Moto X Image Leaks- Will It Come Loaded With Front Facing Flash?

Motorola X Style Comes Loaded With 21 MP Snapper

Not even a week is left for the launch of the upcoming Motorola handsets but it seems that fans cannot wait to get a glimpse of the much-hyped Moto X. While rumors related to the specifications of the handset are ripe, a leaked image of the phone claims to confirm its look.  Moto X leaked picture at a glance  The leaked image of Moto X, which is uploaded on Android Peru’s Facebook page clearly shows the front-facing flash, which is rumored to be an exceptional feature of this handset. Though the front-facing flash on the right side of the handset is the first thing grabbing people’s attention, the black panel of the device is also expected to hold the attention of onlookers. The image sourced by Jose Vasquez Ruiz also confirms the earlier rumors regarding the textured panel of the device, which Motorola will be launching on July 28 in [+more]

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HTC M9 Gets Android Lollipop 5.1 Update

Update from Android for HTC and AT&T

 With the new update, HTC users will now be able to avail the faster 5.1 lollipop version of Android. HTC M9 users using AT&T network can easily get the update while people on the T-mobile network will have to wait for nearly a week for the update. The news of the update was tweeted by the Senior VP (Product Management) of HTC for the HTC M9 users. However, the time of the update was not specified. The latest update of Lollipop 5.1 will give users plethora of features including betterment of camera. The change on the mind of people As AT&T subscribers are getting the update very fast and the users of T-mobile are planning to switch over to AT&T network so that they do not have to wait for the update that is coming with M9 from HTC. The spokesperson from T-Mobile has stated that it is a damage [+more]

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Google Photos Auto Updates Pictures in Android Phones: Deleting the App is Not Enough

Easter Egg Fun On Internet: We Hunted Best Eight For You

Storing photographs on Google Photos has become an easy way to treasure memories in their digital format forever. Though the app works splendidly on the Android operating system, there might be the chance you want to discontinue using it. For those who have tried doing that, there has been a challenge. Once the app is installed on the device, it is not enough to delete it because it keeps uploading photos even after that. Google Photos uploads images on its  own The editor of Nashville Business Journal David Arnott recently reported the anomaly on his phone after he found that photos are getting uploaded even though he deleted the app a few months back. According to reports, Arnott decided to try the app once again and it was then he discovered that the app he has already deleted is uploading the photos on its own. Though this initially appears to be an anomaly, it is [+more]

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Blackberry Phone’s Leaked Image Hints At Android OS

Leaked images shows Blackberry to get Android anytime soon

Blackberry phones may soon shift to Android OS. Evan Blass, who earlier  worked with Engadget as a senior editor recently tweeted an image that hinted Blackberry phones with Android may hit the market anytime soon. The Image Decoded The image at Blass’ Twitter handle @evleaks has a great resemblance to Blackberry Passport. It also appears to have a keyboard on its screen and when the keyboard is observed a bit carefully, it seems to be an Android keyboard. Though the image posted on Friday created a sensation among the Blackberry users, who are anxiously waiting for the introduction of Android operating system in their favorite phone, this is not the only hint he offered. Blass earlier tweeted that Blackberry slider displayed at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress came with an Android version, which according to the reports would be launched in the United States with AT&T carrier. While users are [+more]

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Xiaomi 5, Redmi Note 2 Photos Leaked; Redmi Note 2 Expected to Hit Market First

Xiaomi 5 and Redmi Note 2 photos leaked on internet

Rumors surrounding the Xiaomi 5 launch seem to be getting stronger with each passing day. Most recently, leaked images of the Xiaomi 5 hint at some of the expected specifications of the handset. These leaks also seem to have some good news for those who are anxiously waiting for the Redmi Note 2. Specifications at a Glance Though there is no official confirmation from the company, these leaked images indicate that Xiaomi 5 will sport dual camera arrangements similar to the ones found in HTC One M8, reports TechRadar. The handset is also expected to feature dual flashes between the two sensors of the phone. Even though detailed specifications of the phone are not known, the leaked image reflects that this phone will have a glass or glossy plastic back cover, which will significantly add to the look of the phone. The leaked image of Redmi Note 2 is also quite impressive. The phone is expected to feature a new fingerprint sensory [+more]

