The Real Human Beings Come to Sony PS4, PS3 Held The Technology Back…


In an interesting move to offer gamers the best gaming experience, Sony has decided to push up the realism feature and house characters that look like real human beings in its upcoming next-generation PlayStation; the PS4.    Taking this creative and innovative move might be a huge step for the success of the forthcoming PS4 that’s anticipated to roll out by the end of this year. Hoping to make the computer-generated characters look real, Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect, PS4 addressed the audience at Develop In Brighton 2013. He said that this move will make gamers so engrossed in the game that they might overlook the fact that they are looking at CGI rather than captured video. Calling the whole experience of creating a PlayStation magical, Cerny said that the lack of showing human emotions in the PS3 was holding the technology back in the world of storytelling, when compared [+more]

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The Sinfully Delicious Trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5: Comes Yet Again To Bring You At The Edge of Your Seat


For those obsessing in the world of gaming, the Grand Theft Auto games have always been exciting and thrilling. Engaging players in their world of sandbox, Rockstar Games is all set to release the Grand Theft Auto V games, with as said by Chris Baker, “surprising narrative richness”. With a thrill of crime and chase, the edition comes five years after its predecessor. The gaming company has also taken out a five-minute trailer for the Grand Theft Auto, which shows the game to be bigger and involving. With bright and clear graphics, the Grand Theft Auto V plunges players into the world of country side with intact wilderness, beaches and backwoods, the inspiring and the absurd. Based around three protagonists, the game allows users to switch players at will. It includes Michael, the bank robber-cum-family man; Franklin, the street-smart hustler; and Trevor, who looks like a very angry person. Players can plan, [+more]

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Gaming Consoles Losing to Mobile Devices?


A little while ago, we wrote about how the current wave of high end smartphones and tablets hitting the market could possibly signal the end of the gaming console. Looks like Juniper Research analysts agree with our theory – a report predicts that, by 2017, mobile devices will become our preferred gaming accessory instead of our Xbox’s and PS’s. According to this report, 64.1 billion downloads of games would happen in 2017, which is three times higher than the figure for 2012. However, only 7 percent of this figure would be paid for – advertizing would end up making game developers richer. This transition towards mobile devices could also encourage the development of more complex games with multi-platform compatibility, all thanks to the cloud. In addition, the increasing storage capacity in mobile devices would also encourage users to download more games. However, Juniper says that this wouldn’t necessarily banish the [+more]

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PS4 Vs Xbox 720: How Much Who Loves Developing Games?


The likes of Sony and Microsoft have no choice – with the ever rising popularity of smartphone and tablets as gaming devices, their consoles are taking a back seat as the preferred medium for gaming. Their products seem to be headed for troubled times ahead as there’s no stopping the onslaught of mobile gaming. Take Sony’s PS4 for instance – the company is going all out to show how much it loves and cares for its game developers, in a huge effort to keep them happy and continue developing games for the PS4. We’re thinking Microsoft too will have to follow suit if it wants to keep the Xbox 720 popular. Sony has supposedly taken a lot of inputs from developers during the making of its latest gaming console, the PS4. The PS4 has also made it easier for independent developers to design games for this device. The more say [+more]

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Nintendo’s President Regrets Chaos of Wii U Launch


Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has expressed his regret about the latest console not having all of its promised features out of the box. He said he was sorry that the initial batch of customers had to download a huge patch right after purchase to be able to use the latest features like Miiverse social network and internet connectivity. The patch was a rather sizeable file, taking up considerable time for downloading as well. The delay in download left some users worried that their systems had frozen and broke their systems when they tried to interrupt the patch’s download. The Nintendo TVii feature has also been delayed and will come out only in December. Experts empathize with Nintendo, stating that the company can’t be blamed for the debacle. Gaming consoles are constantly a work in progress, feature game-changing updates considerably into the product’s lifecycle, e.g. the addition of Kinect to Xbox [+more]

