iPhone 6S May be Launched in Third Quarter of 2015; All You Need to Know

iPhone 6S May be Launched in Third Quarter of 2015

Apple might just offer us too many iPhone options this year. After  much buzz around the iPhone 7 launch, internal sources are predicting the Apple iPhone 6S might hit the markets this September.  Before you get your hopes high, remember that there is no official confirmation but we did hear that the flagship will feature a novel spec– the Apple SIM, according to Apple Insider. Perhaps all the jailbreaks got the Cupertino giant worried. If this indeed becomes true, the iPhone 6S could be faster and sexier than what the A8 chipsets allowed on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Further scoop here reveals a probable tie up between Apple and Samsung to manufacture the chipset. Apple is upping its innovation game with never before seen before specs such as the Force Touch and the display resistant tech Corning Project Phire. For Apple fans and critics there is a lot to look [+more]

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3 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are Free Downloads Right Now

3 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are Free Downloads Right Now

Flaunting an iPhone does no good until you get the right apps onboard, spunk you Apple iPhone or iPad up with few must have apps that are currently up for grabs. Of course, the prices are slashed and time is ticking fast. Noon Pacific- For all music enthuisiasts, Noon Pacific is a must-have up. Hoard the 1.99 dollar app for free now and get access to the best songs round the week—collated from top music blogs. Perks—Access more than 100 mixtapes every week Over- In case you like to funk up photos or jazz up selfies, Over is the way to do. Pay nothing to get hands on the 1.99 dollar app now. From custom fonts to ease of use and great sharing specs, the app is a boon. Perks—Allows superb art innovation to be done on snaps. Unimaginable editing functions. Futurecast- While 2.99 dollars might not seem justified for [+more]

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10 iPhone Tips and Tricks that Work on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S

Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher Soon

Apple has faced enough flak for its tightly closed operating system on all its iPhones. However, some research and code breaking unveils top 10 codes for your iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 as well as for the upcoming iPhone 6 Plus. What if you need to lodge a complaint when your iPhone goes missing? Punch in the unique International Mobile Equipment Number  (IMEI) by dialling *#06# into your smartphone. Once the number flashes onscreen make sure you note it down. Forwarding calls to another number from your iPhone number is easy and needs you to key in *#21#. With the Call Forwarding Extended features on iPhone you never miss a call even when you are in a deadpan network area. All you need to do is press *#62# and you will be able to retrieve all missed call/message information. In case you want to Disable Call Forwarding function simply dial ##002# on the [+more]

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Apple iPhone7 Release Could Happen With Uniquely Designed iPhone 6s And iPhone 6S Plus This Year

Apple Set to Unleash Powerful iPhone7

Amid leaks, rumors and speculations, fans are getting frenzied over whether Apple will launch the iPhone 7 this September or will it only stick to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus. While Apple has issued no official statement, insiders reveal that the giant is likely to release all the three iPhone variants this year. This might sound a loader of work but going by the patents Apple has filed, we deduce the maker is neck deep in developing a slew of iPhone versions.  Thus, releasing all the three models might not be much of a trek. We are especially keen on seeing the iPhone 7 this year, since the powerful specs anticipated could change the way we use iPhones. Notable features that we can expect from this Apple release are-  2 GB RAM A9 processor 14 MP back camera  4 MP front camera OLED display Apple might introduce a [+more]

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Lumia 940 Image Leaked- Speculated To Be The First Look

Unlocked Version of Nokia Lumia 930 Now Available in the US

When the market is already taken over by the Android phones and iPhones, Lumia 940 has successfully managed to create quite uproar. One of the most anticipated Windows phones of the year, Lumia 940 is expected to be packed with some of the extraordinary features to give a tough competition in the smartphone market. While the speculations regarding the look and specifications of the phone are still on, Nowhereelse.fr has already leaked an image of the handset. As the website has a record of leaking genuine images, people now consider the leaked picture to be the first look of the phone. Lumia 940, which is supported with a Qualcomm hexacore processor and 2k screen to offer outstanding functioning, has been made attractive with a light blue back. Yet, there is no update about any variation of colors or it is available in just one color. The phone is also reported [+more]

