CODING: An Ocean Of Opportunities For Women

Some years back, knowing how to operate a computer was enough. Technology as it stands today has become the epicentre of all subjects. For the purpose of study, work, manufacturing, medicine or more, technology has become an integral part. Products and services surrounding technology have become mainstream and tech companies have become the industry giants. But something is amiss. Despite the fact that women are consuming massive amount of internet time these days, they aren’t contributing enough to create the same online space. Young girls shy away from coding because it is assumed to be a male-dominated sphere.
Why not think the other way round? Why not make-a-mark in a space that’s unexplored? Scientific facts prove that women are more creative and productive when it comes to mental labour. We did some research and brainstorming with a few eminent people from across the world of coding to find out “Why coding is an ocean of opportunities for women”.
1. Coding = New Literacy, Global Language
995 million native Mandarin speakers, 405 million Spanish worldwide and 360 million English speakers – all stand united by one language…the language of technology. Backbone of the world that finds driving every facet of our life. Smartphones, TV, cars and for that matter even this article that you are reading needed a bit of coding. In short, coding means a creative solution to all our technical needs.
Garima Jain, Senior Android Engineer, Fueled, New Delhi takes joy in informing, “I was always fascinated by what computers could do. It’s beautiful how a few lines of alphabets, backed by a software, can accomplish anything we want. With coding we can experience, build anything which would otherwise be really tough if we try to achieve the same in any other domain.” (sic)
2. Massive Job Opportunities
The Oxford Martin Institute’s ‘The Future of Employment’ study reveals that 47% percent of jobs which exist today will succumb to machines in the decade. So why not harness an understanding of code and technology, along with upgrading creative skills to build a safe career? Tech jobs have seen a steady rise in the last decade, since coding is required in every field…be it art, medicine, science or education. Non-technical jobs have not experienced the same meteoric rise.
Amit Garg, Director, Devoir Technologies asserts, “Coding is a profession which not only gives girls the desired independence, but also a safe career option. You can even continue from home if you are on a sabbatical for maternity or any other reason. Also, as an IT entrepreneur, who deals with coders on daily basis, I have found that women coders have more concentration and stability.”
Samantha Neil, a web-coder from the USA says, “If you think logically then coding is just the right space for you. Coding means change and this change drives technology, which in-turn drives the world. Every passing year most of us buy a new smartphone because technology is evolving. This evolution needs better codes, more coders. So the career graph moves only upwards.” Unlike Garima, who is an engineer, Samantha learnt coding online sitting at home after her first child. Today she works from home, drawing a better pay-cheque than her husband.
3. Boosts Entrepreneurial Prospects
A majority of new start-ups are being set-up by professionals who are coders. Because they can get there faster without anyone’s help. Saves both time and money, even if you need assistance at a higher level.
Nilesh Ukey, Director Operations, Nickelfox, New Delhi informs, “With time, more women are turning entrepreneurs and creating amazing products which keep pushing-up the limits of innovation. And this generates a need to know how to code since coding skills come handy to launch innovations into the world.” Ukey and his team worked with an all-women team to develop the Lily App. It is a ‘Perception & Empathy Engine’ based app that lets women users find and purchase clothes that fit their body type, all from inside a chatroom. Today it is listed in the Forbes Magazine. So imagine how high the entrepreneurial prospects for women are.”
4. Coding: NOT A Boys-Only Zone, NOT TOUGH
Neither is it a boy-only zone, nor is it tough to learn. Garima is happy to inform, “In my journey of 4 years in technology, I have only met great co-workers. Gender bias might be prevalent at some places, but then not every company is the same. Think beyond the box and you can definitely find a company which will help shape your career in the right way.”
Talking from the “tough career option” point of view, Nilesh Ukey, who is also an IIT engineer, asserts, “The stigma, that acquiring coding skill has a huge learning curve, is a myth. One needs to starts from the basics of OOP (Oriented Programming). Believe me only that is needed to work up the coding skill ladder. Knowing design patterns would be cherry on the cake. Once those are in place, choose any language with excites you and start building your career on it.” (sic)
And if you still think coding is tough then you are surely unaware that most of the programmers these days write in high-level languages like Python (a computer programming language). It is easier than the algorithm classes you attended in Class 12. The hard work goes in learning Syntax, which are the rules of a programming language. But then isn’t some hard work required in every career option?
5. Coding is the IN-THING!
Once you learn how to code, it’s absolute fun and helps you to express in multi-million creative ways. Go as far as you can imagine. Design games, make smartphone apps, create blogs… in short churn the wildest of idea you have, into reality!
Nilesh advocates, “Even basic knowledge of coding is enough to sail through many online tools available to create amazing pilot projects.”
6. Women Have the Edge
It is widely recognised that women are a largely untapped market in technology, whether product-development or product-creation. This new wave of opportunity can be harnessed successfully by a woman since she better understands the requirements of her counterparts.
Garima Jain gives the parting shot, “If you have come so far reading this, then it is the best career for you like me! Also, there is no age or time to start how to code. Start now. I would love to see more women join me in coding world.
Amit Garg seconds Garima and wraps up urging, “I recommend coding to women. Dream big since technology from here will only go upwards. As we say ‘Sky is the Limit’…so leap to the horizon!”
Mahima Sharma, Columnist TechThirsty

