Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is The Fastest Tablets Available In The Market

Microsoft Might Skip The Lumia 940 Generation, Go Straight To Lumia 950/950XL

Microsoft smartphones and tablets are going great these days indicates the sales reports from different countries. Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which could not become the best-seller of the company, has successfully grabbed the position of being the fastest tablet PCs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Outcast 9 Tablets In Terms Of Speed According to the reports, the tablet has successfully left behind some of the best-selling tablets  available in the United Kingdom,after being run on cross-platform processor of the Geekbench,  including Apple iPad mini 3, Apple iPad Air 32 GB (Wi-Fi) and Apple iPad Air 2. The tablet also left behind Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 2014, Google Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Tesco Hudl 2 and Asus MEMO Pad 7 ME572C. Thus, it rightly suits the claim that it used during the marketing campaigns, “the tablet that can replace your laptop”. Microsoft Offers [+more]

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With iPad Mini 2 & iPad 5 Release Set In Line, Will Apple Regain Its Plunging Market Share and Popularity?


Apple is expected to roll out its forthcoming iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C anytime after September 20th followed by the launch of iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 somewhere in mid-November this year.  Interestingly, certain analysts believe that Apple’s hope to gain its plunging market shares in the tab market could be pinned down to the release of iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5. Apple’s earlier shipment for tabs went down from 229.3 million to 227.4 million units, which is speculated to be the firm’s move to build anticipation among consumers for its upcoming iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2. However, the decision to increase the sales of tabs in the Q4 this year has rather affected the company’s market share.     Nevertheless, as per some reports, Apple’s shipment of tabs has increased by 60 percent since 2012, when it first launched the iPad. Apple has always been [+more]

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Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple iPad 4 Trailer : The Loss of $900 Million Can Take Microsoft To Any Extent,


For years, big firms in the tech world are aiming at one another with commercials that compare the devices. From 2006-2009, Apple ran a trailer under ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, highlighting why Mac was superior to Microsoft’s Windows PCs. In reply, Microsoft also ran anti-iPad commercials, focusing on iPad’s shortcomings. However, following a loss of whooping $900 million, Microsoft has now rolled out a latest Surface RT vs. iPad commercial, with focus on its Surface RT’s features and low price. Using Siri to point out things it can’t do, the ad kick starts with the Surface RT’s built-in stand, which iPad doesn’t have. It follows showing the USB port in the Surface RT, which lacks in iPad. The ad also shows Microsoft’s device getting into the Surface Touch Cover, with Siri acting in response saying, “Oh snap, you have a real keyboard too?” However, Microsoft hasn’t pointed at the keyboard’s [+more]

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Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Apple iPad 5: To Include or Not to Include Retina Display


Should Apple’s iPad Mini 2 comprise Retina Display or not? The decision seems to have rattled the firm. As per a latest buzz in the rumor mill, the Cupertino Calif.-based firm still has to settle on whether to include Retina Display in its upcoming next-gen 7.9-inch iPad or not. However, if Apple plans on to implement a Retina screen, we won’t see the iPad Mini 2 hit the shelves before the end of the fourth quarter. Considering the current iPad’s low 1024 x 768 resolution, a delay to instill the Retina screen could lead to no problem. Apparently, Apple has decided to design the iPad Mini 2 as a bezel-less device. Yet another rumor surrounding Apple indicates towards another iPad in the making, the iPad 5. The iPad 5 is expected to roll out with a 9.7-inch display, a Retina screen, slimmer bezel, a single LED tube (as opposed to [+more]

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Bill Gates’ Endorsement: An Unsuccessful Attempt to Push for Microsoft Surface Tablet Against Apple iPad?


You can’t blame Bill Gates for being loyal to his previous company. But when the ex-boss of Microsoft appeared at a recent interview at CNBC and remarked that iPad users were frustrated using the tablet, we really wish he had done his background research properly. Gates couldn’t help but try to promote Microsoft’s Surface RT and Pro tablets, except these remarks quite literally appeared to have come out of nowhere – especially given that there are quite a few aspects where the Microsoft tablets are lagging behind their competition. Gates remarked at how revolutionary a product Windows 8 is, since it allows users the benefits of both a PC and a tablet, in the same device, particularly the convenience of the keyboard and Office. However, what he missed mentioning is that the keyboard for Surface is an additional accessory that has to be purchased separately. And that the Surface RT, [+more]

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Apple iPad losing out to Microsoft and Android Tablets: Will the Galaxy Note 8.0 Spell Further Doom?

