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Ralph Lauren ‘PoloTech Smartshirt’ Will Let You Keep A Health Check

Ralph Lauren 'PoloTech smartshirt”releases on August 27, Priced at $295

The popular fashion brand of Ralph Lauren is all set to introduce a smarter PoloTech shirt for the fashion lovers, who are equally conscious about their health. The new addition to the wearable technology product list is priced at $295 (19, 470 INR), which is a bit hefty apparently.  “PoloTech smartshirt” for better health Though the “PoloTech smartshirt”appears to  be bit hefty, it includes some of the most used smartphone applications to ensure healthy living. Once it is worn, it can provide accurate reports of heart rate, movement intensity, breathing depth, stress level, steps taken, energy output as well as calorie burnt by the wearer. Made of silver fibers, the crew-neck shirt is all set to be launched on Thursday, August 27 with the sensors are placed just next to the skin. However, it would not cause any negative impact on the wearer’s skin. The executive vice-president at Ralph Lauren [+more]

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Online Tickets To Enter Taj Mahal At Night May Come Soon

Online tickets to enter Taj Mahal at night may come soon

Viewing Taj Mahal at night is expected to become more convenient as tourists might be allowed to get online tickets soon. Many people often miss the chance to enter the Taj Mahal at night due to manual advance booking procedure. However, once the online ticketing system is started, tourists can get tickets till 3:00 p.m. of the same day.  Viewing Taj Mahal at night Mahesh Sharma, the Union Minister of State Tourism, when contacted by PTI said that they have already cleared the proposal in this regard and would soon issue an order to start the procedure. Yet, there is no update whether there would be any changes in the timing. Presently, night viewing is allowed for 30 minutes from 8:30 p.m. to 00:30 a.m. It is also restricted to five nights, the full moon night, two days before and two days after. However, there are proposals to allow tourist [+more]

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LivSpace Raises $ 8 Million In Internal Round Of Funding

LivSpace, an interior design and home furnishings e-commerce startup in India,  headquartered in Bengaluru, has raised $ 8 million in an internal round of funding as announced on Tuesday. The company said that with these funds, it would add senior level staffs to their team, expand their business across all metro cities in India and design ‘innovative mobile and designer products. Helion Venuture Partners, Jungle Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners, who are already the existing institutional investors, participated in the funding round. Even Gokul Rajaram, who joined recently as a special advisor also invested in the fund raising event. The firm already raised around $ 4.6 million in December in Series A round. “We’re seeing strong growth and business fundamentals across the board and have created an enviable content, and community driven commerce business in the home design space for the first time in India,” said Anuj Srivastava, CEO and Co-founder of [+more]

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Top 5 Pregnancy Apps To Guide Women Through Their Special Phase

Top 5 pregnancy women to guide women through this special phase

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in any woman’s life. Yet, at times, it can be nerve wrecking. Though midwives and doctors are always there to lend helping hands to the expecting mother, using some smartphone apps can also come handy.  Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app comprises of social network, pregnacy tracker and toolkit in a single pack. By using this app,expecting mothers can see a complete daily as well as weekly calender illustrating the growth of the fetus regularly. The kick tracker feature helps in regulating the activity of the baby while the journal records the thoughts, symptoms or mood swings of the mother. Sharing the experiences is also easy with the social network feature. Expecting mothers can also get hold of different photographs, generate baby names or buy different useful products online.  iPregnant Women looking for pregnancy app compatible [+more]

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Top 5 Apps For Teen Girls

Top 5 Apps For Teen Girls

Young and hip teenage girls know how to enjoy the good things in life. At the same time, they know how to handle themselves at their tender age. These days, what’s helping them more are the many apps available easily on their phones. Here are the top apps that every teen queen must have: Tumblr: The best app to have on the phone, it lets teen girls post anything they stumble upon—from snaps to stories and even GIFs and videos. Curate content or even post your own content—the app lets you do anything your mood wants. Hairstyle Lite+: Choose from different hairstyles and see how you will look in them using this app. A dream for every teen girl, it lets her experiment without having to snip those tresses. Color Splash: Wonder how those lovely profile pics with only a part in color, came to be? Well, try Color Splash and [+more]

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How To Keep Your Identity Secure While Browsing Online


Online surfing may not be entirely safe. There are instances when you mistakenly hop on a suspicious website which may try to steal your identity. Here are the steps to keep you safe while browsing online. Try Tor browser: It is a highly secured version of Mozilla Firefox which keeps the user’s identity hidden over the Internet. Tor offers high-end security to the user and keeps the IP address under wraps. Private browsing:  Browsers like chrome and Firefox come with incognito or private browsing mode through which users can browse the Internet without revealing their identity. This mode does not store any cookies so users do not leave their history behind. The private browsing mode can be accessed in chrome by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N and CTRL +SHIFT + P in Mozilla Firefox.   HTTPS and removing tracking widgets: Using HTTPS protocol will provide you with an additional layer of security since it [+more]

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Finally, Mothers Can Share Breastfeeding Photos on Instagram

instagram breastfeeding rules

According to a recent change in policy, Instagram will now allow mothers to post breast feeding photographs on their accounts. The photos can also include the ones which showcase post pregnancy marks and stretches. Instagram recently updated its community guidelines, which clearly states details regarding content sharing through Instagram. It also specifies which content or photograph will be removed from user accounts if they are found violating the terms and conditions mentioned in the guidelines. A popular mobile application, Instagram’s guidelines reflect the standard community guidelines of its parent company, Facebook. The new guidelines state: “We are well aware of the fact that there are several moments when our users want to share their nude images which are taken from a creative or artistic perception but it is our policy that we do not tolerate nudity or sexual content on Instagram. These content include provoked nudity displaying sexual intercourse and [+more]

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Count Your Drink’s Calories With Vessyl Cup

Vessyl Cup Counts Liquid Calorie Automatically

Vessyl is all set to introduce a new cup to the market and assess the calorie count of your liquid automatically. The cup counts the calorie on its own as soon as any kind of liquid beverage is poured into it, be it coffee, juice or any other carbonated beverage. The sensing technology used in the starts to break the fluid and bring it into molecular level for identifying its type and measure the calorie.  Best thing is the cup can easily differentiate between different brands of beverage like Coke or Pepsi and offers a complete caloric count, which includes, total, caffeine sodium, protein, fat and sugar in grams. Once the calorie count is done, the cup easily connects with any Android or iPhone app in any mobile phones, via Bluetooth technology and uses the hydration estimate portal Pryme to update user about his progress toward his goal. It also [+more]

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