The Best Android Apps To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Selfies Could Replace Passwords For Online Shoppers

Android devices have always struggled on the battery front. There are a number of free battery saving applications available on Google plate which will extend the battery life of your device. If the battery is draining quickly, that does not mean that your smartphone has issues. On the contrary, it reflects the tasks your phone does. Most android users often use internet for various tasks such as messaging, watching videos and listening to the music. All these tasks drain the battery very quickly hence’ you must install a good battery saving application on your device to get rid of this issue. Some of the most popular and highly rated battery saving apps are listed below Battery doctor- Battery doctor is amidst one of the most downloaded battery saving apps on Google play. It comes with many advanced feature like silent mode, gaming mode, stop auto restart of apps etc. Du [+more]

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Lumia 940 Vs Rumored iPhone 7: Who Will Win?

Rumored Microsoft 940 Vs Rumored iPhone 7: Who Will Win?

Apple is rumored to scorch smartphone territory with the iPhone 7 but will it fare well against the  upcoming Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL from Microsoft? From what we know, the iPhone 7 will be ultra slim as much as 0.2 mm sans a bezel. So for those who thought the  iPhone 6 was slim, the successor will be sleek though about 10 per cent dimmer than the iPhone 6, according to DigiTimes. The iPhone 7 Story Perhaps this is a dampener but Apple might offer new chips for the backlight. As for the shutter story, the iPhone 7 welcome laced with a 12 MP clicker with RGWB specs with a great ability for quick focus, according to information 9to5Mac quoted from Feng. The upcoming iPhone 7 will see a beefy A10 processor while we sniffed news that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is working on chips for the [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active To Be Backed With 10,000 mAh Battery ?

Smartphone with 10,000 mAh battery might be a reality soon

Wireless charging and power banks for smartphones might become an old story soon, as a Chinese manufacturer, Oukitel is reportedly working on a battery that needs to be charged once in a week, reports Phandroid.  Truth or myth? Some recent images indicated Oukitel working on a smartphone battery that needs to be charged once in a week. Though there is no official confirmation from the manufacturers, the image represents the look of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and is backed with 10,000 mAh battery. While Oukitel is in the news for launching a phone with a bigger and stronger battery, the other Chinese mobile phone manufacturing companies Gionee as well as ZTE are also reported to experiment on the same. Though the battery power is the primary concern of people, many are also interested to know about the dimension and weight of the phone with the massive battery.  Availability of the [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Leaked Image Surfaces, May Arrive By August

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Set To Arrive By August In 5.5 Incher Screen Size, Says @OnLeaks

Latest buzz suugests that Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be innovative. @OnLeaks is the source that has revealed that the upcoming S6 Edge Plus will not be any more innovative than what we have seen from latest Samsung phones. A new image for the same has also been posted on Twitter that reveals dimensions of 154.45mm x 75.80mm x 6.85mm. The display is sized 5.5 inches diagonally. The Big Screen Story In addition, we have sniffed chances that the smartphone will have a very new-age USB Type-C slot. This is however, doubted by some.  The biggest dampener to all these leaks is that the Korean maker has not officially confirmed the release of the giant version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. What Lies Inside The Giant Edge? Supposedly, this Edge Plus version will not be powered by a hugely powerful CPU but will only come with a Snapdragon 808 processor.  As for [+more]

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One Plus Two To Host A Better Processing Unit From QUALCOMM

One plus two to host a better processing unit from QUALCOMM

Chinese smartphone manufacturer One Plus has announced some details of its forthcoming device, One Plus Two. The announcement confirms that One Plus will continue to collaborate with leading chipmaker Qualcomm for its next generation device. One plus two will host a Qualcomm snapdragon 310 chipset which will boost the performance of the device. Flagship devices from other companies such as HTC and Sony have experienced multiple issues related to poor thermal performance which one plus claims to have rectified. New changes One plus has also worked hard to change the user interface of its proprietary operating system which goes by the name of Oxygen OS. The OS has been redesigned to work more efficiently and seamlessly with the snapdragon 810 chipset. According to Web reports, it will not only boost the performance of the device but will also provide a better user experience. With some modification in the existing operating system, [+more]

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No Need To Charge, Portable Devices May Soon Have Power Banks