Microsoft Surface is up with second generation release. However, it is important for the buyers to know the difference between Surface 2 and Surface Pro2.

Apple may still be reigning in the world of tablets, but 2013 could be the year that changes Apple’s fortunes in this category. First it was the competition from low-cost Android tablets like the Google Nexus and the Amazon Kindle Fire, which then gave way to Microsoft’s Surface RT and Pro high-end tablets. But with the Galaxy Note 8.0 launching soon, will it spell Apple’s downfall? Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini tablets managed to account for 48 percent of worldwide tablet sales up to Q1 of 2013, but others are playing catch-up. Microsoft managed to increase its share to 7.5 percent, in a market that’s witnessing quite the boom – sales have been up by 118 percent in comparison with Q1 of 2012. Last year, during the same period, Apple accounted for 63 percent of the tablet market – and that was even before the iPad Mini was introduced. But [+more]

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Apple iPad Seduces With Amazon As Paramour— Kamasutra Xcitra Might Just Up iPad Sales And Get You Cozy


And you thought the Apple iPad was only designed for geeks? Taking Samsung Galaxy S’s claim to have been designed for humans, Apple has taken a route most of us failed to even imagine. Sex and seduction sells in any case-Apple has believed this adage too seriously and has chosen to offer the Kama Xcitra to iPad users on iOS.   Forget the blushes and the “awwws”, it is time to get in bed with tech to catalyze your lovemaking! The app bases itself on augmented reality (AR) that almost makes you feel you are seeing someone teach you the positions up close and personal.  The more you shake the more to gain—no pun intended—the iPad responds to give you “all-around” views of the 3D figures on screen, as you view it from varied angles. The Kamasutra Xcitra excites you enough to get to real time action with real augmented [+more]

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Apple Whitewashes Plans for iPhone 5S and Retina iPad Mini Arrival—Are The Makers Fumbling With Their Creations?

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Half a month back, I was all set to buy the latest Apple iPhone 5S this June but now the makers have squashed my plans. The Apple iPhone 5S has been in news for being more economical than its predecessors and I wanted to be among the first to get hands on the 5S. Apple, very simply put the blame on supply issues or production pricks to justify its delay in launching the iPhone 5S. What furthers acts as an irritant is that the Apple Retina iPad Mini too will see delay. The prick comes with Apple unable to find the perfect color coat for its iPhone 5S! Reminds me of the trouble Apple baked during its iPhone 4 saga. Seems like the makers are too bothered about internal make over the external image.. sigh! Moving on to why the Retina iPad Mini will see delays—Apple reveals that it has [+more]

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Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Surface Pro: Would Windows Blue Drive Apple iOS into the Blues?


Even though Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS met with considerable success, the same doesn’t quite hold true when it comes to its foray into the tablet space with the Surface and Surface RT tablets. Both these tablets boast terrific specs and are quite powerful for their form factor, the high price had been quite a deterrent, keeping many people from ditching their iPads in favor of Microsoft’s offering. But the upcoming update to Windows 8, Windows Blue could turn things around and make life a lot harder for Apple. To start with, Microsoft can make a huge killing in the enterprise space – given that most companies depend on Microsoft Windows OS as their official OS. Plus, no matter how terrific the iOS experience on the iPad maybe, only Microsoft Surface tablets running on Windows can offer the full fledged Microsoft Office experience – a major advantage for Microsoft. The compatibility [+more]

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Google Nexus 10 Vs Apple iPad Mini : Nexus More Scalable And Secure, Says Google Chairman

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Google’s Big Tent Event, being organized in India– has got the Chairman Eric Schmidt thinking. His views on his competitors Amazon, Blackberry and the invincible Apple are indeed many. When asked about his views on Blackberry and the other companies, Schmidt replied that he was a Blackberry user and liked its keyboard. He also added that Blackberry was facing trouble and Amazon was placed in a much better position than the Canadian giant. According to the Google bigwig, Amazon has surpassed all expectations and had showcased its ability to change its marketing and distribution strategies. He also opined that Amazon’s role as an important business partner was undisputable and they had the capacity of competing with their search engine. It was a treat to hear Google’s chairman have amicable views about its largest rival. His opinions had a complimentary tone as he praised the achievements of Apple and perceived them [+more]

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