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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S6 To Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Working models of S6 Edge+ and Note 5 surface before launch

There seems to be some good news for the Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F users as they can now get their handsets updated to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware that is available from G920FXXU2BOFL build number. To get the firmware update that allows to fix issues related to bugs and improve user experience, you will just have to follow some simple steps: Update and improve Start with downloading Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update for your model and get the zip file extracted. Once done, download and extract Odin.  Run Odin3 v3.10.6.exe on the device as an Administrator. Then switch off the phone, boot it again in the Download Mode by holding and pressing the Volume Down button along with the Power as well as Home buttons. Once the warning sign appears on screen, press Volume Up button.  Get Galaxy S6 connected to PC using an USB cable. You will get a message in [+more]

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Google Nexus 6: How To Make Most Of The Device With Simple Tips And Tricks

Simple tips and tricks to make most from your Nexus device

Google Nexus 6 is one of the biggest smartphones in terms of screen size. With quad core processor and Android Lollipop operating system, it is amidst one of the most powerful phablets as well. Google might have played Nexus 6 cards differently since all previous Nexus devices were high on features and modest on the pricing front but this time, things seems to have changed drastically. Nexus 6, which has been developed by Motorola, comes at a steep price and also with humongous screens size which looks completely impractical. Mentioned below are some simple tips and tricks which will help you to make the most out of your Nexus: Tap and Go- With lollipop update on Nexus 6, you can restore your date from old device with just a simple tap Guest mode- This mode will protect sensitive content from other users. All you have to do is to put [+more]

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The Best Android Apps To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Smartphone Diseases- The new danger in Hospitals spread by doctors

Android devices have always struggled on the battery front. There are a number of free battery saving applications available on Google plate which will extend the battery life of your device. If the battery is draining quickly, that does not mean that your smartphone has issues. On the contrary, it reflects the tasks your phone does. Most android users often use internet for various tasks such as messaging, watching videos and listening to the music. All these tasks drain the battery very quickly hence’ you must install a good battery saving application on your device to get rid of this issue. Some of the most popular and highly rated battery saving apps are listed below Battery doctor- Battery doctor is amidst one of the most downloaded battery saving apps on Google play. It comes with many advanced feature like silent mode, gaming mode, stop auto restart of apps etc. Du [+more]

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Microsoft Lumia 640 Review: Comes With Average Speed But Easy Price

Microsoft Might Skip The Lumia 940 Generation, Go Straight To Lumia 950/950XL

Microsoft might have designed the budget ware Lumia 640 sensibly in a poly-carbonate body and stunning rear case, but the Windows 8.1 is one blockade that the phone could not compensate for. Looking Into The Lumia 640 For starters, we loved the viewing angles of the screen as well as the clarity of pictures we took with the Lumia 640, but again, the OS was a letdown in the age when we are so happy with Android. Surprisingly, the biggest snag came about when we realized that the phone can barely support very basic apps due to the lowdown of the Windows 8.1 system. A Deeper Look Only 8.8 mm in terms of thickness, the Lumia 640 is an easy deal to carry in your pockets but we expected more speed that are missing due to an average quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. Even the 1GB RAM size is a [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Leaked Image Surfaces, May Arrive By August

Working models of S6 Edge+ and Note 5 surface before launch

Latest buzz suugests that Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be innovative. @OnLeaks is the source that has revealed that the upcoming S6 Edge Plus will not be any more innovative than what we have seen from latest Samsung phones. A new image for the same has also been posted on Twitter that reveals dimensions of 154.45mm x 75.80mm x 6.85mm. The display is sized 5.5 inches diagonally. The Big Screen Story In addition, we have sniffed chances that the smartphone will have a very new-age USB Type-C slot. This is however, doubted by some.  The biggest dampener to all these leaks is that the Korean maker has not officially confirmed the release of the giant version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. What Lies Inside The Giant Edge? Supposedly, this Edge Plus version will not be powered by a hugely powerful CPU but will only come with a Snapdragon 808 processor.  As for [+more]

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