Laptop Power Banks Might Be A Reality Soon

Power banks for smartphones and tablets have come as a boon for many people, who have to stay connected all throughout the day. However, that is not all, the recent updates available on the web hints that another portable device, laptop, may soon get a power bank to save users from the hassles of searching for charging points. As a large number of users often complain that the lack of power backup restricts the portability of the laptop, manufacturers might be interested to launch power bank in the coming days.  Power banks to replace portable chargers Availability of power banks for smartphones has indeed eased out things for people. Not only that, with multiple brands launching power banks for smartphones, the price have also plummeted. However, that is no longer in news in the recent days, as laptop power banks might be introduced soon. Watt and mAh value of the [+more]

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Apple iOS 9 Release May Coincide With Rumoured iPhone 6S Release Date

Apple iOS9 Release May Coincide With New Handset From The Company

Apple has finally launched a beta version of the iOS 9 for registered users at WWDC 2015. However, the company has maintained complete secrecy on the release of its much-rumored handset. Interestingly, the release date and features of the Apple iOS 9 give us some hint on the highly anticipated phone. According to reports, iOS 9 Beta will be available for every user from July but the official release of the new operating system will be during the fall. This got many to presume that it will coincide with the release of the upcoming iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 as this is the time when the company unveils its new phones. Not just the release date, the iOS 9 soft launch also gives us some hint on the phone. It is likely to be more energy efficient as the new operating system is reported to consume less battery charge compared to the existing ones. Little is [+more]

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Microsoft Lumia 940 XL Leaked Specifications: The Smartphone May Feature Wide Display And High-End Camera

Breaking—Code Names For Lumia 940 And More Upcoming Microsoft Flagships Revealed

Lumia 940 XL is one of the most anticipated smartphones expected from Microsoft very soon. According to rumors, the flagship model may feature a wide 5.7-inch display along a pixel resolution of 1440 x 2560. The smartphone may have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to ensure a scratch resistant screen. Reports also claim that the device will come in a metal frame without compromising on the sleek look. Lumia 940 XL, which is expected to be a high-end model from the company, is also reported to be packed with the octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and a powerful 3GB RAM. The recently-leaked specifications echo earlier reports that the device would be supported with a 15 GB storage space. Along with the other basic features of a smartphone, it also intends to focus on the quality of photographs with a 20 MP camera at the rear and 5 MP camera in front. There have been no updates from the company about the [+more]

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Google Photos Wages War With Flickr and Apple iCloud Photo Sharing Apps

Google to launch ‘im2Calories’ to count calories looking at food pics

While the smartphone war is going on full-fledged, there seems to be another new war waging between the smartphone photo apps. With some extraordinary yet useful features within budget, Google Photis has set a tough competition to Apple iCloud and Flickr. Designed for Android and iOS, Google Photo offer unlimited storage to users, yet it slightly compresses the photos by lowering the resolution. The best part is, users can apply the different search tools of Google for locating the photographs at ease in a smartphone. However, tagging and naming the photographs is important for accuracy of search.  Apple iCloud works seamlessly between iPad and iPhone. It collects the photos from the individual devices and stores them online for ease of search. Yes, like Google Photo, this also needs tagging for search accuracy. If compared to GooglePhotos, the search accuracy is not so well. However, the sharing feature is praiseworthy. Flickr [+more]

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Lumia 940 May Use Phone Continuum- Ready To Be The Flagship

Lumia 1030 to come with Verizon carrier- More specs to be unveiled

With the reports of two new Microsoft smartphone models gearing up for launch, rumors are splurging regarding the features of the phones. The company, which was so far without any flagship may get one soon, as the Nokia RM-1106 model, which was spotted in the database of GFXbench is reported to use Phone Continuum, states Neowin. According to the Microsoft reports, none of the smartphones launched by the company is capable of using Phone Continuum so, Lumia 940 is speculated to sport the unique feature.  Lumia 940 is one of the most anticipated smartphone models of Microsoft and is reported to feature Windows 10 operating system. Though there is no official confirmation from the manufacturers, the new phone is also reported to feature hexagon CPU with Snapdragon 808 processor. To make it a worthy buy for people in search of high-end models, the smartphone would also feature 20MP rear camera [+more]

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