The Nokia Lumia 822 Experience

Nokia recently launched a new Windows Phone 8 based smartphone available on contract with Verizon for a price-tag of just $99. For its cost, it sure is a steal – loaded with features and definitely engaging. Now it may not look quite as eye-catching as the typical Lumia range – the Lumia 822 comes in subdued color options, black, grey and white. The overall finish also doesn’t quite look expensive enough, and the phone definitely takes a beating when placed next to the HTC 8X. Here’s more about the Lumia 822.

To begin with, Windows Phone 8 is a very interesting interface. What’s more, the phone comes loaded with a host of Nokia’s exclusive apps, like the Nokia Drive and Nokia Transit. The phone also features fun camera apps with which you can make instant animated GIF images. The Lumia 822 features a 4.3-inch ClearBlack OLED display with a resolution of 800X480 pixels and is powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 processor. The phone has 16GB of internal storage space and a powerful 8MP rear camera.

Microsoft has also included its new Data Sense feature exclusively on Verizon phones. This technology monitors the data being sent and received by each running app and compresses the data being exchanged on your device. It makes for more efficient use of your data plan, letting you surf up to 45% more on the same data plan.… Read the rest

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Why You Should Prefer Microsoft Surface Over Other Tablets?

Surface tabs

Yes, the Surface tablet has finally hit the stores, and if you’re all geared up to pick one up for yourself, we bring you some important information that could be of help to you. People who have had the Surface experience are raving about its design and ease of use, but there’s more to Microsoft’s maiden venture into the tablet arena.

The Surface starts from $499 for the basic 32GB model without the Touch cover, and goes all the way up to $699 for the highest model with 64GB of storage space a black cover. For those of you who want to buy a different colored Touch cover, be prepared to shell out $110, and if it’s the cover with moving keys that you’re after, pay up $129.99.

While the tablet works without the cover, for prolonged use, especially for content creation, you might as well invest in the cover. Another good thing about the Surface against the iPad are the USB and HDMI ports, as well as the Micro SDXC card slot for more storage. The Surface runs on Windows RT, which can only run apps from the Windows store. This means that legacy Windows apps would not function on the tablet.

The Surface tablet is an ideal option for those who want to work when on the move, but if you think that this can be a replacement for your laptop, we suggest you might as well download Windows 8 on your system instead. But if you’re still lusting after the tablet, you can wait for the Windows 8 Pro version for the Surface.… Read the rest

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Get Your Hands On Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Tablet

After months spent in anticipation, users all around the world can finally get their hands on the latest Windows 8 OS and the Surface tablets. Starting today, these new products are available to order online and at Microsoft stores. While the Surface tablet starts from $499, existing Windows users can upgrade their OS to Windows 8 for just $40 or buy the disc for $70.

With these new launches, Microsoft is looking to revamp its image as a devices and services company. Although Microsoft has played around with making hardware before, it didn’t end up doing as well in the market and the company remained known for its software, particularly Windows and Office Suite.

The Microsoft Surface is a direct competitor to the Apple iPad, and hopefully given the brand value of Microsoft, it could be successful in cornering a significant share of the market. Analysts, however, are apprehensive about Surface owing to the high price point. It also doesn’t help that the company is relatively a new entrant into a market where Android tablets and iPads have been around for a while, and have already managed to establish a consumer base.

Windows 8 has been given a radically new design unlike the previous versions of the most popular OS in the world. With the tile display and no traditional desktop screen, it looks familiar to mobile OS and works with a touch-screen interface as well. Given the extremely new design, Microsoft can’t help but wait and watch with crossed fingers on whether Windows 8 will find as many takers as Windows 7.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Surface: Is The Pricing Not Competitive Enough To Make It Successful?

Surface tabs



As splendid as the Microsoft Surface tablets look, if analysts are to be believed, the device may not do as well due to its ineffective pricing. Starting at $499, Shaw Wu – an analyst with Sterne Agee, feels that the tablet is far too expensive for consumers to want to pick one up. Microsoft also seems to be testing the waters rather cautiously, with intentions to build only 2-3 million units until December, as opposed to 5-6 million units of Google Nexus 7 and 3-4 million units of Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets.

The price point may also make it more profitable for Microsoft’s hardware partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo to introduce competing products at cheaper rates. However, it may not be as easy for them to overtake the Surface in the Windows-based tablets. According to Wu, Microsoft will definitely find it hard to overthrow the reigning tablet makers, Google and Amazon, who are offering their products at competitive prices to gain maximum share of the market.

Even in terms of quality, the company will find it hard to overtake Apple’s offerings – the iPad and iPad Mini, which may be priced similar, but have more appeal among the consumers. Let’s hope the Surface doesn’t go the way of Zune – Microsoft’s competitor to the iPod.… Read the rest

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The iPad Mini: Review, Price, Specs

So, Apple finally did lift the veil off the iPad Mini – a 7.9 inch device weighing just a little over 10 ounces and just 0.28 inches thin. It does remind me of a miniature version of the iPad 2, in keeping with its name. So what does the iPad Mini feel like in one’s hands? Well, we haven’t got our hands on one yet, but we think this is pretty much how the experience would go.

