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Top 3 Apple Products Rumored To Launch In 2015

Top 3 Apple Products

Apple is one name that continues to floor consumers and tech-experts around the world. With awesome products, better specs and classy offerings, each Apple product gets better. While we have already seen the Apple watch and the New Macbook arrive earlier this year, there are three products that we are anticipating during the coming months in 2015. iPad at 12 inches: If rumors are to be believed, then Apple will soon release its iPad with a larger screen. With iPad sales having plummeted over the last few months, perhaps the rumored iPad Pro or the iPad Plus with 12+ inches screen size could change the game for Apple. Buzz is strong that this will be touted as a competitor to Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. Expected release date: 2015’s third quarter Best rumor heard: The beefier iPad will be a collaboration product of IBM and the Cupertino giant.  Apple TV: [+more]

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Tech Trends of 2014 That Are Here to Stay

google glass

As the year 2014 has come to a close, it is time to take a look back at the year that has been quite significant for tech trends. This year saw the introduction of several new gadgets and multiple high value acquisitions. Even though most of the ventures were grand success, some failed to hit success. Change in TV Viewing Experience: Digitalization of television has become evident this year as people are more interested in streaming YouTube instead of watching traditional television. Mobile payment: Mobile money transfer that has been in use for quite a while became more popular this year. New services like Paytm and Apple Pay have become a hit among users. Google Glass: Though launched with great expectations, the Google Glass did not become an instant hit. Still being experimented with, users are expecting some more changes to this latest wearable technology before they pick it up. [+more]

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Apple Pay: Is it Worth All the Name?

Apple Pay – Is it worth the name?

Mobile payments have been around for a long time now. However, they don’t seem to have gained sufficient traction. In such a scenario, it’s a pertinent to question if Apple Pay would be any different. For those who have used the Apple Pay, they do seem to think so. It’s an easy interface that is the biggest advantage of Apple Pay. One simple has to tap a button and the system is all set to roll. Additionally, one can to add as many debit and credit cards to the passbook to be used further at checkout.  However, once you reach the setup stage, that is when the real confusion sets in. If in US, Google Wallet will take care of this aspect but in other countries as UK, you could be in a bit of trouble as various networks in UK have partnered with credit card companies to work things [+more]

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The Best Selfie Smartphones At IFA 2014

Selfie—It’s clearly the word of the year—possibly the decade. We see individuals or groups taking selfies all the time. Whether it is college goers, office goers or trendy mothers, everyone wants the best selfie smartphones. Popular celebrities including Rihanna and Justin Bieber have contributed in a big way to popularising the trend, and now politicians are also taking selfies. Clearly, smartphone companies have understood the trend of the selfie and have come up with smartphones and apps that are specially designed to provide a better selfie experience to the user.  Several phones were launched during the IFA 2014 to give better and sharper selfies. Gerrit Schneemann, an analyst at research firm HIS, has been quoted saying, “The ‘selfie phone’ race resembles the megapixel race for cameras on the back of the phone. Handset makers try to satisfy a specific use case by including more powerful features in the front camera.” We [+more]

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AirAsia Wi-Fi Free Trials Begin

AirAsia has begun the free trial of its complimentary on board Wi-Fi service for a period of two months. This move by the company is mainly aimed towards providing low-cost Internet connectivity to its passengers. During the free AirAsia wifi trail period, that will last until the end of October 2014, the company will allow up to 60 guests on selected flights to use the free service in order to test and review it. The company will provide a quota of 1MB each and will enable its guests to avail the special package that will allow chat via LINE, Whatsapp and WeChat. They will inform selected guests about their on-board Wi-Fi capability through an in-flight announcement. Selected customers will be allowed to access the service by simply logging into the Connectivity Portal with the help of a given digital token code. The code can be automatically generated simply by clicking [+more]

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T-Mobile To Become Larger Than Sprint By End-2014: Legere

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Claims To Become Larger Than Sprint By End-2014

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has claimed on Twitter that his company will become larger than mobile rival Sprint by the end of 2014. This came after the US-based mobile carrier officially said that it has cancelled its plans to acquire the operations of T-Mobile. Legere tweeted, “Is Sprint a melting ice cube? Looks like it to me. Join the cool brand now!” He said in another tweet that “Join T-Mobile now and jump off the Sprint bus before it crashes.” Legere revealed in June 2014 that the carrier has managed to add more than 17 million customers to its network since the Un-carrier movement started in March 2013. T-Mobile presently has a customer base of nearly 50 million subscribers, while Sprint is slightly ahead with a customer base of 53 million. International Business Times reports Recon Analytics analyst Roger Entner saying, “T-Mobile was the fourth largest network — It was [+more]

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Top Tech Gadgets For Wet Monsoons

We bring to you a list of some of the most impressive and advanced tech gadgets for this monsoon season that will make your life easy and exciting. Basis Band has a price range of USD199 and is termed as the most advanced health tracker. The band is a very effective tool to help get in shape. It is equipped with sensors that have the capability to track calories, activity, skin temperature and sleep. The band is water resistant and wears just like a watch. It can easily sync to a Mac or PC. PowerShot D30 is the latest durable waterproof camera from Cannon. This camera has the ability to shoot perfectly 82 feet under water, becoming the world’s deepest waterproof performer. The camera is also shockproof up to 6.5 feet. It is equipped with a 1080p Full HD video camera along with its 12.1-megapixel camera. It carries a price [+more]

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Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Another Video Hoax Claims Missing Jet’s Black Box Found; Malaysian Officials Raise Possibility Plane May Never Be Found

As the confusions and annoyance of the moaning relatives of the travelers as well as the people all across the globe about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 build up, many of the news makers are also trying to take advantage of the situation by releasing fake news and rumors to exploit its news value. The latest hoax news about the missing Boeing 777 is that the flight’s black box had been found.  Another YouTube fake  video is posted by Xavier Da Costa, which is making the same claim of black box being found, but when clicked it warns that the material contains some graphic sounds. Another social media fake is the stories about the missing place being found at the Indian Ocean or Bermuda Triangle, where the search teams are finding out objects, which could probably be the left out debris of the missing flight.  Bound for Beijing, the [+more]

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Missing Malaysia Airline MH370- A Report on Latest Theory and Ongoing Online Scams

The Malaysian Airline MH370 has gone missing under mysterious circumstances on 8th March, 2014. Since then search is being conducted by all possible agencies of most of the nations in the world. However, the world wide search has not yielded any result till now.  It is quite understandable that the relatives, families and friends of the people on board are going through tough times. Everyday several new theories are being developed about the probable reason for the flight getting vanished from the face of the earth. Aviation expert Billie Vincent, head of security (ex) at the FAA, has given his views recently. He stated that the likely cause is a catastrophic event suffered by the flight like fire emerging out and filling the cabin with toxic gases. He also said that it cannot be a result of terrorist attack or hijacking since no terrorist organization has admitted or accepted doing [+more]

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