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India Wants High Quality Porn Instead Of No Porn At All

India wants high quality porn instead of no porn at all

More than a decade ago, when I covered the porn industry for the first time for NRI magazine India Empire I wrote, In this day of easy sex and dial-a-porn, Indians are beginning to let go of their penchant for equating sex on screen with smut. Liberalization and exposure to the Internet may have got a lot to do with the change in attitudes—on both sides, the middle-class movie goer, and the lumpen vandal—but what has helped in this transformation is the arrival of a new breed of Bollywood actresses and directors.    India Empire, October 2004   Little did I know how far India would come within the next 10 years? Not far ahead, far below. From what I know, the Indian government has a duty to protect the rights and integrity of its citizens. Whenever did they get the freedom to rid people of their rights? Banning porn sites [+more]

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Microsoft To Have Virtual Buttons On Lumia 940, Lumia 940 XL

Microsoft Gets Back Lashed for Distributing Windows 10 Updates Using Internet Bandwidth of Users

Microsoft will release its flagships Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL this September in all likelihood. But we are more excited since the handsets will pack in a set of virtual tabs instead of the regular capacitative buttons. While there has been no official line on this front, we are awaiting the media event Microsoft has slated for September to see these phones.  Lumia 940 Specs Going by recent leaks and rumors, Lumia 940 is expected to flaunt a 5.2-inch screen size with a 1,440  x 2,560 OLED display. The handset will be powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor and also house a powerful 3GB RAM. As for onboard storage, we anticipate a memory of 32GB that can be expanded using the microSD card slot. Rumors have it that a 20 MP shutter will find its place at the back with a PureView lens. We expect the Lumia 940 to [+more]

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Twitter Bans Jokes Due To Copyright Issues

Twitter jokes ban

Every day, lots of content is being created on social networking website Twitter. This has led to people complaining about  their 140 characters being copied without giving them due credit. The Twitter jokes ban; therefore, seems to have come into place to prevent copyright infringement. Reports suggest that the social media network is deleting jokes and other content that has been copied from other Tweets. It has come to light that Twitter will delete copied Tweets to prevent copyright issues. The Verge has pointed out that a Los Angeles-based freelance writer Olga Lexell filed a case because many people had retweeted her joke that said, “saw someone spill their high end juice cleanse all over the sidewalk and now I know god is on my side”. Lexell’s Twitter account has since become private but she had earlier Tweeted that she spoke to the social networking site and told them that she [+more]

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Upgrade To iOS 8.4 To Enjoy Apple Music

Apple iPhone 7 Renders Flood The Internet

Apple Music is all set to launch tomorrow and to enjoy uninterrupted music on this new app, Apple users will have to upgrade their devices to iOS 8.4.  Download iOS 8.4 today The makers are delighted to see the interest of people regarding the launch of Apple Music and Ian Rogers, Apple Music’s Senior Director in a recent blog post on Tuesday informed all users to upgrade their iOS to iOS 8.4.  In his Tweet, the senior director even mentioned that iOS 8.4 can be downloaded from 8 a.m PDT or 11 a.m EDT.  The new iOS  is reported to introduce some new features and bug fixes. However, the introduction of Apple Music is a major reason for which people will like to make a shift from their existing operating system. What does update include?  The Music app updates would also include features that will allow users to add customized [+more]

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Google News Labs to train journalists and make internet a better place

Translate App from Google

Google has taken a step forward to make the internet a better place by training online journalists with the standards that they need to follow for presenting news in a better way, reports TechRadar. Google has created its very own News Labs to ensure that the news quality can meet the standards expected by the online readers.  Mission of News Lab  In a recent blog post, Steve Grove said that the News Lab aims to collaborate with the entrepreneurs and journalists on how to apply technological innovations in news reporting. The News Lab not just intents to sharpen the skills of the journalists but also serve millions of readers or users across the globe. According to Grove, both technology and media landscape are evolving continuously and he believes that better information can be created only when the journalists and technologists coordinates with each other. Though Google News Lab is turning [+more]

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How To Update The Firmware On Lumia Phones ?

Surface Pen and Iris scanner to take Microsoft Lumia 950 XL to new heights

Microsoft is all set to launch a slew of updates of the software on few Lumia handsets belonging to budget buy segment. The handsets are namely Lumia 430, 435, 530, 532, 535 as well as the same variants with dual SIM variants. Microsoft will release firmware version 02074.00000.15234.280xx as an update along with version 8.10.14234.357 for the operating system. Steps To Update Begin with checking the notification for the update on the phone. Do so by checking Settings>Phone Update>Check For Updates. Make sure you have a consistent network on Wi-Fi available while updating the same. Proceed to viewing and installing updates next by tapping your notification message. Follow up with all the instructions that appear on-screen. You can either choose installation of the update right then or save it for later. Things To Keep In Mind The main updating might take a little under 30 minutes but if it is [+more]

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Spotted! Yet Another Microsoft Lumia 940 XL Concept Render

Breaking—Code Names For Lumia 940 And More Upcoming Microsoft Flagships Revealed

As we get impatient waiting for the release of Microsoft Lumia 940 XL, a latest rendering of the concept has been spotted by Ashraf Amer via Behance. The leak suggests the Lumia 940 XL will be powered by the latest Intel Atom x7 64-bit quad-core processor. If that is indeed the case, a beefier speed can be expected. Earlier leaks of the phone suggest that it will have a 5.4-inch screen with Super AMOLED display. Additionally, the provision of a Quad HD resolution ensures greater angle viewing and better pictures. Faster loading speeds are warranted with the 4 GB RAM expected on the Lumia 940 XL. Users can store movies, music and other essential documents with the Lumia 940 XL because it will come with 32 GB inbuilt storage. Space can be expanded up to 128 GB with a microSD. Clicking edgy pictures of this smartphone will be easy because it is likely to have a 24.2 MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss lens. Selfie lovers will enjoy the 8 [+more]

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Nokia Lumia 920 Saves A Man’s Life In China

Surface Pen and Iris scanner to take Microsoft Lumia 950 XL to new heights

We all have come across many jokes which say that mobile phones made by Nokia are indestructible. A recent incident took place in China where a man was buried under a wall after the wall got hit by a long steel bar.  The man who survived this horrendous accident stated that he used his Nokia Lumia 920 as a shield to protect his head from the debris. He also stated that it was because of his Nokia device that he did not suffer any major injuries on the head. The victim of this accident while addressing the reports also said that when the wall started falling, his Nokia mobile phone was still in his hand and he put it up on his head in order to protect his head from the falling debris of the wall. We all might wonder how the hell a mobile device can save a man’s [+more]

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