Author is former News Editor CNN-News18 & ANI (a collaboration with Reuters)

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How Many Women Have Posted #MeToo On Your Timeline?

alyssa milano #metooIf you thought the #MeToo updates on social media is a salvo of solidarity that women have been showing, here’s a reality check. Of the 10 women I spoke to who have not posted this on social media, 4 of them have been sexually assaulted or harassed. There are many women out there who cannot talk about it or who are scared to talk about it.
Delhi girl Sakshi wonders if she should consider her encounters in the DTC buses as something of a worry. “Delhi girls are used to it”, she says. This is the gravity of the problem and speaks volumes about the #MeToo problem that women face on an everyday basis.
Allegations of assault against Harvey Weinstein led to many, many leading ladies of Hollywood coming out to speak of their experiences with the man. The list of allegations against the perpetrator is seeing a steady rise. This led actress Alyssa Milano to tweet a note that said, “Suggested by a friend: If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”
This is what she posted:
If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.
— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) October 15, 2017

Ever since, #MeToo has been trending and it’s going strong. Ever since, thousands of women have tweeted #MeToo, which shows the gravity of the problem. However, note that not all women have posted anything yet. If you are someone who is still gathering the courage to post about it, read this one:
I almost felt too ashamed to post, but that’s the whole point of this: don’t. It was never your fault. #MeToo
— Miss Twin Peaks (@abattoiring) October 16, 2017

If you are someone who wants to help women around you, refer to this intersting advice.
When it comes to the #MeToo movement, I see men wondering what they can “do to help.” This is my list.
1. Be quiet.
2. Listen.
3. Learn.
4. Lead/teach young men by example.
5. Stand up to friends and family who act in an abusive manner.
6. Stand behind women, not in front.
— Nathan Thompson (@natepthomps) October 16, 2017

The common refrain is that women have been abused by people they have trusted such as friends and relatives. It has also brought to light a videotape that shows US President Donald Trump boasting of groping women. Clearly, where we are talking of equal rights for women, basic security remains a concern. This must change for women. Investing in the education of women, and the right education for your boys would be a start in the right direction.
What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. We hope technology will allow more women to voice their opinions as well as give them a platform to share with other women. That’s what TechThirsty aims to be as well.
Oh, and just a word. #Metoo

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Women in Tech Week At New York City Celebrates Women In Tech Roles

Financial technology company CommonBond is launching a ‘Women in Tech’ week in New York City on 10 October, 2017 to celebrate women who take up technology-based job roles. The idea is to “encourage women to pursue technology careers”. According to the National Centre for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT), 26% of the computing jobs available in the US in 2016, were held by women. About 20% women held Fortune 100 Chief Information Officer (CIO) positions at the same time.
Clearly, a lot needs to be done if we want to have more women in the technological workspace. CommonBond is taking one step towards that goal with the Women in Tech Week, which will be on till October 15. They will recognize the contributions of women in technology and create ways to provide support to create a generation of women leaders in technology.
Speaking of the event, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “Women in Tech Week will ensure attendees can access valuable information to help advance their careers while also encouraging the next generation of women leaders to pursue careers in the industry.”

women in technology

The Women in Tech Week is structured with three key elements.

