How Many Women Have Posted #MeToo On Your Timeline?

alyssa milano #metooIf you thought the #MeToo updates on social media is a salvo of solidarity that women have been showing, here’s a reality check. Of the 10 women I spoke to who have not posted this on social media, 4 of them have been sexually assaulted or harassed. There are many women out there who cannot talk about it or who are scared to talk about it.
Delhi girl Sakshi wonders if she should consider her encounters in the DTC buses as something of a worry. “Delhi girls are used to it”, she says. This is the gravity of the problem and speaks volumes about the #MeToo problem that women face on an everyday basis.
Allegations of assault against Harvey Weinstein led to many, many leading ladies of Hollywood coming out to speak of their experiences with the man. The list of allegations against the perpetrator is seeing a steady rise. This led actress Alyssa Milano to tweet a note that said, “Suggested by a friend: If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”
This is what she posted:
If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.
— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) October 15, 2017

Ever since, #MeToo has been trending and it’s going strong. Ever since, thousands of women have tweeted #MeToo, which shows the gravity of the problem. However, note that not all women have posted anything yet. If you are someone who is still gathering the courage to post about it, read this one:
I almost felt too ashamed to post, but that’s the whole point of this: don’t. It was never your fault. #MeToo
— Miss Twin Peaks (@abattoiring) October 16, 2017

If you are someone who wants to help women around you, refer to this intersting advice.
When it comes to the #MeToo movement, I see men wondering what they can “do to help.” This is my list.
1. Be quiet.
2. Listen.
3. Learn.
4. Lead/teach young men by example.
5. Stand up to friends and family who act in an abusive manner.
6. Stand behind women, not in front.
— Nathan Thompson (@natepthomps) October 16, 2017

The common refrain is that women have been abused by people they have trusted such as friends and relatives. It has also brought to light a videotape that shows US President Donald Trump boasting of groping women. Clearly, where we are talking of equal rights for women, basic security remains a concern. This must change for women. Investing in the education of women, and the right education for your boys would be a start in the right direction.
What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. We hope technology will allow more women to voice their opinions as well as give them a platform to share with other women. That’s what TechThirsty aims to be as well.
Oh, and just a word. #Metoo

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Is the 280 Character Count a Sign of Twitter’s Nervousness?


Silicon-valley giant Twitter has never turned a profit in the 11 years of its consequential existence. The real hit seemed to be when the company reported a further 8% decline in its first-quarter revenue to $548m in July this year. Advertisers of Twitter saw waning value in the social media giant and ad revenue for the three-month period fell 11% at $474m.

At the time though, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey celebrated the report saying the number of daily active users on the social media had gone up to 328 million for the fourth consecutive quarter. He said the number of users went up 14% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Clearly, the company knows that it is up against some strong currents. Competing with companies like Facebook and Google makes it a bigger challenge for Twitter.

Noticing the lowering interest of its subscribers, Twitter gave some flexibility to the character limit by allowing images and pictures in addition to the character count. The @replies were also excluded from the count. Things have not changed despite these efforts. People are not staying on the social media platform long enough. English-speaking users, who make a bulk of their subscribers, are posting lesser on the social media platform. This is with reference to Twitter’s blog post mentioning that the testing of 280 characters comes from the fact that Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages are more space-efficient than others.

News that Twitter will now be testing the possibility of a 280-character count is a sign of nervousness. Twitter is trying to introduce a much higher character count for Tweets but fans of the crisp networking platform are not really thrilled.

Some responses on Twitter to this increase in character count came like this:


Twitter has to find ways to make itself profitable. Currently, that’s what the company needs to focus on. It is not that the investors are expecting a lot from the company’s growth. It has to fight for ad revenue against strong competitors like Facebook and Google. While the latter has always shown value for advertiser money, Facebook has also made itself profitable in the recent times. Clearly, Twitter needs to move that way soon.

Increasing the character count might not be good for its regular visitors. However, there are hopes that it would encourage more users to visit the platform more frequently. Additionally, it would benefit brands, which tend to face constraints while using Twitter as an integral part of their promotional mix.

Investors are ready to wait on this move. Twitter stock went up 2.17% yesterday by USD .36. Seeing the initial responses on Twitter, it looks like this one could pick up soon enough. Here are some Tweets from users who received the 280 character limit right after the announcement.

