Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

With 400 million active users monthly, Instagram is riding high on success leaving its immediate rival Twitter far behind. The recent development is going to boost advertising revenues to a great extend for Instagram.

instagram takes over twitterIn about nine months, the photo sharing website owned by Facebook has pulled in the latest 100 million users including celebrities like former athlete Caitlyn Jenner and soccer player David Beckham. It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the newly-joined users are from outside of the USA. Most of them are from Europe and Asia with Japan, Brazil and Indonesia topping the list for having maximum number of users.

While Instagram users seem to be rising fast, Twitter seems to be struggling to draw in new users. Analysts are of the opinion that it is not Snapchat or Instagram, which are pulling down people’s interest on Twitter but the business model of the company itself.

Enders Analysis head of digital media Ian Maude told CNBC recently, “I think the concerns over Twitter are more general, i.e. it’s not about Instagram, it’s about while its growth has stalled, other social media, other instant messaging and communications services and tools continue to grow and it’s being outgrown and outpaced and I think that is the worry.” 

One big reason for the success of Instagram is that it is used over the phone. This allows more people to use it on a regular basis. The app is a lot more user friendly when compared to Twitter. Plus, there’s no need to think of witty lines. Images do speak louder than words.

Back home, we spoke to some people and asked them which one they preferred. They had some really interesting things to say.

Software professional Arunima Bhattacharya said, “Because Instagram is more about pictures….we humans are narcissists after all.” Simply put, the younger generation wants to share their happy moments with friends all the time. Instagram is a faster and easier way to do that.

A student Chandan Lohia said, “Both have their own utility. When it comes to sharing updates, Twitter handles it better but instant image sharing is handled by Instagram better…. !!!”

Which is the one you prefer more and why? We are waiting to hear what you think. Leave us your comments below.… Read the rest

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Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent In-View Impressions Ad Service

Facebook Inc has announced that it will launch a new “100 percent in-view impressions” based advert service soon. With the new service, advertisers will have to pay once their adverts have been actually scrolled over from the top to the bottom on FB news feed. This service will also enable advertisers to include photos, text, links as well as video-based adverts, Facebook confirmed via a blog post on Thursday.

Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent InThe collab with moat

Facebook also specified that the service is being worked upon in collaboration with Moat, a company for ad analytics. Moat will help Facebook look into all video ad metrics on its social network. This, in turn, will allow Facebook to provide details on video performance metrics to their advertisers.

Moat to grow bigger

According to Facebook, Moat will also offer metric monitoring for all other ads on their news feed. It will also monitor ads on Instagram at a later stage. A week back, Instagram had allowed advertisers to post ads in a bid to compete with popular platforms such as Snapchat. Facebook had acquired Instagram in 2012 for about $1 billion.Read the rest

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Instagram Introduces Chat Facility- Aims To Gain Popularity Amongst The Youth

Instagram is all set to outcast its competitors in the market by introducing some new features. After adding portrait and landscape mode to the site, it has now included chat messaging facility for the users. Apart from adding videos and photographs, users can now start private or group conversations with friends. The chat feature of Snapchat has gained much popularity among the youths and Instagram expect to secure the spot by introducing the same in their site.

 Instagram introduces chat facilityInstagram bounces back to retain its lead

 According to the reports, with the new features users can directly share pictures on chat or reply to any picture they receive via chat. Though this feature is quite useful for computer users, it is especially meant for youths, who mostly prefer to upload images or videos from their phone.

Owned by Facebook Inc. Instagram has 300 million users, thrice compared to Snapchat, which so far records 100 million users. However, it is much more attractive than Instagram and is gradually becoming one of its biggest rivals. Yet, Instagram is not taking the competition lightly and is making the necessary improvisations to ensure its lead in the online market. Online messaging or chatting has become an integral feature of many sites and LinkedIn Corp on Tuesday announced their plans of revamping their inbox. The site may soon get new apps or designs for facilitating chat. … Read the rest

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No Need To Cramp Wide Shots As Instagram Introduces Portrait And Landscape Format

Instagram has recently made a remarkable alteration by introducing portrait and landscape options along with their existing square. Though enhanced user-friendliness appears to be the main purpose behind the modification, it is actually an effort to stop users from switching to Snapchat or other flexible services.Pinterest and Instagram To Focus On Advertisements And Purchases

Introduction of new layout is a major change that the platform has introduced since its merger with Facebook. This move is also expected to increase app’s popularity significantly among the advertisers. The best part is, both landscape as well as portrait format will be available on iOS as well as Android platforms right from Thursday. Thus, there is no need to cramp the wide shots or cut friends from the groups to get the photo fitted in Instagram, said advertising analyst and social media marketing expert, Debra Aho William.

The recent move by Instagram is also expected to give a significant boost to their revenue earning from the advertisers. Earlier in June, Instagram said that they will allow every advertiser to use their platform rather than limiting it to a few brands. Therefore, if things go as expected, the company has the possibility of generating $600 million from advertisers only. By 2017, the revenue is expected to climb up to a whopping sum of $2.8 billion. … Read the rest

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Pinterest And Instagram To Focus On Advertisements And Purchases

Advertising new brands and products on the social networking sites have become a common phenomenon these days and it seems Pinterest as well as Instagram have taken some initiatives to improvise the experience of the users. According to the reports, Pinterest has adopted some measures to make purchasing a much streamlined job while Instagram is now open for advertisements of all kinds.

