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10 Christmas Apps for iOS and Android

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It sure is the season to be jolly. And on Christmas Eve, we bring you the list of the 10 best apps out there for iOS and Android which celebrate the holiday spirit and put a smile on our lips. It’s not just all entertainment; some of the apps are really helpful too!

Amazon Mobile: Christmas is all about presents, and if you haven’t done your shopping yet, there’s no need to panic. Amazon’s app lets you finish your Christmas shopping even in the very last minute. And the best part about the app? No wasting time at long billing queues and no hobnobbing with the crowds!

Christmas Radio: So you can’t find your mix of your favorite holiday songs and your guest are almost at your door. Fret not, and just tune into the Christmas Radio app. This app lists many internet radio stations which will belt out the best collection of Christmas special songs – and many may not even be in your CD’s to start with!

Tesco Mobile App: Yes, the prospect of celebrating Christmas could look a little daunting, especially when you’re the one stuck with preparing the meal. But if this is the day when you’ve decided to don the chef’s hat and try out your special recipes, Tesco’s mobile app can be your perfect assistant as you cook. Order all the ingredients and groceries you’d require using the Tesco Mobile App and save yourself the hassle of running through the supermarket.

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Moonpig: Ok, so we’ve all but forgotten the tradition of sending out holiday greetings. But if you’re among the rare few who still believe in doing so, and have run out of time to actually mail one along to your distant family, Moonpig is here to your rescue. Create your own set of customized greeting cards and send them along to your friends and loved ones, even on Christmas day itself.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Dr. Suess: This one’s especially for the kids (and the young at heart)! Get to know the heartwarming classic story of the Grinch through this app in a modern manner.

Gift Wrapping Instant Expert: So you’ve done your Christmas shopping and gotten home with tons of gifts and wrapping paper. Before you get all knotted up in reels of satin ribbons, download this app to help you figure out how to wrap up presents with ease and style!

Gift Plan: Next time you think of an awesome gift idea, don’t let it slip out of your mind. Jot it down the minute it strikes you using Gift Plan, so that when you finally hit the stores, all you have to do is look up your list and breeze through the shopping part.

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Epicurious: As intriguing as the name sounds, it’s a really helpful app to have when getting ready to cook for Christmas. The app features thousands of recipes that you can browse through, all the way from the traditional dishes to something more experimental.

NORAD Tracks Santa: This one’s real cute, and fun to play around with. The North American Aerospace Defence Command’s app helps you track Santa using its team of volunteers. So if you want to know when Santa’s coming down your chimney, look it up with this app.

Doodle Jump Christmas Special: You surely must be addicted to this game. If so, get yourself the special edition Christmas-themed version of this game and keep yourself entertained all through the holiday time!

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