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10 Reasons Why BBM for Android Fails in Front of WhatsApp

BBM waitlist, Download BBM for iOS, Download BBM Android , BBM vs Whats App, Whats App messengerEver since BBM has rolled out for iOs and Android platform, the excitement is surging as people seem to be in a BBM downloading spree. However, there are several reasons why the BBM might not be able to overtake Whatsapp any time soon.

 Why does the BBM prove no competition for WatsApp?

The BBM IM is based on a unique PIN-based system. Users do not have to share their contact number with others and instead, invite them with the PIN. Users can restrict to whom they want to add to their BBM network.

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A common perception is that BBM Pin is shared with those with whom you do not want to share your contact number. However, if an Android user wishes to communicate with someone without sharing personal digits, then Google Hangouts is the easy solution.

The model adopted by BBM in a way, limits the user’s interaction in terms of free socialization and building network.

Another element which the BBM boasts of is the ‘R’ and ‘D’ indicators. The D indicator appears when the message is delivered while the R indicator suggests that the recipient has read the message. However, BBM is struggling with a bug , particularly for BBM for Android devices.

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Users have reported that their messages have a non-delivery mark against their sent messages even when the opposite person has already received and read the message.

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