Apple iPhone 6 Release Battered And Patched Again, New iOS 7 To Show in August

Though Apple has stopped the production of iPhone 5, but the gadget is still running as the device is still being used by millions of users.

If Apple follows its usual formula, we can expect the New iOS 7 12th of August. By that yardstick, we can expect the iPhone 6 release date to be battered and patched again to september, since Apple developers have said that they expect two more Beta versions before the final release of the new iOS 7. Apple has stated that the official version of the iOS 7 will be available by this fall. Last year iPhone 5 was released along with the iOS 6 – which was released exactly 100 days after it was initially announced. If Apple follows this process again, we can expect the iOS 7 on the 18th of September. Apple normally releases its new iOS software in tandem with a new device, generally the iPhone. What is different this time is that Apple might be releasing its fully fledged iPhone 6 or a cheaper model, the iPhone 5S. [+more]

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BlackBerry Z10 Vs Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The Most Fierce Operating System Worth A Bow Down?

The showdown doesn’t get bigger than this – it’s the ultimate faceoff among the 2 leading smartphone OS’s of the world and the newest BlackBerry OS which launched yesterday. We’re looking into their strong points and what they’re missing out on so that you can pick the right smartphone that suits you the most. BlackBerry 10: The latest entrant among the 3, it has a lot riding on it, literally. The future of BlackBerry is entirely dependent on how well consumers respond to this latest offering, especially given how the company has lost precious share of its users to iPhones and Android-based smartphones over the past couple of years. What’s encouraging, however, is that RIM has put a lot of thought into designing the OS and it does make for a powerful experience. The overall design gives a polished and smart look and has gone touch-based like its competitors. With [+more]

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The Demand Of iPhone 5 Surpasses The Sale Record Of 4S

Apple's sixth-gen iPhone 5 smartphone

Despite an array of wide criticism surfacing around Apple iPhone 5 for its flawed iOS 6 Maps and lightning port, the demand for the device has not slowed down a bit. The rising popularity clearly indicated that users consider the firm’s latest Maps app fiasco to be the least problem. According to certain reports, the demand for the iPhone 5 has even surpassed the sale record of the company’s 4S as was reported earlier too. According to a poll of 4,270 primarily North American consumers done by ChangeWave in September, around 31 percent of respondents were either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to buy the iPhone 5. And a similar survey done last year indicated that 21.5 percent of respondents were interested in buying the fifth generation tablet. As per Dr. Paul Carton, Vice President of Research, ChangeWave, “Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the [+more]

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Apple Vs Google: Samsung Galaxy Nexus May See The Light Of The Day

Galaxy Nexus cleared for sale

In Apple vs. Google battle against the latter’s mobile software, the former got a setback yesterday as a US appeals court reversed a pretrial ban on the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Currently, Apple and Google are undergoing patent battles in court all over. Google’s Android software powers many of Samsung’s latest and upcoming devices. The ruling was given by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, who said that Lucy Koh, District Judge abused her discretion.  The court ruled that Apple failed to prove that consumers bought the Samsung device because of the infringing technology. Nexus is an old device in Samsung’s lineup of smartphones and therefore, the ruling is not expected to have any impact on the smartphone market. However, the court’s reasoning for this decision could make it difficult for rival companies suing each other over patents, pull down competitors’ products from the market. On [+more]

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iPhone 5 Look Alike Is Here:The Fifth-Generation iPod Touch

Apple's latest iPod Touch

  For those who got the iPhone 5s, and waiting to bag the latest iPod Touch, Apple has got good news. According to a news in Gigaom, Apple has rolled out the shipping of this fifth-gen iPod Touch to all those who pre-ordered it. Latest in line, the new iPod Touch is designed with a feature that gives notifications in this updated music player. The 4-inch screen of this revamped iPod touch gives it the iPhone 5-like look. Measuring 6mm in leanness with a weight of 88 grams, this iPod Touch makes a thin and light device. It also boasts of a 5-megapixel camera with backside illumination, a hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f/2.4 aperture, auto-focus, and LED flash. The camera also has the new scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal lens cover along with Panorama. Running the A5 processor, the iPod Touch comes included with a dual-core chip. This upgrade as per [+more]