It’s 5.3 inches wide, which makes it a little difficult to hold with just one hand – but the extra width does have its advantages in terms of viewing experience. It will take some time to get used to the narrow bezel, because it just makes it harder to hold onto the device without accidentally touching the screen. On the plus side, we have to say it’s pretty good space management on Apple’s part.

On offer with the iPad Mini are over 275,000 apps which are way more than what an Android tab has, which makes the iPad Mini a far more appealing option. You can do so much more with this device! The all aluminum body feels a lot more sturdy and expensive than the generic plastic version. The only challenge we see with the iPad Mini is that of the price. While there are many 7-inch tablets available in the $199 range, this one starts at $329 and goes all the way up to $649. With that kind of money, shouldn’t one ought to pick up the full-sized iPad instead?… Read the rest

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Capcom Bungles up on Resident Evil 6; Offers Free DLC On-disc!

Resident Evil 6 Game Close on the heels of the launch of Resident Evil 6, it has been brought to notice that the game’s disc has ‘free’ DLC, which was earlier unannounced and was not supposed to be part of it either…

If you are avidly playing the new Resident Evil edition and waiting for its latest content, then Capcom has revealed the first on-disk DLC, which would be part of the first update. The game, which was released on October 2, included on-disc DLC about which there was no information whether it would be free or require a payment. Now, Capcom has revealed that the DLC would be free and users can avail it on the first update.

The news spells good for the gamer who gets its hand on some more innovative content related to the game. But on the other hand, it is a disappointing affair for Capcom, which is yet not clear about which contents it plans to release for payment. Over the years, it has raked in much money through the release of its DLC but this time around even as the game is still gathering reviews, the DLC release was unexpected. The company spokesperson has clarified that it has ‘unannounced DLC for RE6 that will be revealed in the coming months’ and that ‘all such content will not be on the disc’. However, they added that ‘there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc.’

Now, the DLC offered includes the ‘No Hope’ difficulty mode, which makes the task of combat all the more difficult and the sequence is not for quitters. Relentless and arduous battle is a must in this mode. Also, players can take on a campaign with Ada Wong and a partner without having to tread through the other three campaigns. The game’s original format requires the players to beat the three campaigns to unlock Wong’s campaign. Also, players can gain new costumes for their mercenaries by simply registering on and earning points on it.

The company, in line with its tradition, has maintained most of the good stuff for paid DLC with none of the multiplayer modes revealed at this stage. Modes such as Predator, Siege and Survivors would be available as off-disc content and can support up to six players at one time.

Resident Evil 6 is yet to make a mark like the previous versions and is still reeling under the huge expectations from the franchise. While RE5 was termed disappointing, the current edition although high on the gore content, is simply being termed as too less in terms of performance. Capcom has already suffered the fall with the leak of the game a month prior to its official launch. The company’s latest bungling is also a disappointment of sorts, although, it was in a similar situation six months ago while releasing Street Fighter X Tekken game. One hopes that the upcoming DLC would be something to cheer about!… Read the rest

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iPhone5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The War Is On



With iPhone5 Apple has pitched the war against Samsung Galaxy S3. The thrilling battle has begun and what is there to see for us is how both the phones stand against each other in terms of display. Let’s have a look at both the warriors’ iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 and see who triumphs in the battle of display.

Latest update on iphone 5:

Display Size: S3 is big. It comes with 4.8-inch screen and there is no phone in the market as big as S3 (except Samsung’s own phone, Samsung Galaxy note which is more of a phablet). Apple iPhone5 undoubtedly looks bigger than its predecessor (iPhone4s with 3.5 inch screen) with 4 inch display but it falls short of S3 screen size by0 .8 inches.

Display resolution: Here iPhone 5 emerges as the clear winner with its  640 x 1136 pixels .Its clarity and richness is impressive (though HTC One X with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 312 PPI, certainly competes with Apple’s smaller, 4inch screen, which features a still attractive resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels but at a sharper 326 PPI) . The big and handsome Samung S3 with 720 x 1280 pixels at 306ppi fails to have clarity and sharpness which can be matched to iPhone5.

Visibility in sun:  We give the trophy of daylight display to iPhone 5 as DisplayMate’s Raymond Soneira has rated iPhone 5 at 121 in terms of brightness and contrast and Samsung S3 at 45-57. What gives Samsung S3 less brightness when taken outdoors, is its much-hyped power management settings.

Technology behind displays: Apple is known for its Retina Display technology which became popular with iPhone4. iPhone 5 proudly boasts of Retina Display coupled with LED- backlit IPS TFT capacitive touch screen. Apple has made iPhone5 scratch resistant by coating the device with Corning’s Gorilla glass. On the other hand Samsung S3 sports Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 16M colors. To give extra protection to the screen Samsung has also incorporated Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 technology. Another thing which is appealing about Samsung S3 is its TouchWiz UI interface which makes for a great user experience

All in all iPhone 5 emerges as the clear winner in the war of displays. It’s only the screen size where iPhone 5 looses but when it comes to clarity and brightness  is it hard to beat the delicious iPhone 5.

