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Nokia Lumia 920 Saves A Man’s Life In China

Nokia Lumia saves a man’s life in China

We all have come across many jokes which say that mobile phones made by Nokia are indestructible. A recent incident took place in China where a man was buried under a wall after the wall got hit by a long steel bar.  The man who survived this horrendous accident stated that he used his Nokia Lumia 920 as a shield to protect his head from the debris. He also stated that it was because of his Nokia device that he did not suffer any major injuries on the head. The victim of this accident while addressing the reports also said that when the wall started falling, his Nokia mobile phone was still in his hand and he put it up on his head in order to protect his head from the falling debris of the wall. We all might wonder how the hell a mobile device can save a man’s [+more]

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Microsoft Set To Launch Flow—A Unique Business-Chat App That Merges With Your Emails

Microsoft Set To Launch Flow

Microsoft is working on an application, precisely a micro-email app, Flow that will allow you to interact with important contacts from your email list over a chat like interface, according to a report in Microsoft Confidential. The piece of news was first leaked on Twitter via a user @h0x0d. Flow will be available as part of Outlook email that already is a popular Microsoft product. From what we gather, the app is in its nascent stages and therefore, the chat features are very basic. The same can be said for the interface as well. The app runs on Exchange, a platform that enables pings onto your inbox. “Flow by Outlook” as seen on the official page header is set to also be up and available on the iPhones for Apple. Just having an email address of a contact you frequently communicate with is enough to use Flow effectively. With the latest [+more]

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LG G4 Wows with 16 MP High End Camera and Color Story; Delivers Ambitious Design

LG G4 Wows Us With 16 MP

LG has finally lifted the lid off its flagship smartphone, the LG G4 that will compete with other flagships–Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC . Talking about the new product, LG CEO Juno Cho said that the smartphone is a product that will deliver “balanced experience” for its users. Specs of the phone are pretty impressive on papers. There is a 5.5-inch QHD display and Snapdragon 808 for that spruced up effect. Expect the device to run smooth because it uses the Android Lollipo with a layering of UX 4.0 interface. However, what got maximum of our attention was the snapper of the G4. It is way better than what we expected not just because of its 16MP quality but the additional wide F1.8 aperture lens that adds to the variety of pictures you can click. There are additional photography features such as the OIS 2.0, which makes [+more]

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We Might Just See An Indian Angry Birds Version Soon—Rovio Reveals Indian Plans

Angry Birds Epic now live on iOS in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

India is steadily becoming an appealing market for international brands, including gaming giant Rovio Entertainment. The company has an office in Delhi and there are chances there will be a desi version of Angry Birds if all goes well. There could also be an all new game that will have Indian theme and art. This could be justified as a follow up to the Chinese tweak for Angry Birds for their Moon festival and New Year. In fact, a Japanese studio Kiteretsu is set to unveil Angry Birds Fight for the local territory.  With time, there is a global craze and acceptance of Indianized settings or characters in games as well. Remember how the world got hooked on to Year Walk by Simogo that was a true blue Swedish folk-legend inspired game. Rovio marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka says, “There is potential in exploring and leveraging the many interesting art forms [+more]

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Twitter Allows All Users To Direct Message Anyone Using A Settings Tweak, Furore Over Privacy

Twitter Allows All Users To Direct Message Anyone

Twitter’s allowance of letting users drop a direct message to even those who do not follow them came as a surprise.  Here is what you need to do for allowing other users DM you- Log in to your Twitter account. Click on Security and Privacy. Choose the Direct Messages option and click on Receive Direct Messages from anyone option. What’s more is that on the Android and iOS versions there will now be a Direct Message button on the Twitter homepage. This will reveal all those profiles where you can send in a DM. For users of Twitter on Android app, here are the steps to follow- Click overflow icon on Twitter app. Check on Settings before selecting @username account. Go to Other tab and click on Receive Direct Messages from anyone. For those using Twitter on the iOS app- Choose gear icon from Me tab. Click on Settings> @username account> Privacy. [+more]

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Flipkart To Sell Much-Awaited ASUS ZenFone 2 From April 23, Fans Go Gaga Over 4GB RAM And Zen UI

