10 Gadgets That Changed The World

10 gadgets that changed the world

Modern technology has clearly paved the way for multi-functional devices to make our life easier, convenient, faster, and more fun. From smartphones to smart speakers, smartwatches, cameras, and many more – new gadgets have changed how we communicated and lived. While many would argue that it’s continued to improve our lives, keeping us more connected to information, entertainment, and each other, others do not share the same opinion. But either way, there are a few gadgets and technologies that have changed our lives and the world forever. Here are the 10 gadgets that changed the world.

Gadgets That Changed The World

Apple iPhone

There are two kinds of smartphones; we have iPhone, and then all the other kinds of phones. Ever since it was released in 2007, the iPhone has been everyone’s dream phone. Its impeccable design, ease of use, and simplicity make it one of the top 10 gadgets that changed the world. In fact, several rumours are stating that people in China are known to sell their kidneys just to be able to buy an iPhone!

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhones are the easiest to use and was the first to introduce the 64-bit A7 chip. The iOS interface is more intuitive than Android and Apple was the first company to bring the touch screen technology to the mainstream. Also, the introduction of Siri was path-breaking. And so was that of Apple Pay, thus making iPhones one of the best gadgets we have seen to date. 

Voice Assistant – Smart Speakers

When voice assistants began to emerge in 2011 with the introduction of Siri, no dared to predict that this novelty would become a driver for tech innovation. And now, Amazon and Google have their own personalised voice assistant to make life easier and convenient. This is mainly due to the mass adoption of artificial intelligence in users’ everyday lives, which is fuelling the shift towards voice applications.

Smart speakers now serve as a multi-functional, digital personal assistant, always available on command, to fulfill all our requests. Be it listening to music or controlling smart home devices. Smart speakers can do it all. 

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What started as a hobbyist gadget has transformed industries, with the unmanned aircraft shooting movie sequences, recording tapes, delivering packages to hard-to-reach places, surveying construction sites, and is now being even used to spray pesticide over crops to protect farms.


From beingnoisy quadcopters to payload-carrying mini-planes, and it won’t be wrong to

say that in near future, drones will crowd the skies, and will serve as personal air taxis and performing lifesaving duties such as delivering medicine, helping with search and rescue, fighting fires, and much more. 

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the coolest new gadgets. Unlike the traditional earphones we used in the 90s, the wireless technology is lightweight, comfortable, sweat-resistant, have noise-cancelling features. Furthermore, since they are equipped with the fastest Bluetooth technology, you don’t have to carry the phone in hand. 


With the increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle, a smartwatch not only tells the time but also is a working health monitor on your wrist. They can do many things a smartphone cannot do, including tracking your heart rate, sleep, activity, and overall fitness level. Many latest smartwatches allow you to initiate activity tracking for your walks, runs, cycling, swimming, Strength training, etc. You can also play music and do phone-free activities and even pay at the store.


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One can even use a smartphone to navigate, set reminders, and even carry out contact-less payments via Apple Pay, Android Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay or Fitbit Pay

DNA Testing Kits

There is no doubt that DNA testing kits have helped deepen our understanding of ancestry, and has played a pivotal role in introducing us to living relatives around the world. It is now that with a simple swab of the cheek or a sample of the saliva, one can easily determine paternity and shed light on a predisposition to specific health issues and diseases. 

In the last few years, DNA testing kits have evolved 

great course and is now being used by law enforcement agencies to solve murders, rapes, and assault cases.

Self-Driven Vehicles

The promise of autonomous vehicles has been touted for more than a decade: Without human drivers, proponents say, cars will be safer and more comfortable, especially on long trips. For instance, the self-driven car from Waymo, the autonomous car company owned by Google parent Alphabet, has successfully driven more than 20 million miles on public roads since its founding in 2009.

Even though self-driving cars may not hit the roads for another decade, but we’re already benefiting from the technology being developed for autonomous vehicles, including adaptive cruise control, automatic forward-collision braking, automatic parking, autopilot, and lane-keep assist. They will surely boost productivity, increase fuel efficiency and eliminate many traffic snarls

Vaping Gadgets

E-Cigarettes have had a positive e impact on chain smokers trying to quit the deadly habit. E-cigarettes allow the user to mimic the hand-to-mouth ritual of smoking a cigarette but deliver the vapourised nicotine to the lungs without the toxic by-products that accompany the smoking of tobacco. The vaping gadgets truly help ease the transition from traditional cigarettes to not smoking at all.

Human Robots

The robotic revolution is driven by technological advances in automation, engineering, energy storage, AI, and machine learning. Trends suggest the global stock of robots will multiply even faster in the next 20 years, reaching as many as 20 million by 2030, with 14 million in China alone. 

Human Robots

In today’s time, we find robots in various places from the operating table to the bottom of the ocean to the living room and kitchen, and even as our personal cleaners. They record our shows, cook our food, play our music, and even run our cars.

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Digital Camera

Photography is one of many things that went through dozens of changes thanks to the advancements in the field of digital technology. In the ‘Digital-Free Days’, taking a perfect shot was somewhat of a science.

With the newest DSLR devices, photographers have access to instant feedback on the screen to check how a photo looks, as well as Bluetooth connection with the computer to send image files, change memory cards on the go, and can do so much more. 

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