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Here’s What Rural India Thinks Of Nadella’s Offer

Computers in Rural India

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in USA, they discussed bringing 50,000 villages under the umbrella of technology. This is reportedly Modi government’s way to have more transparent governance. “We will transform governance, making it more transparent, accountable, accessible and participative,” Modi told The Hindu. He wants to turn the digital India movement into a mass movement, while ensuring that individuals’ privacy is not invaded. Our team went to some villages to understand what rural India thinks of this move. Here’s how they think technology will influence their lives: “Our kids will have better education and will get access to the world happenings if internet comes to local schools,” said Sukram Pal of Shamli village in UP. “I will order high quality seeds online and will grow better crops, “says one farmer. There are some educated service class people who think that with everything going digital ,the corruption [+more]

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Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

instagram took over twitter

With 400 million active users monthly, Instagram is riding high on success leaving its immediate rival Twitter far behind. The recent development is going to boost advertising revenues to a great extend for Instagram. In about nine months, the photo sharing website owned by Facebook has pulled in the latest 100 million users including celebrities like former athlete Caitlyn Jenner and soccer player David Beckham. It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the newly-joined users are from outside of the USA. Most of them are from Europe and Asia with Japan, Brazil and Indonesia topping the list for having maximum number of users. While Instagram users seem to be rising fast, Twitter seems to be struggling to draw in new users. Analysts are of the opinion that it is not Snapchat or Instagram, which are pulling down people’s interest on Twitter but the business model of the company [+more]

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What People Want From Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google Set To Release Android 6.0

Google is all set to launch its new Android 6.0 OS on September 29. Termed ‘Marshmallow’ this time, there are a lot of expectations from the new OS. Invites for the event have already been sent out and expectations are high. The most important question on everyone’s mind is, how will it differ from the Apple’s recently-launched iOS 9? Here are the improvements avid Android users would like to see in Android 6.0. Anuja Sharma, who has been using Android phones for a long time says, “I want muted and coral tones in the new Google OS. The brightness does not appeal anymore.” Alisha Singh suggests it could do with some changes to the gallery. “I love how iOS 9 lets you hide your pictures. Why not bring this or something more to Android 6.0?” Also Read: Google Set To Release Android 6.0–Christens It Marshmallow “Security, security and security, there [+more]

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