos
  8. Wonder Trades
  9. Gigantic Online World
  10. Enhanced International Trading system
  11. Now, you can play 6v6 against any player
  12. Select the music
  13. Real Pokemon Interface through Pokemon Amie
  14. Hawlucha
  15. Friends Safari gives you the opportunity to find rare Pokemon
  16. Changes to the conventional type chart
  17. Features like weather , grasstype, rebalanced
  18. Effect of few capabilities
  19. Different clothing, different avatars
  20. Snorlax wakes up at last

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