Speaking of the new test, the company acknowledged the emotions of those who have been tweeting for years with 140 characters. “But we tried this, saw the power of what it will do, and fell in love with this new, still brief, constraint,” the company said.

Twitter does have greater challenges to deal, apart from the character limit. Two of the key issues are that of maintaining an active user base, and generating value for investors.


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Twitter ‘Night Mode’ Soon on Desktop Screens

Last year, when Twitter introduced the ‘Night Mode’feature for its mobile app, people just could not stop gushing about how much they liked it. Now, the company is introducing this ‘Night Mode’ option to its desktop website. Some fortunate users are already enjoying the feature, which is yet to be rolled out to large masses.

How does it work?

Clicking on the profile picture on the top right side will display a menu containing ‘Night Mode’ option. Clicking on ‘Night Mode’ will turn your Twitter screens dark. As of now, the feature is only available to few Twitter users for testing. It is not clear when this feature will be available officially. However, Twitter users are already excited about the new desktop feature that is easier on the eyes. The Night Mode feature will allow you to tweet in a night-friendly mode. It has a relaxing influence on the users. Some find the site much better in Night Mode on their mobile devices. Last year, the new feature was introduced for iOS and Android devices. Some users say Night Mode on their mobiles is encouraging them to use the Twitter app more frequently on their mobile.

What do we expect?

The Night Mode feature on Twitter is giving users a chance to enjoy the social networking site in a different color theme. If you are bored with existing Twitter appearance, try the new Night Mode feature and see the magic. But, for now, the feature is only available on mobile apps. What’s more, the new feature will help users avoid strain to their eyes by shifting to Night Mode that is easier to the eyes. By clicking on the ‘Night Mode’ on your desktop screen will replace the white screens areas with a dark gray screen. The Night Mode feature can be found by clicking on the profile picture. After you click, you will find an option at the bottom of the pop-up list.… Read the rest

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Why Twitter Decided to Stick to Brevity

Why Twitter Decided to Stick to Brevity There was this one eventful day in January 2016 when Twitter announced its bomb — it was going to expand its famous 140 character-limit to up to 10,000 because the Twitteratti was finding new ways to make the most of every tweet. Users were creating ‘tweet storms’ where they strung a series of tweets together in numeric succession to make a loud, long statement. There were also some other ingenious users who would attach screenshots of longer texts in an attempt to circumvent the character restriction. This led to the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to tweet a screenshot of text that had 1,317 characters, explaining his thinking behind wanting to expand the character limit. He said “We’ve spent a lot of time observing what people are doing on Twitter, and we see them taking screenshots of text and tweeting it, instead, what if that text…was actually text? Text that could be searched.  Text that could be highlighted. That’s more utility and power.” “Twitter will never lose that feeling of speed, creativity and brevity,” he added.

After much public debilitation and twittering, the verdict is out – the 140 character-limit is here to stay. Jack Dorsey stated that this limit was too big a part of Twitter’s identity to let go. “It allows for of-the moment brevity”, he commented. Expanding the character limit might have helped expanding Twitter’s audience, but it also could have potentially undermined the real-time, quick and free-flowing culture of the network.
The month of March marks Twitter’s 10th Anniversary. On March 21, 2006, Dorsey tweeted the network’s first tweet, “Just setting up my twttr.”

“Twitter’s always been about controls, people can follow whoever they want. And it’s our job to make sure they see the most important things and the things that matter to them,” Dorsey said. “There are tweets that promote violence, which is against our terms of service, so people have controls to block and people have controls to mute.”

There is a never-ending goal to get more and more people to sign up on Twitter. The biggest challenge the site faces is to maintain a culture of free speech while curbing harassment and infringement of Twitter’s policies by external groups. New features such as the digest-like ‘Moments’, which helps stream line the constant flow of information and a recently added option to use algorithms to choose the order of tweets in user timelines aim to make Twitter easier to use.… Read the rest

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Twitter Introduces “Buy Now” Button to Shop Via Tweets

Twitter Buy ButtonOn Wednesday, Twitter declared that it would be partnering with retailers in US to sell their products via tweets. Willing buyers would need to click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase something in a jiffy. This step had to be taken by the company boost the growth of Twitter which is going downhill day in and day out.

The “Buy Now” feature was first launched in 2014 but to a small group of users in the USA. Twitter is now planning to release it to all users within America.

The micro blogging site has been working with e-commerce business houses like Demandware Inc, Bigcommerce and Shopify along with brands and retailers like Adidas AG, Best Buy Co Inc and PacSun.