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Leaked—Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Set To Blow Apple iPhone 7 Off, Might Arrive This August

Following the success of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fans are super excited about the release of Galaxy Note 5 now. After the buzz and speculation galore, a leak of a model number– SM-N920F– pointing to an upcoming handset from Samsung has made Note 5’s arrival obvious. If all goes well, the Galaxy Note 5 might release in September—and thus, serve as tough competition to Apple’s iPhone 7. Equipped with a fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, water resistance and being dust-cum-scratch proof will make Galaxy Note 5 a worthy lancer to iPhone 7. If all goes well, the Galaxy Note 5 might release in September—and thus, serve as tough competition to Apple’s iPhone 7. Expected to equip with a fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, water resistance and being dust-cum-scratch proof will make Galaxy Note 5 a worthy lancer to iPhone 7. On another end, leaks on a Korean website Daum, reveal that the [+more]

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Apple iPhone 7 Release Date: iPhone 6 Successor Might Release With 5 Astounding Features

Apple iPad Pro May Feature Digital Stylus

iPhone 7 is in pipeline or not, is still inexplicable and Apple Inc. is also not making any claims regarding its flagship device. However, speculators are making all kinds of waves by spreading the news that company is going to release this amazing device dubbed as iPhone 7 in September this year. The news of September release of iPhone 7 is as per the reports by Value Walk, which states that KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo has delivered a letter to investors mentioning the release details. Nevertheless, according to the Apple insiders, the company will launch iPhone 6s and possibly iPhone 6s Plus with pre-installed Apple Universal SIM, in 2015 September. Although the release date of iPhone 7 is not confirmed yet, its killer features are making rage among the iPhone lovers. Here are they: Camera with DSLR capacity – Now Apple phone will be able to click high-resolution images like [+more]

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Apple Watch: Here’s All That You Need To Know

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is all set to arrive across China, Canada, Australia, the UK and  USA on April 24. It has been a long wait. Before you set sight on the beauty, here are things you need to know about the smart watch from the Cupertino giant. Contrary to popular expectations, the Apple Smartwatch is not waterproof. However, that does not mean a small splash or two will cause any harm. So do not bother about heavy perspiring while on the treadmill either.  Apple had to design its smart watch to track sleep patterns. After all every other Android wear these days comes with such a feature. However, Apple has not announced any exclusive software for the same as of now. Also the Apple watch will not help you monitor blood sugar or blood pressure levels, opposed to recent rumors. For those keen on such a feature, you can always hook [+more]

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How To Transfer All Your iPhone Contacts To Another iPhone The Easy Way?

iPhone Contacts To Another iPhone

Apple has always pleased fans with its hardware but most users have always been muddled over the task of transferring their old phone contacts to the latest iPhone model. In case you are switching to the iPhone 6S from the iPhone 6 or if you want to transfer the contacts to the upcoming iPhone 7, here is the easiest way out with iCloud. Use iCloud since it has an easy interface and offers great speed. Begin by connecting the older iPhone to the power source and ensure that it is in Wi-Fi range. The power source needs to be connected since transfer over Wi-Fi eats up loads of battery. Once done, open Settings on the older iPhone and turn on Contacts Toggle option. Once this is done, move down to the bottom end of the page and click on Storage and Backup option. Further, click on iCloud Backup toggle so [+more]

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Can Google Nexus 2015 Send Apple iPhone Back To Pavilion?

Google Nexus 2015 Kill Apple iPhone

Google is confident about upping its ante with its latest exclusive offering featuring Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) in its upcoming Nexus for 2015. While this brings cheer to Nexus fans, it also means that Apple could be late with its own game using MNVO. As for now we were focused on Apple releasing its iPhone 7 in September this year but thanks to the latest move by Google, we fear that MNVO might be the death knell for the iPhone forever. Thus, going by what we hear now, a large chunk of buyers might ditch the Apple iPhone for Google Nexus in 2015.  Speculations are rife that Apple will soon venture into MNVO arena but given that the service is hardly a profit maker, experts are not really confident. After all, Apple has always sold its devices for huge profit margins. Google’s wireless service is termed NOVA and this [+more]

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