Facebook Stocks Fails To Hit The Bull’s Eye, Initiates Mobile Ads To Boost The Investors

facebook stock sale

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is trying to take the social networking site to a new level, following a blow in the firm’s stocks over the last two weeks. Facebook’s stock crashed 40 percent down from its IPO of $38 and now stands at $22.86. Trying to generate revenue for the firm, Facebook initiated ads for mobile, which Mark hopes will be a boon for the sinking morale of investors and would also monetize its mobile traffic. However, there are many analysts who believe that Facebook’s stock could go down to $15 or even less. According to an article published in barrons.com, writer Andrew Barrey feels that Facebook’s business stays uncertain and it’s unlikely that the social networking site will hit off with focus on mobile ads. Facebook is trying to monetize its services without compromising on the user experience. And as mobiles have a small screen, Facebook won’t get much chance [+more]

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Next-gen Lumia 920, Lumia 820 Uncovered by Nokia


On Wednesday, at a press conference, Nokia made its Lumia 920 official, which on the contrary, resulted in a drop of the firm’s shares drastically. Already undergoing trouble, launching Lumia smartphones with Windows 8 operating system is a hope for Nokia to sail through its troubled time as the firm faces competition. But the plunge in stocks by investors has created a shaky situation, with rising doubts weather Nokia will be able to pull it off, particularly with competition in the market as Apple, Samsung and HTC also plan to launch their smartphones. Nokia shares plummeted as much as 13 percent and were trading nearly 10 percent down for a share price of $2.55 at noon. Let’s take a look at the smartphone’s specifications: Starting with Nokia Lumia 920, the smartphone is designed with a PureView camera that can stabilize and decrease blur to offer clear picture. It has a [+more]

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Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz Sheds Shares!

Dustin Moskovitz

Three months ago when Facebook went public, the social networking site saw a drop in its stocks, which made many insiders sell their shares. The latest in the news is Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder, Facebook, who is shedding off his sizable stakes in the social networking site. Moskovitz left Facebook in 2008 to find Asana. On Tuesday, he completed 12 different trades in 150,000-share increments during a two-week period starting Aug. 17, ending on Sept. 4, 2012. As per multiple filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the 28-year-old entrepreneur and Facebook insider has reportedly sold 1.8 million shares for $34.5 million.  This accounts to around 450,000 shares of the social networking so far this week, reducing his hold to 6.15 million Class A stock, which has less voting than Class B stock. He has 126.2 million Class B shares. The Class B shares can be changed for sale to Class A [+more]

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Social Gaming Company Zynga Loses its Chief Creative Officer


Even as Zynga comes to terms with the round of multiple resignations, the latest one to follow suit is Mike Verdu, Chief Creative Officer of the social gaming company. Other executives who recently left the firm include chief operating officer, John Schappert, and general managers Alan Patmore, Eric Bethke, Ya-Bing Chu, and Jeremy Strauser. Verdu has handed in his resignation and plans to set up his own company. The creators of popular social games such as Farmville, Zynga’s stock prices have tumbled down to 20 percent of its peak value from the first half of the year. In his parting blog post, Verdu thanks his colleagues at Zynga for all of their support and encouragement, and expressed pride on having seen the company transform into a “vibrant community of game designers, producers and creative leaders”. As Verdu transitions out and tries his hand at being an entrepreneur, his roles will [+more]

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Apple Stays the Most Valuable US Firm!


Revolutionizing the technology, smartphone, and tablet industry, Apple saw its stocks rise to a record price of $665.15 on Aug. 20, which gave the firm a market capitalization of $625.5 billion that is the highest ever for a US-based company. Apple Inc., is all set to grow its stocks further as the firm plans to launch the third generation upgrade of its smartphone, iPhone 5. Apple stocks jumped 16 percent in anticipation of a new iPhone and iPad Mini since July 26. Considered the most valuable U.S. firm in history, Apple is believed to have room for further growth as the company’s stock trades at a discount to the Nasdaq Composite Index. Investors value Apple at 15.4 times trailing 12-month earnings, while the average company in the 2,495-member Nasdaq trades at 16.5 times. This growth in profit by Apple has left behind its share increase, contributing to the lower price-to-earnings [+more]

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Apple Stocks Hit New High After 4-Months Swoon


Stocks of Apple Inc saw a new rise Friday morning, just ahead to the release of new iPhone and a smaller iPad. After a dip of four months in stocks, this news was good for Apple, which is already the world’s most valuable company. Apple Inc. saw its stock hit $648.19 in midday trading, before moving back to $648.11, which was up by $11.77, or 1.9 percent, from Thursday’s close. Earlier, the firm’s stocks hit a high of $644 on April 10. The market value of Apple is reported to be about $608 billion, which is almost 50 percent more than Exxon Mobil Corp., which is No. 2 at $408 billion. Apple’s stock stumbled last month after the firm’s earnings report for the April-June quarter reported the slowest growth in more than two years. This marked the second time in 10 years that Apple missed the expectations of analysts. Peter [+more]

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Facebook Stocks Plunge to a New Low as IPO Lock-up Ends


Shares of the social networking site, Facebook saw a drop of nearly six percent from the day’s opening Thursday as the firm unlocked 271 million shares for trading. The stocks plunged to a new low and dipped below the $20 mark for the first time- nearly 50 percent of its Initial Price Offering (IPO) of $38. Some analysts believe this trading to be a sign that investors and company’s insiders wanted to get rid of their investments on Facebook. The company seems to have lost its shine and has had a rough time since going public. The social networking site has left many investors anxious about whether the company would be a passing fancy or will recover as it earns revenue from advertising via mobile networks. However, the firm did meet expectations in its first public earnings report. Facebook is reported to go down on 36 trading days, up on [+more]

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Facebook Stock Expected to See Shift Thursday, Will Investors Sell Shares?


Stumbled due to the slow growth of revenue, the plunge of Facebook stocks was not what many investors expected when the social network went public in May. However, there has been some speculation on the Wall Street that the Facebook stock could take a big hit this Thursday, which marks the first day that will let all investors and its directors sell their stocks to public. Facebook saw a rocky initial opening, when the network took out its first opening report since going public in May. The social network saw a loss of $743 million, which also slashed down its share prices. The social network went public with 421 million shares as part of its original offering. Out of that number, around 271 million shares are expected to be unlocked Thursday. It is reported that Facebook’s less-than-perfect market performance may in fact help the firm with this problem. Investors who [+more]

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Facebook Makes Profit but Stock Tumbles


Facebook’s quarterly earnings revealed growth, but that wasn’t enough to maintain the numbers at the stock market, which fell by 11 percent right after the earnings were announced. This is the lowest that the company had witnessed ever since it has come in public offering following May. The plunge clearly defines that despite good earnings, Facebook was unable to earn confidence of investors as far as its stepping in a particular type of business model is concerned. Not only Facebook but other companies who were dependent on Facebook for sales also witnessed a dip in their stocks. In its present quarterly earnings, Facebook revealed that it sales have increased to $1.18 billion, more than what was expected. In this quarter, the company had spent three times more than what is spent last year, in order to expand its business. Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg now intends to step into mobile [+more]

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