1. Whitepaper on what women want in the tech workplace

A survey of more than 600 women working in tech roles was conducted. The aim of this survey was to identify how companies can attract and retain women in their workplace. The research found that for technology-based companies to attract more women, they need to have more women in leadership roles, enable long-term career planning processes, provide appropriate training and offer more opportunities for professional growth.

2. Create social media campaign to create future women leaders

CommonBond partnered with Girls Who Code to help fund the next generation of women technologists. The fintech company is running a competition on the Girls Who Code social media pages with the hashtag #2017WITW. Proceeds generated as a result of these social media posts will be used to provide scholarships to school girls who want pursue a career in technology.

3. Hosting a female founders event

The aim of this event would be to encourage women in tech. This would be conducted on 10 October, which is Ada Lovelace Day. This holiday celebrates the achievements of women in STEM. Women who have founded tech-based companies would share their stories with students and professionals.


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Career-Oriented Women Prefer Family Planning: Yale Study

What do you think are the factors that affect family planning? According to a Yale study, success in careers is a determiner of family planning for career-focused women.The study was performed on the basis of survey data collected from over 4,700 US women in their middle ages. It turns out, that career-oriented women are more likely to prioritize planned pregnancy than women who are less career-focused. The study also revealed that women more conscious about their careers show higher optimism towards artificial reproduction methods and were less likely to feel concerned about artificial reproduction technologies.

In response to the study findings, co-author and gynecologist Stephen Collins of Yale New Haven Hospital said that understanding perceptions of career-focused women on fertility issues are important to those working in the field. It is surprising to see that women are optimistic about artificial reproductive technologies and that they trust such innovations.

In the study, participants were asked to rate importance of success in their lives in relation to importance to pregnancy planning and different artificial reproductive technologies. As a result, many correlations were observed in the responses. For instance, women who said success is very important were thrice more likely to vote for importance of pregnancy planning, when compared with women who gave relatively less or no importance to career success.

In all, 90% of the women surveyed were positive about using reproductive technology to conceive in their 30s. The positive response favors the research in artificial reproductive technologies. The study results make experts in the field to appreciate the research findings.

This means women are less worried about the pregnancy complication they might face with growing age. This also let women follow their dreams, excel in their professions and more importantly achieve greater strides in academics.

However, there lingers a doubt whether all the women have access to reproductive technologies. This could also cast a doubt over the study findings as career-focused women are more likely to afford reproductive technologies than those not-so -much career-focused. Because career-oriented women are more resourceful, they have an option to consider family planning.

Original source of the news –

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How do you greet people? In person or Social Media?

My mom’s good morning blessings by 6am make my day…everyday. But this Durga Navmi instead of the message, I got her call early morning.

I was a bit startled…a fear of the unknown sunk in. The first thing I asked was, “Are you ok? Is everything all right? Such an early morning call?” She laughed and said, “Beta, it is Durga Navmi Puja today, I wanted to bless you..wake you up with my voice, wish you in person. What is so unusual?”

I had no answer. Though we spoke for sometime, but my mind was elsewhere.

Something had jolted me, her answer…followed by her question. “I wanted to wish you in person.” “What is so unusual?”

Yes, what was so unusual? I began to dig my brain and decided to pen my introspection supported by a few with whom I happened to discuss this sudden awakening. “How many of us wish people/ relatives/ each other in person?”

Email and Social Media did bring the world closer, but the personal touch got lost somewhere. So where are we heading to?