Twitter Could Have New Platform For Longer Notes
Twitter Could Have New Platform For Longer Notes

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Payment would be done through Stripe Inc, a payment processing enterprise. It is to be noted that Twitter even struggled with direct response ads where people could click on a link or download an app.

Twitter also announced its plans to let people make political donations using Square. Square is a mobile payment firm run by Twitter’s interim chief executive Jack Dorsey.

There are a lot of things that Twitter has in its mind to enhance its growth. Only time will tell whether these steps turn out to be fruitful or not.


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Edward Snowden Joins Twitter; 1 Million Followers In 24 Hours

Edward SnowdenTwitter has found a way with Edward Snowden—the man of the moment who doubles as a fugitive and is best known as an erstwhile National Security Agency contractor. He opened an account on the micro blogging site on Tuesday from Russia, where he is currently on exile. Within 24 hours, he has reached 1 million followers.

Best known for leaking massive surveillance secrets of the US government, Snowden is clearly not just a speck in the digital world anymore. And his handle seems to be as uptight as he is @snowden. His Twitter bio says: I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public.

The whopping followers’ saga

Right after he opened an account, Snowden attracted 171,000 followers—all within one hour and by the time the day was half way through, this followers’ list grew to 740,000. That speaks a lot about the fan-dom this man enjoys.

Ironically, Snowden is following a single account—the National Security Agency. Snowden even went so far as to tweet, “Meanwhile, a thousand people at Fort Meade just opened Twitter”. Fort Meade is the NSA’s Army base in Maryland.

Snowden’s first tweet read, “Can you hear me now?” A rip off from an advert of a cell phone provider seen on television, Snowden’s first tweet alone saw 25,000 retweets within one hour.

Some individuals who seem to support Snowden believe he is a classic whistleblower who lifted the lid off the excesses indulged in by the American government. However, the latter went on to file charges for espionage against Snowden. The government believes that he leaked intelligence information. Following all this, Snowden left USA in May 2013 and made Russia his home post grant of asylum there in the later part of 2013.

First reactions from Tweeple

The first reactions over social media to the Twitter account opening from Snowden have been positive. According to Thomson Reuters’s proprietary algorithm that scoured Twitter mentions or tweets about @snowden, it was revealed that there were 1,109 positive tweets against just 156 negative ones within the first hour of Snowden’s opener tweet.

Echoing popular sentiment, people around the world including IT analysts Naveen Maudgal from Ericsson, Noida and Anuj Jain from Oracle, Hyderabad, in India have labeled “Snowden as a geek and interesting man, instead of a traitor of sorts.”

During his initial hours on Twitter, Snowden also tweeted and retweeted exchanges with Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and popular radio talk-show. Incidentally, Tyson had earlier suggested that Snowden must get on to Twitter while interviewing the latter on his show earlier in September.

Wrapping Up

In fact, now that the tweeting saga from @snowden has begun, we got to know that this man is interested in stuff such as the Martian water discovery as well as his work for the Freedom of the Press Foundation. He did mention his fetish for cat pictures amid so much, though.… Read the rest

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Twitter Could Have New Platform For Longer Notes

Twitter users often struggle because there are some things that cannot be said in 140 characters. Knowing this need, the social media giant is supposedly designing a new platform that would let people write longer tweets, reports Re/code.

Twitter Rumored to Launch a New Product Allowing Users to Tweet LongerPlans to  increase character count

It seems Twitter executives are busy discussing how the character limit would be measured. They would probably stop considering user handles or links as characters. It will be interesting to see how they even come up with ideas to allow a higher character count without spoiling Twitter’s original feel.

Also Read: Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk
Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

Struggling with competition

Twitter is trying hard to keep up with stiff competition and bring in a new user base. This move is probably one of the ways to fight with the situation. Reports suggest that Twitter’s second-quarter average monthly users grew in the most sluggish manner since it went public in 2013.

Nobody is sure how the new product would look like but to keep up with the growing struggle, Twitter must reconsider its character limit strategy.

New ways to develop interest

Twitter has been working on new ways to increase the interest of their users for quite some time now. They want people to spend more time tweeting and even engage in commercial activities.

The micro-blogging site has already removed the limit of 140 characters from its direct messages. It has also declared plans to have people make political donations and buy goods through their tweets. Business pages are being encouraged to advertise on Twitter.

