Apple’s Lightning Cable’s ‘Mystery Chip’: Greater Security for iPhone 5?

iphone 5 lightining cable

For everyone who’s cribbing about the massive change that Apple has brought about in its connecting cable’s design, there’s probably some good news that will make you happy. Yes, you may need to go out into the market and spend a few precious bucks to pick up the new adapter, but the Lightning cable does have a few advantages too. Teardown artists at ChipWorks managed to unpeel the Lightning cable to get a closer look at what’s on the inside. And according to them, the cable features four embedded chips and some passive devices within it, which have basic security features like CRC generation. Key parts within the cable also include a Texas Instruments IC. The TI IC identified within the cable has managed to shed some light on Apple’s technology upgrade that lets the same amount of signals move to and from the nine direct connections that it previously [+more]

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HTC One X+ vs HTC One X: Make Way For Evolution


  HTC One X+ is the newbie on the block and we are luring after it.Why? Well, HTC One X+ is a near to perfect Android phone. The premium looking flagship  phone of HTC, One X+ is a lethal combination of LTE capabilities of One XL and quad-core processor of One X What We Love About it: In terms of look HTC One X+ is no different than its predecessor HTC One X. Now the question here is how it is different from One X. Well as compared to One X’s 1800mAh battery ,X+ has  the power of 2 100mAH batteries. Needless to say, the phone need a gigantic battery to support its LTE capabilities. HTC One X came loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich where as HTC One X+ runs on Jelly bean (Andriod 4.1). When you see most of the Andriod phones around you running on Ice Cream Sandwich, [+more]

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After iPhone 5 Its Time For iPad Mini, Rumored To Breeze In On October 17

ipad mini

So you thought the iPad was proving too clumsy for you? Here’s news that could make you jump– Apple has indeed decided that good things must come in small packages and the iPad Mini is all set to prove it. If the rumor mills are to be believed, then the smaller and airier version of the iPad Tab from the gizmo giant is expected to hit shelves this October—October 17—to be precise. Given that there’s has already been a delay from the expected release date, the iPad Mini has serious competitors in more inexpensive tabs from Amazon and Google. However, despite great reviews that the latter have garnered, Apple is favorite among the pros and corporates too. With a sleeker look and a smaller screen, iPad mini is going to be admirable. Of course, the price would be lesser than its predecessor –the iPad tab. Now the details about this [+more]

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Let Not The Apple Map App Disappoint You, Here Are The Reasons Why You Would Love iOS 6

ios 6

  iOS 6 indeed grabbed eyes and ears of many of us since the time it was on its way and now that Apple has finally unveiled the upgraded software, the same eyes and ears are complaining about how disappointing the maps apps are and even before we know iOS 6 is being scrutinized all too strictly. Well, before you become judgmental, why not take a look into a triple treat that you can get hands on, only with the iOS 6. These are a trinity of apps that redefines coolness and wow! DND and we mean it No matter what phone setting you have put on late night prank calls and buddies banging your head for not meeting up at 1 am seem to follow you everywhere. No more with the iOS mode—Do not Disturb. What’s great about this mode is that it does not let you ignore calls [+more]

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Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X: Who Is The Camera King?


We love our phones’ cameras, even more so nowadays, what with smartphones having separate apps like Instagram to make the snaps look even better. Be it the front facing camera for making video calls or taking self shots to make sure we look good, or the rear camera for finer photography experience, our phones are increasingly becoming our perfect travel companions by helping us capture memorable moments. iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One x are the hottest smartphones available in the market today, and we’re taking a look at which of them works best from a camera perspective. Rear camera: This is where the competition among these 3 phones gets really tight. All of them have a 8MP backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor. What this technology does is allow more light to touch the photo diodes, ensuring that even photos clicked in low light settings are reproduced effectively. Even [+more]

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Unlocked Version of iPhone 5 now Available with Verizon

iphone 5

Here’s some great news that will bring immense joy to all hardcore Apple fans all around the world. According to reports from iDownloadBlog, the latest iPhone 5 with Verizon is GSM unlocked, meaning that it can be used on any other telecom carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. This means that you no longer need to pick up the iPhone 5 and run around looking for unlocking techniques, cutting up your SIM into a small size and sticking it into your phone with crossed fingers hoping that it succeeds. Apart from the freedom in selecting carriers that the unlocked iPhone 5 will provide, this comes as a great relief for travelers who frequently use multiple SIMs across their various destinations. Some more news to cheer, all thanks to Apple, wouldn’t you all agree? So, who’s getting their hands on the officially unlocked iPhone 5?

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Make Your iPhone5 Look More Funky With These Amazing Wallpapers


Soon the web and the App Store will be cramped up with apps offering thousands of wallpapers for your latest iPhone 5. Trying to give your handset an added stylish look, here we got some of the best wallpapers we found on Simply ‘Save the Image’ from this article on your device. On your iPhone 5, go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Change Wallpaper.                                                                                                                                                                       [+more]

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iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X:The Flagship Derby


This is as big as it can get, at least as of today. After Apple’s recent announcement of the latest iPhone 5, the tech world is abuzz with comparisons and analysis of how this new iPhone would compare with two of the other heavyweight mobile phones launched a while back – the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X. We bring you an in-depth look into what’s on the inside of these phones so that you can pick the phone that’s right for you. Operating System: The very first in the list of comparison would of course be the operating system – while the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X both come with Android 4.0, the iPhone 5 would have the latest iOS 6 installed in it. Samsung has already announced an upgrade to Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean in the near future, while we are yet to [+more]

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iTunes – Now more Social than Ever Before


                                                                                                                                                                    While usually these upgrades are more on the technical side in the backend, this time around, the iTunes interface has been completely revamped, and how! Featuring an edge-to-edge snappy design, you can enjoy an entirely new experience with better view of the album art. But wait, that’s not all – the enhancement to iTunes doesn’t just end with a new look. Probably the most exciting upgrade to iTunes [+more]

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iPhone 5 Coming on September 21?


It is coming. Get Ready. Apple is reportedly set to make the most awaited launch of this year, the launch of iPhone 5, scheduled on September 21. The reports have flown directly from the nest of iMore, which have claimed that the source from where the information has come has “proven accurate in the past”. The reports for the iPhone 5 and the new iPad has been building up for quite a while and it was expected that that both Apple products will be hitting the shelves later this year but it seems that iPhone and iOS6 would arrive a bit earlier than expected. As pointed by Gigaom, Apple does only one upgrade in a year but this time it is  just after 11 months of release of iPhone 4S that Apple may put the new model in store. Moreover, iPad Mini, which is going to be a significant addition [+more]

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