Also see who rules the world of 7 inch tablets? the rest

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HTC One X for Rs. 33990 to Give Tough Competition to Samsung Galaxy S3

It has been raining cats and dogs since morning. From my balcony I can see the green blades of pine trees enveloped in the tiny water droplets and clouds hung beautifully in the bosom of the cavernous valley. The sky has turned sapphire blue and an exotic group of birds is flocking in my little garden. It undoubtedly is beautiful and enigmatic sight which is worth capturing. Now it is not always that you carry your cameras around to click such picturesque views. It is at these times a phone with  a great camera comes handy and when I say’ phone with a great camera’ the name that immediately comes to my mind is ‘HTC One X’, the latest to come out of the HTC’s hive.  So, let’s take a look at this stunner of a phone whose 8 mega pixel camera is the talk of the town.
















HTC one X runs on a strong quad core processor coupled with HTC smart sense that makes sliding through the user interface a breeze. You will be amazed at the speed at which you will be able to multitask on the One X. It is unimaginable.

Engineered to run on latest operating system Ice Cream Sandwich HTC one X is one of its kind amidst the other HTC offerings.  It is not only the Operating System which makes it unique but itssmooth lines and unibody design makes it a class apart. It goes without saying that HTC one X is one of the best looking phones in the market today.

The 8 megapixel camera of One X lets you capture every moment as a crisp, vivid, beautiful photo that you will cherish forever. The camera not only takes spectacular photos in the day light but one  of the unique features of HTC one X camera is that it lets you capture magnificent photos  and videos even in low light conditions. (Now you know why HTC one X’s image conjured up in my mind  while  looking at the scenery from my balcony)

Those of you who love listening to music on their phone, HTC one X with Beats Audio™ lets you experience the incredible authentic, deep sound with true, fine details.

Though HTC one X is one hell of phone its super IPS LCD 2 technology lacks the vivid color reproduction of Samsung’s Super AMOLED range. Having said that, it still has a pixel density (screen sharpness) that rivals the iPhone 4S and does it on a screen that’s over an inch larger.

So here it is, the HTC One X for you.

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Nexus 7: Is It Here to Stay?

 For all those techies out there working around an unforgiving budget, there may yet be reason to rejoice. If you are on the lookout for a budget tablet PC, the newest entrant in the segment promises to liven up your options. Nexus 7 is the result of collaboration between Google and Asus. It is a 7 inch tablet running on the latest Android 4.1 Jelly bean and should prove to be stiff competition to budget tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire or Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

To start off with, the display beats the likes of Kindle Fire and Nook hands down. It has an impressive 1280*800 resolution IPS display. It’s not quite up there with Apple’s new Ipad’s retina display but then again, it doesn’t quite empty your pockets the way that the Ipad does as well. It’s design is spiffy and it has a reassuringly solid built.

The Nexus 7 is light in more ways than one. It’s light on your pockets of course, but at .74 pounds, it is hardly going to be any physical burden either. For those with a penchant for light, sleek and compact tablets, the Nexus 7, with a thickness of 10.45 mm and 7” size hits just the right spot.

The Nexus 7 disappoints on the count of being versatile. Only WiFi models are available with no option of a 3G or 4G model yet. The lack of a back end camera is also a major dampener. There is however, a front facing camera which can be used only for video chatting, which is disappointing in the least for the grainy picture quality it displays.

The internal hardware happens to be of sublime quality, as would be expected with an ASUS collaborated product. The tablet is powered by a quad core Nvidea Tegra 3 processor and a 1 GB ram. For the uninitiated, that makes for a seriously fast tablet!

The tablet comes in the standard 8 GB and 16 GB variants with the former priced at $200 and the latter being priced at $250.

The Android 4.1 Jelly bean experience is quick and enjoyable as it ensures that the apps open fast and even the browsing on the Chrome browser is speedier as compared to all the other Android based tablets in the market.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of the new Android 4.1 Jelly bean is the introduction of Google Now, a voice enabled search option which is sure to be Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. So what improvements does Google Now have over Siri?  For starters, Google Now employs the usage of what is widely being recognised as a sexier voice.  On a more technical note, Google Now gives you more accurate results and gets acclimatised to your frequent queries and refines its responses accordingly.

Google continues to throw sizeable punches at its competitors with the updation of the Google Play store. There has been a manifold increase in the content available at Google Play so as to enable it to compete with Apple’s iTunes or Amazon’s multimedia content. Yet, despite the improvements, it is still a far cry from the standards being set by iTunes.

Overall, a smart buy for techies on a budget. Nexus 7 may prove to be the best $200 you ever invest.


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