13-inch Apple Macbook Pro vs Macbook AirThe comparison of 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina and 13-inch MacBook Air is inevitable. Both the models promise better battery life, performance and user experience. Here are some key differences Apple users need to consider before zeroing in on any given model of the two:

Display: Higher resolution display of the Macbook Pro 2013 as compared to that of Macbook Air.
Macbook Pro Retina: 2,560 x 1,600 / 227 pixels per inch
Macbook Air: 1,440 x 900 / 127 pixels per inch

Dimensions and Weight: The width of Macbook Pro is slightly lesser than that of Macbook Air, however the latter is slimmer in comparison. The difference in weight is as small as 0.5 lbs, with the Macbook Pro being slightly heavier. It hardly makes any difference. Both offer great portability.

Battery life: Here is the differentiator. While the Macbook Pro battery life is up to 9 hours, Macbook Air has a battery life of 12 hours approx. 3 hours extra power without the need to find a plug outlet or carry the charger is a big difference.

Price: 13-in Macbook Air 2013 is priced at $1099 and the 13-in Macbook Pro Retina at $1299.

If the user has got to decide between the two, in terms of portability, the Macbook Air 2013 wins any day. However, as far as performance is concerned, the Macbook Retina Pro 2013 is better. The 2.4 GHz processor with Intel’s Iris Graphics is too good for Macbook Air 2013 to match up to.