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Google is working to improve Chrome on touchscreens

Google Is Working To Improve Chrome Scrolling

There seems to be good news for smartphone users, especially those who use Google Chrome on their portable touch screen devices. The company has finally declared to improve their scrolling feature by using pointer features. People who so far complained of the scrolling performance in Windows tablets will now be benefited once the search engine starts supporting Pointer Events, which was initially used by Microsoft for Microsoft Explorer as well. Google has so far only stressed on Touch Events. However, after receiving multiple feedback from the web community, they have finally decided to adopt the change for Chrome. When contacted by the media, Rick Byers of Google said, “Replacing all touch event handlers with pointer event handlers will address the main longstanding source of scrolling-start jank we see on Android.” It will take some time to experience the improvement as the experts are now working on the support and they [+more]

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Blackberry Blazes Into The Tablet Market with SecuTABLET

Blackberry SecuTABLET- way forward into future

BlackBerry has decided to look way forward into future. In the latest move, the company is now extending its product range beyond Smartphone. The Secusmart wing of BlackBerry has announced that the company will be unveiling a high security tablet SecuTABLET in Germany. The same is to be unveiled at CeBIT 2015. The tablet has been developed in collaboration with IBM and is based on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. The good point about this new innovation is that it can be integrated into existing SecuSUITE infrastructures. Personal Apps which are not secured like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and WhatsApp too can be used on this medium. The device is also undergoing certification at German Federal Office for Information Security. Once it gets a go ahead from this office, the devise will get a high security ranking from German VS-NfD. BlackBerry is taking this new innovation from its storehouse with [+more]

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Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Available in Netherlands; US Left Looking

samsung galaxy note 4 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

Samsung has launched a new version of the Android 5.0 Lollipop to overcome issues faced by users so far. The update has been provided for users in the Netherlands currently. However, there is no news of the release in U.S. for the time being. However, sources do suggest that it is on the cards. Korean manufacturer has officially released an Android 5.0 Lollipop update that gets rid of the ‘Interruptions’ system. However, with the new update users will not be able to reach a mute mode using the volume slider. One still needs to access the ‘Sound’ shortcut to mute the device. This complaint came from a lot of users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users in Europe. If reports such as this one are to be believed, Samsung is working on the issue and would be fixing it with more updated in the future. Keep watching this space [+more]

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Asus ROG G750JX vs. Asus ROG G750JM: Getting to the Gamers

Asus rog g750jx vs. Asus rog g750jm- Which one to get!

Looking for a powerful gaming laptop? Asus has come up with the Asus ROG G750JX, which is meant to provide high end gaming capabilities.  The cousin of this laptop is the Asus ROG G750JM and they are constantly pitted against one another. It’s Asus ROG G750JX vs. Asus ROG G750JM as we check out how they are different!  Asus ROG G750JX Specifications Asus ROG G750JX operates the Windows 8 pro and comes with Intel Core i7 processor. This gaming laptop has a two-in-one card reader for added capabilities and comes with an HD web camera to help you stay connected. Being a gaming laptop, much attention has been paid by Asus towards its audio capabilities. Therefore, it comes with built in 2 speakers and microphone along with Maxx audio support. The keyboard is responsive and backlit which allows the users to play even when the lighting is dim and enjoy the [+more]

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Moto E Review: Mid-Budget Phone With Poor Battery Life

Moto E- A worthy find for smartphone lovers

Motorola had virtually disappeared from the smartphone market during the past few years. However, lately it has made an entry into the competitive smartphone market and is targeting the mid range budget market with the Moto E. Lets see why the Moto E has made its competitors sit up and take notice. Hardware and camera The smartphone creates a high end experience as its 4.5 inch IPS LCD display comes with front panel of Corning Gorilla Glass. Single front facing speaker along with a front facing VGA camera and a 5 megapixel back camera makes Moto E a worthy smartphone. While the smartphone shoots excellent pictures in daylight conditions, its shooting capabilities in darkness could disappoint you. Software Moto E comes with the Android 5.0.2, which makes it a new age innovation. Moreover, the smartphone comes with Motorola Alert that lets you connect with friends and family and you can [+more]

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iPad 2 Review: Is the Touch ID a Winner Feature?

What is the best tablet of 2015?