1. A ‘Broadcast’ of Greetings & Best Wishes

Social media, relationships, interactions, less social contact, long distance relationships

“Happy Birthday” to “Happy Diwali” and “Happy New Year”– all these are now a common broadcast sent in one go. From warm hand-written letters and bright and beautiful greeting cards that adorned my home’s walls each year…we graduated to E-mails. Soon even the animated E-greeting, which to some extent tried to carry forward the warmth, got replaced. We the Robots now poke at our glowing metal boxes aka smartphones to BROADCAST greetings. To add on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all set into motion. Virtual warmth has replaced in-person love.

Siddhartha Upadhyay, Social Entrepreneur & Sports Promoter from New Delhi says, “Digital media has given wings to the escapists in us. The boon to connect us is being mis-used to veil our lethargy. Talking, meeting and greeting people formed the basis of civilisation that gave us a sense of belonging. Lack of this feeling is giving birth to social diseases like callousness. High time we realise that social media was developed for social networking and not for social disconnect.”

2. Conversation Died a Tragic Death

Social media, relationships, interactions, less social contact, long distance relationships


My friend wanted to plan a holiday in Goa. She recently requested recommendations through a public post on Facebook. In the pre-social media era, we would actually walk-up to our friends or may be call them on phone….had a real conversation, over pleasantries exchanged.

“Same is with our children. Group studies, games in the garden and long-chats under the colony trees were our happy life. Now children exchange notes through mails, play games poking the plastic, glowing boxes in their hands and chat into the night over various social media messengers,” says child psychologist Shahana Singh from New Jersey.

Result? When you introduce them to your friends who have come over for dinner, they utter a small ‘Hello’ and get back to the glowing “dabba’ in their vicinity…whether a TV or a Smartphone.

On the contrary, Monita Sharma, Communication Strategist and NRI in Sydney Australia ensures she calls her parents, siblings, relatives and friends asking their well being as well as exchange greetings on special occasions. “As mother of twin boys, I strongly believe a personal touch is much needed. And whatever I do, will be picked up by my children,” asserts Monita.

3. We are Social, yet so Lonely!

One of my former’s boss’ son recently got married. I was thrilled to see that septuagenarians and octogenarians had out-numbered the youngsters. Groom’s own childhood friends could not make it and sent him gifts bought online or text messages. But these relatives made it even with their walking sticks! Why? I overheard one his grannies, “This was perhaps the last opportunity or among the last one left to meet the entire clan in person. My son wants me to learn WhatsApp, but I somehow could not.” In my heart I thanked God for not letting it happen.

How elated were the Bride and the groom to have them around! How joyous were these wrinkled faces with bright eyes and ear-to-ear smiles! And how lonely were those who could not make it. Sigh.

Isn’t it an empty feeling of having it all but then not having anything at all? Isn’t it a reminder that our journey into the age of information has come at a cost? At the cost of personal touch? At the cost for warmth in relationships? At the cost of basic communication we all must do?

“I stay in Dubai. Social Media and facilities like Skype help me connect to my family and friends back home in India. But I ensure that it doesn’t happen in the city I stay. A warm ‘Hello’ or a ‘knock at the door’ takes just a few minutes,” says Swati Smita an NRI and former hotelier.

Change begins from home. So this festival season…spread warmth, spread cheer, spread love…IN PERSON. Try…it isn’t that difficult, our elders have already shown us the way.

Mahima Sharma, Columnist, TechThirsty
(Author is former News Editor with CNN-News, 18, ANI-Reuters)

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7 Stylish Headphones for Women

Let’s face it – most headphones are engineered for men! We aren’t being sexist here, but this is a fact. From their fit to the size to the look, a majority of headphones are designed to fit on men’s’ heads.

However, in the last few years, there’s been arevolutionary rise in production ofstylish headphones and earphones designed especially for women who are concerned about the artistry of the design and sound.

Here are 7 headphones designed for women exclusively:

 1. Yurbuds Inspire (starting from $39.99)

Yurbuds are a perfect option for the earbuds of female athletes. The headphones come with smaller buds that can fit the average female ear.Each set of earphones offers comfort with a seamless fit and unmatchable music experience.