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Apple Map App On The Road To Improvement

Apple Maps App

Just as promised, Tim Cook is doing his best to renew its latest Apple Maps app and fix the problem users complained of in its mapping software as soon as possible. As per the latest reports, iPhone 5 users in the New York City have noticed a little bit of improvement in the iO6 Maps software as Apple has added more 3D data. Earlier seen as flat images, users of iPhone 5 can now see the newly 3D-ified Stature of Liberty and an improved Brooklyn Bridge. Same improvements are seen in the map data for much Brooklyn, which is now available in 3D. These improvements come a week after Cook apologized for the defected Maps app. He made an apology and said, “We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.” Luckily for all iOS users, the upgrading of [+more]

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“Steve Jobs Decided Google Maps To be Replaced By Apple Map App” Report

Steve Jobs, former CEO, Apple

With the latest iOS 6, Apple also introduced its own Maps apps in place of Google Maps, which was its staple since the very beginning. Apparently and surprisingly, the Apple Maps app didn’t really go down well with users. The criticism and complaints regarding the maps’ lack of depth and knowledge crammed up the web, and Apple simply made a promise to work on making it better. For those missing Google Maps on their iPhones, ever considered Steve Jobs could be behind it? As per reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple was the one who decided to swap Google Maps on the iPhone with its own maps application and had also initiated a secret team to work on the same. The report also said that Jobs hated Google as he thought the latter was copying its iPhone features. In fact he was so furious [+more]

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Let Not The Apple Map App Disappoint You, Here Are The Reasons Why You Would Love iOS 6

  iOS 6 indeed grabbed eyes and ears of many of us since the time it was on its way and now that Apple has finally unveiled the upgraded software, the same eyes and ears are complaining about how disappointing the maps apps are and even before we know iOS 6 is being scrutinized all too strictly. Well, before you become judgmental, why not take a look into a triple treat that you can get hands on, only with the iOS 6. These are a trinity of apps that redefines coolness and wow! DND and we mean it No matter what phone setting you have put on late night prank calls and buddies banging your head for not meeting up at 1 am seem to follow you everywhere. No more with the iOS mode—Do not Disturb. What’s great about this mode is that it does not let you ignore calls [+more]

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Google’s Schmidt Speaks on Apple and Google Maps

    At a conference held in Tokyo recently, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that they are not doing anything about providing Google Maps for Apple’s iPhone after the latter chose a much-criticized application developed on their own. It is being said that the search giant is still investing in research and development. However, Schmidt said that any decision on whether Google Maps would be accepted as in the App Store would have to be made by the phone maker. With the launch of the iPhone 5, Google’s popular map bowed out of Apple’s kitty. Earlier this month, Apple launched its own map for iOS 6 with the iPhone 5. In an interview, Google Earth and Google Maps nive-president Brian McClendon said that “In 2008, we were in a situation where we were licensing third-party data and organizing it with search as best we could, but we weren’t able [+more]

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“Apple Still To Approve A Separate Google Maps Apps For iOS”: Google’s Eric Schmidt

Inaccurate information and errors in navigation in Apple’s latest Maps apps drew lot of criticism from all users of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And things got a little hyped up as Apple Map Apps replaced Google Maps, which had been a staple in Apple’s iPhones and iPads since 2007. Google Maps is already a well developed application, which is complete, accurate and easy-to-use. According to a report on Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google on, he said that the company is waiting for Apple to approve the offer of including a separate Google Maps app in the iPhone. He further said that nothing has been decided up to now, it’s totally going to be Apple’s decision whether Google Maps can be a part of the iOS operating system or not. Apple replaced Google Maps not because of some fault, but due to its balanced relationship. It seems that once-good friends; Apple and [+more]

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