Popular as a photography oriented website, Instagram’s new initiatives is expected to help advertisers easily reach their targeted audiences by using information and demographic they pick up from Facebook, reports TechRadar.

Pinterest and Instagram To Focus On Advertisements And PurchasesWhile Instagram is following the footsteps of Facebook, the $11 billion online pinboard, which was so far a platform to display different innovations and products, will now allow users to make purchase at ease.

As per the reports, the network has now decided to add “buy it pins” to allow users to make purchase from the mobile app. Reports also indicate that a buy button would be added along with the pin button to help users purchase by following simple steps. The feature is expected to be available in iPhone and iPad by June last week, yet there is no news whether it would be available on Android phones as well. … Read the rest

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Finally, Mothers Can Share Breastfeeding Photos on Instagram

instagram breastfeeding rulesAccording to a recent change in policy, Instagram will now allow mothers to post breast feeding photographs on their accounts. The photos can also include the ones which showcase post pregnancy marks and stretches.

Instagram recently updated its community guidelines, which clearly states details regarding content sharing through Instagram. It also specifies which content or photograph will be removed from user accounts if they are found violating the terms and conditions mentioned in the guidelines.

A popular mobile application, Instagram’s guidelines reflect the standard community guidelines of its parent company, Facebook. The new guidelines state:

“We are well aware of the fact that there are several moments when our users want to share their nude images which are taken from a creative or artistic perception but it is our policy that we do not tolerate nudity or sexual content on Instagram. These content include provoked nudity displaying sexual intercourse and close of up of human genital area. The guidelines of Instagram also state that users cannot share photographs showing women’s nipples and genitals. However, photos of pregnant women or mothers who are feeding their children do not come under this guideline and can be shared through our application. Nudity represented through artistic paintings and sculptures can also be shared without violating our terms and conditions.”

The company did not mention the reason behind change in policy and it was known that both Instagram and Facebook were criticized for banning baby feeding photographs.… Read the rest

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Instagram Overtakes Twitter In Terms Of User Base And Popularity Too!

Instagram has overtaken Twitter in terms of user base and perhaps popularity too. Instagram has announced that it has 300 million active users. This has placed it ahead of Twitter.

Instagram overtakes Twitter in terms of user base and popularity too!
Wikipedia Commons

By the end of March, Instagram had 200 million active users. The user base has grown by almost 50 percent in 2014 and over 100 million users have accessed Instagram during the last nine months.

Kevin Systrom, the co founder of Instagram has said that a partnership between two friends that began four years ago has now transformed into a strong global community that shares over 70 million photos and videos each day.

In the latest innovations announced by Instagram, the users will now be able to see verified badges for brands, athletes and celebrities. They can then connect with authentic accounts just as they do in Facebook and Twitter. These verified badges will be launched in the coming next days.

Instagram is working hard to keep its platform free from spam and fake accounts. Systrom pointed that all the changes will be evident in the coming days. Though these updates are happening as we write, the changes will be evident in coming days only.



 Read the rest

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Instagram Likely To Be Working On New Photo Messaging App

Facebook-owned Instagram is likely to be working towards developing a new photo messaging app in order to compete with popular rivals like Snapchat.

Instagram Likely To Be Working On New Photo Messaging App
Creative Commans/Facebook

The Verge has said in a report that Instagram is likely to have mistakenly leaked the existence of a new Snapchat competitor dubbed as Bolt, which appeared on a new banner ad inside the current Instagram for Android app.

Twitter user Richard Groves snapped a screenshot reading “Introducing Bolt,” promising “one tap photo messaging” and offering a link to download the free app via the Google Play Store.

The link was taking the users nowhere and the banner ad vanished 15 minutes later. But by that time several late night users spotted the same message lurking in their own Instagram installations.

However, a report by TechCrunch has suggested that the app could be a fictional title instead. Sarah Perez has been quoted saying that “It’s worth pointing out that there’s nothing in this leak that specifically confirms that Bolt is a forthcoming Instagram-owned property”, hypothesizing “Bolt” could simply be a placeholder for parent company Facebook’s lucrative mobile app install ads.

However, there has been no clarity yet by the officials of Instagram on the issue.… Read the rest

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Instagram Twitter Rivarly Grows; Disables Twitter Integration

It seems all is not well between Twitter and Instagram.  After selling itself to Facebook it has disabled integration with Twitter.

The photo sharing app instagram has disabled the features that lets Twitter to properly display its photos. If you still want to share your Instagram photos on Twitter, you can do that but they won’t show on Twitter properly.

“This is due to Instagram disabling its Twitter cards integration, and as a result, photos are being displayed using a pre-cards experience,” the micro blogging site added.


According to thesources, the move shows the growing rivalry between Twitter and Instagram. By disabling Twitter cards, Instagram will force Twitter users to click through to its site to see the entire image, the souce added.… Read the rest

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