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First Successful Video Game Pong Celebrates 40-year Anniversary


November 29, 1972 was a momentous day in the computer games industry. It was on this day that Atari released Pong, the first successful video game in the world. This is the same company where Steve Jobs had worked before he founded Apple. And Pong, well it went on to give birth to video game industry. Atari may not have been the first company to enter this space, but it definitely made a mark on its audience. Looking back at the simplistic design of Pong, it’s hard to imagine how it went on to become the most popular addition to arcades and living rooms in the ‘70s. It took the concept of gaming social, making it fun to play among a group at home or in a bar, with an audience to cheer the players. It was launched from the Silicon Valley headquarters of Atari with a basic black and [+more]

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Crystal Dynamics’ Karl Stewart Tweets Interesting on Tomb Raider Emerge


The global brand director for Crystal Dynamics, Karl Stewart, has tweeted a few more interesting details into the upcoming Tomb Raider Reboot. The latest tweets serve to provide information to a number of queries from fans about the popular game. Karl was asked about the duration of the game, to which he tweeted that it could last anywhere between 12 and 15 hours, depending on the players’ style. He also posted a tweet stating that in this new game, Lara would have a regenerative health system, something that most of the present-day games have. The Tomb Raider Reboot will also feature an improved combat system, much better than what players got to experience in Tomb Raider Underworld. Karl has also indicated that fans can expect a sequel to this game. However, don’t expect Lara to have swimming capabilities in this offering. The reboot provides an amalgamation of elements from some [+more]

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Zynga CSO Nils Puhlman Resigns


Dark clouds seems to be hovering over social gaming giant Zynga with the latest news of resignation and departure of Zynga chief security officer Nils Puhlmann. Over the last couple of months, Zynga has seen the exit of various top level executives and managers as the firm’s stock plunged around 70 percent after it went public. This news was reported in Techcrunch, which quoted several sources familiar with the matter. Puhlmann, joined Zynga three years back in 2009 as CSO until he resigned yesterday. However, details regarding his resignation are still unknown. The San Francisco-based social game company was trying to keep up its foothold on Facebook network and now laid emphasis on mobile gaming. Zynga saw departures due to weak earnings report, when many executives decided to leave the firm and venture out on their own. Various executives who left Zynga over the recent months include John Schappert, Chief Operating [+more]

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Get Ready for a Smaller Version of the Sony PlayStation 3 or PS 3

Sony PS3

A smaller version of PlayStation 3 video game console is in the making, announced Sony at the start of the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, which the firm hopes to launch by the fall this season. Sony PlayStation 3, famously known as PS 3 has been a hit ever since its first launch in 2005. Now Sony is in plans to launch the smaller version of PS 3 in three models, one with a 12GB flash memory drive, another with 250GB hard disk drive, and a third model with a 500GB hard disk. Sony is designing this latest version with 25 percent less weight and 20 percent small volume of its predecessors that had 60GB hard disk drive. Designed in a curved style, the new PlayStation 3 will have a sliding disk cover. The smaller console from Sony will go in sale in North America this fall. The 500GB version will hit [+more]

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Revamped Version Of iPod Nano Is Here To Make Gaming More Fun


Along with the announcement of much-awaited the iPhone 5, Apple also introduced a revamped version of its original innovation: the iPod in a range of exciting colors for maximum fun. At the Apple press event, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple uncovered and talked about a range of improvements that the firm made to both the iPod Touch and iPod nano. Adding the upgraded Siri to the iPod Touch, along with AirPlay, is seen by many as Apple’s way to hit the gaming market with a bang.  The slimmer and faster iPod Touch is designed to offer fast dual-core performance with sharp and bright graphics. The App Store comes filled with around 100,000 games, where gamers can never get bored. There’s also a Game Center- the social gaming hub, where all gamers can get together to embark on a challenge with their favorite games. With endless games to play and unlimited music [+more]

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