Windows 10 is on its way and only a million lucky people got the chance to test this version. Though the Technical Preview of the upcoming OS does not have everything that it would finally have, yet people are testing it with great enthusiasm and interest.

Windows 10As many as 200,000 nuggets of “UIFs” or “user-initiated feedback” have been received by Microsoft from these users so far. Joe Belfiore, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft of the Operating Systems, has written in an official Windows blog that the testers have been “a vocal bunch”.

The preview version of Windows 10 has been launched about two weeks ago. Belfiore is in charge of Microsoft’s tablet, phone and PC designing. The Microsoft leader has also said that Windows 10 is going to be a different Windows. The blog also suggests that only 36% of installations of the Windows 10 Technical Preview are in VMs. The other 64% are being run on actual PCs.

This implies the feedback would be based on “medium-term” and declared after a one-off experimentation.It is now to be seen whether Microsoft can fulfill its claims regarding Windows 10.