254777_30543_XL 2. Sol Republic Headphones ($99.99)


Portable enough to be tossed in your purse or gym bag, Sol Republic headphones have become the top choice of women these days.

These durable headphones havean indestructible headband that comes in eight shades. Manufacturers also offer the color choice for the detachable cables including red, black, white, purple, blue, grey, pink and orange. The headphones are interchangeable, comfortable and lightweight. The “Sound Engines” are optimized for clear sound definition, vocals and deep bass.

TT 1

3. X-1 Momentum Sport In-Ear Bud ($29.99)

These headsets have been designed based on the motto -“Pink it and shrink it.”The method of “shrinking” applies well to the X-1; however the gender stereotype colorway has been put to end, which is a welcome change. Their bright teal and white braided cord is fashionable as well as functional. Plus, these are sweat proof to be used during workouts.


 4. Molami Twine ($200)

Twine is a silk-satin headpiece inspired by comfortable headbands and offers a unique listening experience to the listener. The speaker bands are adjustable and can be moved up and down. The open-sound design enhances different tones in music.

7795c8baaf295554096e5292092f94a85. Urbanears Plattan ( Price $59.99)

These amazing earphones are gaining widespread popularity because of their adaptability. The smaller design is its plus point that makes it customizable to fit to a woman’s cranium. It comes with a structuredesigned to fit to the ears. In addition, you get a spectrum of bright colors to choose from. Also, the quality material used in its design makes them worth the investment.


6. Denon Excercise Freak Headphones (Price 149.99)

Engineered for active women, exercise freak headphones by Denon are extremely comfortable and stay up securely on the ears. Denon established slight differences between men and women after taking molds of 4,000 pairs of ears. These Bluetooth sports headphones aresweat-proof and comes with four pairs of anti-microbial ear tips to offer maximum hygiene.


7. SkullCandy Fix In-Ear Headphones ($69.95)

SkullCandylaunches its amazing set of Fix In-Ear Headphones for women. The headphones are a perfect in fit to the ear’s natural curves. Designed in lightweight injected plastic, these headphones offer long-lasting comfort foractive women.



Simply plug-in to your ears and enjoy the rhythm. Why should boys have all the fun?









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16-Year Old Girl’s App Meant to Fight High School Bullies


Imagine you’re at your school cafeteria and looking for a place to have your lunch. You don’t want to sit alone but you are a little shy of sitting with your peer. A girl your age faced the same problem and decided to do something about it.

She set up SitWithUs app. This new app makes finding friends in the school easy. This credit goes to a 16-year old girl, Natalie Hampton from California.She’s an 11th grader from Sherman Oaks.Natalie says that bullying and loneliness can literally kill a person, especially a student and she herself has been through this all. She also reveals her nightmarish experience of bullying when she was in the 7th grade. Her experience of loneliness and eating alone is what inspired her to create this app. While she is now attending a different school and is flourishing socially, the memory of being bullied and sitting alone still haunts her.

What’s the App About? 

“SitWithUs” is an app that helps those students who find it difficult to get friendly with people. It is for students who have difficulty finding a place to sit at break time. This amazing app helps them locate a welcoming group in their cafeteria.

The app allows students to register themselves as “ambassadors,” thus inviting others to join them. Further, they can post “open lunch” events as an indication for anyone seeking company. It is an invitation for lonely students to join the ambassadors’ table.

According to Hampton, the app is necessary because it prevents students from being publicly discarded by their peers.

Speaking on its privacy standards, Hampton says, “This way it’s very private. It’s through the phone. No one else has to know. And you know that you’re not going to be rejected once you get to the table.”

The 16-year old school girl asks her fellow students to be brave and take a stand againstbullying. The app has already become popular and is getting positive feedback from her schoolmates. “People are already posting open lunches at my school,” she says. “So I’m very excited that things are already kicking off with a great start”.