XiaomiMi 4i’s open sale on Monday, Tuesday is a treat for smartphone lovers

ASUS ZenFone 2, which has witnessed global appreciation, is all set make its mark in the Indian smartphone market. Online retailer Flipkart has made a listing of the smartphone on its website. This officially means that buyers in India can order the much-awaited ZenFone 2 from April 23. The website has also taken on the latest 4 GB RAM variant of the smartphone for sale in India. Powered by the 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3580 processor, the phone will have a beefy build and faster processor speed. Users will be able to enjoy faster apps, multitasking and streaming on the 5.5-inch smartphone in a jiffy on the ASUS smartphone. This will also reduce downtime and prevent the phone from hanging. Also read: Samsung Galaxy S6 Reviewed: Pitch Perfect! Designed with an in-built Zen UI software customized by ASUS, this phone promises a more user-friendly approach. Of course, the model runs on [+more]

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Flipkart Says No To Airtel Zero; Supports Net Neutrality

flipkart backs out of airtel zero for net neutrality

Following the social media stir on Net Neutrality over the last few days and 3 lakh emails being sent out to TRAI, Flipkart announced today that they have pulled out of the Airtel Zero platform. In an official statement, Flipkart said that they are walking away from the on-going discussions with Airtel for the Airtel Zero platform. The statement also added that they commit themselves to the larger cause of Net Neutrality in India. This has come following the massive debate about Net Neutrality that has been haunting Indian online space for the last few days. All India Bakchod also launched a video to Save The Internet claiming that the internet means all content in equal and it should be the choice of the user, what content it is that they want to see. Flipkart was in the heat of the debate because of their discussions with Airtel. After 1.5 [+more]

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Microsoft Windows 10 Preview Build Hints At Improved Interface, Better Browser

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Preview Build

Windows has proven to be Microsoft’s trump card. Just after the giant rolled out the initial build for Microsoft Windows 10 on phones, the technical Microsoft Windows 10 preview build is also set to roll out.  According to a Windows Blog, this build 10051 is part of project Spartan that is built into the OS. In case you own a Lumia handset—sparing Lumia 290 and Lumia 640 XL, the preview build can be accessed without much effort. As for these two Lumia model mentioned, the hiccup standing in way of the preview build is the screen dialling issue. However, before you get disheartened, the better news is that the preview build is in its infant stage and thus, not expected to be a high-end experience for the users at all. Insiders have warned users to avoid installing the same on their primary smartphones. Coming to the main features that the [+more]

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Intel Skylake Processor Looks Like a Highly Capable Machine

Intel develops a highly capable processing unit

Some new details regarding Skylake processors have leaked at the Intel Developer Forum, which is being held in Shenzhen, China. As reported by Hexus, the company utilized a dedicated conference session to display the graphical capabilities of this processor on a wide range of machines. The primary motive behind this conference was to educate consumers and tech experts on the advantages of Skylake processors. These processors are the most capable unit when it comes to handling IRIS 6100 machines and graphics.  Designed and developed keeping in mind a thermal design, these processors would be effective in handling high end graphics. With a thermal design power (TDP), the processors would consumers very less power. Intel plans to release four versions of both i5 and i7 processing units in the year 2015, the report further states. The company will then make four SKUs which will be made available by 2016. Intel plans [+more]

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Moto 360 Successor Smelt: Expected Specifications and Launch Date

Moto 360 successor Smelt

We have already seen Motorola’s Android smartwatch, the MOTO 360, which is till date the most interesting and ‘smart’ wearable device running on Google platform. Many other such devices flooded the market post its launch, but no one claimed to be the best. Once again, the rumor-mill suggests some good news as a ‘successor’ of the MOTO 360 could be coming soon. It will even have an exciting new nomenclature as ‘Smelt’. A month ago, there was a news leak by a Lenono executive about Motorola’s alleged manufacturing of a new model for the smartwatch. Although that post was immediately removed from the net, the tech world has not forgotten it. Continuing with the same news, there is a new picture of ‘Smelt’ that has been making the rounds online. Thin bezels, steel body and 360×360 pixels resolution–from the looks of it, the all-new MOTO 360 ‘Smelt’ will surely blow [+more]

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