Apple iPhone 5 And Apple iPad 4 Unimaginative: Is CEO Tim Cook To Be Blamed?


These sure are tough times for Apple, and it’s only looking to get worse. First it was the less than expected performance of the iPad 4 and iPhone 5 in Q4, and now it’s a lawsuit filed by a rebellious investor just before it held its annual shareholder conference. And to make matters worse, the CEO Tim Cook has decided to criticize the lawsuit by calling it a “silly slideshow”. Wonder how the investor’s going to take that. Cook stated the above during an interview at a Goldman Sachs technology conference yesterday. He also shared his opinion on other issues related to Apple, including whether Apple’s power to innovate is going down, the ongoing expansion of its stores, as well as the shareholder dispute. However, Cook stayed cool throughout the uncomfortable questions he was subjected to and didn’t reveal any unease caused due to the dip in Apple’s stock prices [+more]

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Temple Run Gives Us Adrenaline Rush: Second Edition Goes Like Lightning To Hit 20 Million Downloads

temple-run 2 1 million downloads

  Gaming enterprise Imangi has released the second edition of its ever popular game, Temple Run and has managed to clinch the top spot with its latest release. So what makes the game click? One finds out… It has been a wondrous time for Imangi Studios which has reveled in the success of its ever popular game, Temple Run which recently had the release of its second edition. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the game has raced away to the top spot. Within four days of release in its iOS version, the game has gathered a whopping 20 million downloads. Temple Run 2 follows the key plot where the central character, a wandering explorer steals an idol from an ancient temple and unfurls a conundrum of demons, chaos and random events. The gamer controls the character through his fingers maneuvering him out of the temple and escaping the [+more]

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Prior to The Launch of iPhone 5, YouTube Launched Its Own iOS App


Just as all eyes are set on the release of the next-gen iPhone 5 by Apple, YouTube, which will no longer be a default app in the iPhone’s iOS 6, has already got a replacement. YouTube, now owned by Google recently launched a new version of its own iPhone app, which is made with some notable changes and significant upgrades. Users can easily install the upgraded version from the Apple App Store. Here is the link: It was revealed in August that a license between Apple and Google to preload the YouTube app in iOS had expired, which means that the famous video app, which had been a staple since the first iPhone, would no longer be a part of the package when the new iPhone hits the shelves. YouTube, however, announced that the firm would release its own app for Apple products and came out with the new [+more]

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Siri Going to Get Better With Apple iOS 6…


Apple’s next mobile operating system, iOS 6 will have a better version of Siri- the voice-assistant and will work on iPad and Facebook with over 200 new features. There is another feature that was added including the introduction of Passbook in iOS 6, which is believed to speed up the expansion of digital gift cards. The helpful app, Passbook is really great to keep a track on loyalty cards, boarding passes, event tickets, coupons, movie tickets and much more into a single virtual home. While most of the talk in mobile payments spins around banks, credit card companies, phone suppliers and web-centric or social web companies, keys to the acceptance will be initiated in pairing of consumer and merchant benefits linked with digital gifts. The value of the traditional gift card is being expanded with the chance to deliver a gift card to a mobile device directly and make it [+more]

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Change Your Pics Into Fun Arts Using BeFunky App!


Shaking a stick and becoming gorgeous was something we have seen in all fairy tales. And now with BeFunky app, shaking a stick can give you many more effects than what princess got in stories. Don’t we all just love to add funky and cool pics on our profiles, which would surely get us maximum likes and comments! Yes, we all do. Try out BeFunky app, using which you can have some serious fun with your pictures. Get creative with this photo art feature app, which is absolutely free of cost! Best described as a Photoshop, BeFunky has a plethora of photo editing effects that can let you have some fun with your personal photos. Launched in the US market, BeFunky is available for download on Android and iOS devices. This free photo-editing tool has all effects, frames, tricks, and anything else you could think of, of doing with your [+more]

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Apple Rejects Drones+, Calls It Objectionable!


Apple Inc. recently rejected Drones+ app from its App Store. Drone+ is a controversial iPhone app, which sends out an alert to users when someone is killed in a US drone strike. A tracker application, made for military drones, Drone+ was developed by Josh Begley, a New York-based developer. This rejection marks the third time that app has been turned down. Apple has its own policies for applications, which determines as to which would be available to users for download and which won’t. On being asked about rejection, Begley commented that he has no idea as to why the app should be rejected as it just combines news that’s already out and posted somewhere else. Throwing light on the matter, Tom Neumayr, Apple spokesperson said that the app was turned down as it was messing up with Apple’s standards and its App Store guideline with objectionable content within apps. Aimed [+more]

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Shopper: Grocery Shopper, Kitchen Assistant, and Deal Finder – All Rolled Into One!


Ever had one of those days when you’ve been all over the place and get back home at the end of a long, tiring day only to know that you’re out of essential supplies to make yourself a nice dinner? Well, those days are now in the past and never coming back, all thanks to the new Shopper app, which is probably one of the most useful household apps you could ever come across for your smartphone. Feed in your shopping list and watch as Shopper cross checks available deals to find you the best discounts on your groceries. But the magic of Shopper doesn’t just end there – it’s just getting started. Before you dismiss it as yet another app that lets you make shopping lists, you have to check out the Recipes feature in the app. Enter your recipes, share them with friends and family and even get [+more]

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How A Classic App- iPeriod Keep Your Period and Pregnancy Worries At Bay!


Recently I got a panic call from a friend. She had missed her periods.  I listened to her paranoid voice for a while and had a sudden urge of asking her the most common question. “When did you last sleep with him? But I stopped. I didn’t want to intervene her intimate space. I fought the feeling of asking her about the contraceptive solution she is using, mostly because I didn’t want to worry her with a set of alarming questions. So, I pulled out my arsenal of apps and scurried through them in my will to find the app called iPeriod- which for years has kept a tab of my menstrual cycle and has helped me kept me aware of my ovulating days. I asked her about the date of her last periods and quickly added the first and last date of periods. The  app gave me an interesting [+more]

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The Updated Facebook App: So Much Easier to Stay Connected on the Move!

Facebook for iOS

Yes, we’ve all been there, and done that – Facebook on our smartphones isn’t something new, some might say. And to be honest, I was with each of you skeptical folks on this one. As much as I love my smartphone and how easy it makes browsing and e-mailing on the move, I wasn’t quite satisfied with its Facebook app and used to prefer checking Facebook only when I was online through a PC. But I recently got a chance to check out the new and improved Facebook app for the iOS, and let me tell you, I was certainly not disappointed. The updated Facebook app for iPhones is specifically optimized to work on Apple’s devices and is far more responsive and works almost twice as fast as the older versions. At first look though, you may not be able to see much of the change, as the UI remains [+more]

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Flipboard Adds Curated TV Channels, Strives To Give You The Best YouTube Experience


Barely a few years old, Flipboard- an only reading app has steam rolled itself into the world of video. The cherished app has added curated TV channels along with news, music, science, and cooking channels, which lend an edgy appeal to this reading app. What is striking in this new feature of the app is that it has not just added mainstream channels but also offbeat channels such as Influencer TV. Once you open the app, you need to click on the red ribbon to access the TV section. You can choose from the various topics, click on the on the one which suits your interests. Both YouTube and Google+ have partnered with Flipboard for this video venture of the app and together they aspire to make a big statement in the information app world. Flipboard is a universal app compatible with both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPhone.  You can download [+more]

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