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I recently wrote a column about the potential extinction of print newspapers and the recent news offering of Apple, Facebook and Google seems to be making my case stronger. Soon, news consumption will happen more on mobiles than any other platform and all big tech giants seem to be making the most of it.

AppleApple News is already here and the iPhone maker has tied up with major news providers across the world to provide news for smartphone users. Big media channels including Vogue, New York Times and Vanity Fair are also on the Apple News platform.

“Apple News is a brilliant way to read news. You can access news of your interest and can read it whenever you want. I like reading news on my phone in the morning time and no more subscribe to print newspapers,” says Ameesha Seth.

Google is also set to offer a new news app. It has tied with Twitter to develop an app to deliver news content. According to various reports, users will be able to load news on their phone in microseconds with the new Google app.

Facebook also wishes to find its feet in the news space. It has launched Instant Articles and promises to deliver news faster than any other digital outlet. It has also tied up with various media organizations.

With Apple, Google and Facebook already trying to make the most of digital news phenomenon, soon the news will be consumed on digital channels, as it is a faster and easier way to read news.

 “I am addicted to Flipboard. That is my go to news destination,” says Manan Sharma.

News is all about timeliness and with the expansion of digital media, it has found a new home.

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What’s Cooking With The FlipKart Nearby App?

flikpart nearby appE-commerce giant Flipkart has dabbled in the online grocery industry with the Flipkart Nearby app. To start with, the app has been launched in a few areas in Bengaluru. The app enables you to order beverages, eggs, milk and other groceries online. It also provides healthcare products.

Flipkart Nearby has some tough competition from established players in the market such as Big Basket, Grofers and Pepper Tap. Some customers are loyal to these apps. To break their loyalty, Flipkart has to offer exceptional services and products.

“Nope. It is Big Basket,” said media professional Malvika Gupta when we asked her  whether she would like to order from the Flipkart app. Talking about the logistics and product quality of Big Basket she added, “Very good actually. If we have an issue with the product they have a nice customer care service and it is immediately exchanged or returned.” (sic)

The Flipkart Nearby app will benefit because Flipkart is an established name in terms of online delivery and customer trust. However, what customers really want are good products and reliable logistics.

For now, if you are living in Koramangala, HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Ejipura, Jayanagar, JP Nagar or Bellandur areas of Bengaluru, you can start using the Flipkart Nearby app.… Read the rest

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We Are More Addicted To News Online Than Ever

By Gurpreet Tathgur

woman reading on tabletIt dawned on me today. When I wake up in the morning these days, I don’t have the urge to read a newspaper. Increasingly, I tell myself that there is no time to flip through pages and read detailed editorial pages. Is this shortage of time or just addiction to digital media?

What I actually wake up to every morning are WhatsApp messages, Facebook statuses or trending headlines on popular digital news sites. The digital media has really seeped into our daily lives and I wonder will the newspaper become extinct in future?

According to a research by The Future Exploration Network, print newspapers would be extinct in USA by 2017. The research also shows that by 2040 no one will be reading newspapers around the globe. The ACI has reported that the top reason the  predicted death of print newspapers is easy access to mobile devices.

I spoke to some people to find out what they think about newspapers being extinct. Will they miss the morning headline in the beautiful black ink?

“Oh! Their extinct is near. In my society hardly anyone has subscribed a newspaper. I myself get the morning dose of news on my phone,” says a 30-year-banker Sunil Yadav. A group of company executives says they don’t have to take a look at the headlines. At the same time, medical practitioner Charu Mishra says, “Whatever is trending comes on the Twitter feed”.

However, there is a group of people who think the real pleasure of reading the news is via print medium. “My morning ritual is incomplete without the newspaper and tea,” says Dr. Viren. But he does say that there are times I do check what is trending on Yahoo.

Even my mother says that her Sunday is well spent only when she rummages through every page of the Sunday supplement.

However, we cannot ignore that the number of newspaper readers are declining and according to research conducted by McKinsey & Co. that was commissioned by The New York Times, digital media is the flavor of the future.… Read the rest

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