While so many things are being discussed, a spokeswoman of the company declined to comment on any of these.


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Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

With 400 million active users monthly, Instagram is riding high on success leaving its immediate rival Twitter far behind. The recent development is going to boost advertising revenues to a great extend for Instagram.

instagram takes over twitterIn about nine months, the photo sharing website owned by Facebook has pulled in the latest 100 million users including celebrities like former athlete Caitlyn Jenner and soccer player David Beckham. It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the newly-joined users are from outside of the USA. Most of them are from Europe and Asia with Japan, Brazil and Indonesia topping the list for having maximum number of users.

While Instagram users seem to be rising fast, Twitter seems to be struggling to draw in new users. Analysts are of the opinion that it is not Snapchat or Instagram, which are pulling down people’s interest on Twitter but the business model of the company itself.

Enders Analysis head of digital media Ian Maude told CNBC recently, “I think the concerns over Twitter are more general, i.e. it’s not about Instagram, it’s about while its growth has stalled, other social media, other instant messaging and communications services and tools continue to grow and it’s being outgrown and outpaced and I think that is the worry.” 

One big reason for the success of Instagram is that it is used over the phone. This allows more people to use it on a regular basis. The app is a lot more user friendly when compared to Twitter. Plus, there’s no need to think of witty lines. Images do speak louder than words.

Back home, we spoke to some people and asked them which one they preferred. They had some really interesting things to say.

Software professional Arunima Bhattacharya said, “Because Instagram is more about pictures….we humans are narcissists after all.” Simply put, the younger generation wants to share their happy moments with friends all the time. Instagram is a faster and easier way to do that.

A student Chandan Lohia said, “Both have their own utility. When it comes to sharing updates, Twitter handles it better but instant image sharing is handled by Instagram better…. !!!”

Which is the one you prefer more and why? We are waiting to hear what you think. Leave us your comments below.… Read the rest

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Twitter Bans Jokes Due To Copyright Issues

Every day, lots of content is being created on social networking website Twitter. This has led to people complaining about  their 140 characters being copied without giving them due credit. The Twitter jokes ban; therefore, seems to have come into place to prevent copyright infringement. Reports suggest that the social media network is deleting jokes and other content that has been copied from other Tweets.Twitter Allows All Users To Direct Message Anyone

It has come to light that Twitter will delete copied Tweets to prevent copyright issues. The Verge has pointed out that a Los Angeles-based freelance writer Olga Lexell filed a case because many people had retweeted her joke that said, “saw someone spill their high end juice cleanse all over the sidewalk and now I know god is on my side”.

Lexell’s Twitter account has since become private but she had earlier Tweeted that she spoke to the social networking site and told them that she makes money out of her writing. She added that the jokes are her intellectual property and users cannot copy them without her permission and the due credit.

Twitter apparently deletes the “offending” tweets in a few days, without any follow-up or discussions, Lexell told The Verge.

As more content is available on the internet for free, copyright of ones content–which includes pictures, jokes, stories, videos and more–has become an area of concern. The debate on intellectual property and copyright has become important.

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Leaked Microsoft Budget Phones Lumia 550, Lumia 750 Might Not Be ReleasedRead the rest

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Lumia 950 And Lumia 950 XL Release Rumors: May Run On Windows 10

In a run up to the Windows 10 release on July 29, Microsoft is busy focusing on its Windows 10 Mobile. The American giant is set to launch a flagship phone that runs of its latest OS very soon. We are anticipating an IFA 2015 release or launch at Berlin in Germany. However, contrary to our thought that the maker will release just a single smartphone, you can expect a slew of Windows 10 handsets, according to Evan Blass who uses the Twitter handle @evleaks. A Tweet pointed out that there are six different handsets Microsoft will launch in the next few months.

Microsoft To Launch Six Premium HandsetsLumia 950 Sneaks In

Surprisingly, we have heard from the same source that Microsoft may skip the Lumia 940 line altogether and will release its premium line christened Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL next. At the Worldwide Partner Conference keynote last week, Terry Myerson from Microsoft also confirmed that premium handset editions on Windows 10 are next in line for release.

What Nadella Says?

Perhaps this is to keep up with Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft’s vision that the company is keen on focusing on a handful of phones that will preset how unique Windows 10 is for an optimal user experience. With Windows handsets not having caught up top rank till date, the upcoming range is something to reckon with indeed.

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