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10 Google Hacks That Make Life Easier

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Whether it is a recipe, a word meaning, weird symptoms or whether we are going to die of COVID or not! I use Google for everything. Interestingly, there are some really interesting Google hacks I have picked up along the way. Have you really explored all that Google has to offer?

Here are some never-heard before Google hacks that make life easier. We bet you don’t know about them, yet.

Use Google as a timer

You can set a quick timer on Google by typing, “Set timer X minutes.” Once you press the Enter button, the timer will count down, and will start beeping as soon as the time is over. This nifty feature of Google allows you to turn it into a timer. It can also be used to set an alarm by entering a specific time, for example, “set timer for 8pm.”

Use Google as scientific calculator

The simple, nicely designed Google scientific calculator can not only be used for basic addition and subtraction, but can also be used for basic trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions. To try this Google hack that makes life easier, type “percentage calculator” and you will see a ready scientific calculator just below your search bar. Super convenient, isn’t it?

Use Google as Image Detailer

Smart, isn’t it? Google has this amazing feature which I am sure you weren’t aware about. You can use Google to learn where a picture was taken. All you got to do is go to and drag any image – either from web page or your desktop to the search box. If that photograph is of a popular destination, Google will instantly bout the possible location of that image above the search results.

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Use Google as Personalised Dictionary

An online dictionary service, access to Google Dictionary can be gained by using the “define” operator in Google Search. With this hack, you can view definitions easily as you browse the web.

Use Google as Free Convertor

Use Google convertor to quickly convert from imperial to metric or vice versa. All you need to do is type your desired details into Google.  Check the screenshot

Use Google as Personal translator

Ana absolutely free service, this Google hack makes life easier. Google can instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.


Use Google as Locator

Find what is nearby. For instance, type “salons near me” to get a list of the nearest salons, distance from your current location and a helpful pointer on google maps as well! You can try the same for shopping malls, restaurants and other stores too.

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Sakshi Sood
Sakshi Sood
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