Tablets have become the new mobile phone today as everyone wants to own a personal tablet for themselves. We do an iPad Air 2 review, possibly one of the best tablets in the market today. What makes us say that? Design Aspect iPad Air 2 comes with anodized aluminum chassis which is up to 18 percent thinner in comparison to others of its niche. The diamond cut, beveled edges give iPad Air 2 a distinct grace. The tablet measures 9.4×6.6 inches and weighs 15.68 ounces. Innovative Features The Touch ID sensor has been the most talked about feature of any tablet from Apple and iPad Air 2 does not disappoint the users on this aspect. Touch ID can also be used to approve iTunes purchase. However, users should be using iPad Air 2 in Portrait and Landscape features even as they seek to register their fingers on the iPad. Display [+more]

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5 biggest launches at the Mobile World Congress

5 biggest launches at the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress came and went but not without some really interesting launches. The event has always lived up to its reputation of being an electrifying tech event. Like its past editions, MWC 2015 saw some of the best brands of the world gather under one roof and make their presence felt. Mobile Wold Congress 2015 saw some big launches with everything from smartphones and tablets to wearable technology. 1) Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung unveiled its curved dual edged Galaxy S6 Edge at the Mobile World Congress. Among other noticeable credits to its fold, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was awarded as the “Best New Handset” at the Mobile World Congress. 2) BlackBerry Leap BlackBerry is trying to make a formidable entry into the mobile market once again. It came up with BlackBerry Leap for its loyal clientele. The new generation launch from Blackberry has a 25-hour battery [+more]

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Moto E vs ASUS ZenFone C: Battery Life vs Camera Capabilities

Moto E vs ASUS ZenFone C- Compare before you buy!

If you are looking for a budget phone that works as good as one of those high end smartphones, take a look at the Moto E and ASUS ZenFone C. Both phones have good smartphone capabilities, but which one is a better buy? General features ASUS ZenFone C scores a point over Moto E in terms of battery capacity as it has a battery of 2100 mAh compared to 1980 mAh in Moto E. Additionally, the ASUS ZenFone C comes in three color options, namely red, black and white; while Moto E is available in traditional white and black colors only. Both phones have a capacitive touchscreen so where the ASUS ZenFone C comes in a screen size of 4.50 inches, the Moto E has a screen size of 4.30 inches. Storage capacity and camera performance Both come with RAM of 1GB though ASUS ZenFone C scores over Moto E [+more]

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Dell Venue 11 Pro Vs Surface Pro 2

Dell Venue 11 Pro vs microsoft surface pro

Dell Venue 11 is expected to set a tough competition for Microsoft Surface 2 as well as Surface Pro 2. The new device launched by Dell is not just expected to be a tough competitor of Microsoft’s high-end devices but also for the Apple and Android devices. The Surface Pro features fourth generation Intel Core i5-4200 dual core 1.6GHzz processor and 4GB or 8GB RAM. While the Dell Venue 11 Pro supports different Intel processors and one can select depending on the usage. Surface Pro 2 features a great look with some of the high-end hardware. With 10.6 inches screen, 1080p display along with the built-in kickstand, the tablet can be easily transformed into a laptop. It is compatible with external keyboard as well as stylus for note-taking purpose. Though Dell Venue 11 Pro features similar specifications but it lacks the stylish look of Surface Pro 2. Both the devices [+more]

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PlayStation Store To Offer 10% Discount as Apology After December 2014 Outrage

December 25th outrage- PlayStation Store offers 10 percent discount as apology

Sony Computer Entertainment will be offering 10 percent discount for PlayStation Network users as part of its apology for the service outrage that users had to suffer on 25 December 2014. Distinct discount for each region North America The PlayStation Store will have a Coupon Code for this region. This will also be available on the PlayStation Twitter network. The same will run from 9:00 am PST on January 23 to 9:00 am PST on January 26. Europe The PlayStation Store will have a Coupon Code for this region. This will also be available on the PlayStation Twitter network. It will run between 9:00 am GMT on January 23 to 9:00 am GMT on January 26. Japan Coupon Code for Japan is 8PLLN4L3DQ. The same will run from 0:00 JST on January 23 to 23:59 JST on January 25. PS Vita PlayStation Store does not offer this discount code option and [+more]

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