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HTC One M9 With Smartwatch Set to Debut Soon

20 megapixel camera from HTC One M9 and Smartwatch to debut soon

HTC One M9 is to debut soon. The smartphone will be special in the sense that it will feature a smartwatch too, the first time for a HTC smartphone. As HTC is set to come up with this innovation, Samsung’s dominance in the Android market is likely to go down. Expected features HTC One M9 is likely to have a 20 megapixel camera, which will be a key departure from its M8 ultra pixel camera. It is expected that the new smartphone though will look similar to the current M8 model. The phone will have octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. HTC Smartwatch HTC is all set to enter the wearable technology market with this smartphone, which will be accompanied by a smartwatch. Nothing is confirmed for now as HTC has refused to officially comment on the issue. But speculations in the technology market point that HTC is likely to [+more]

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Are you ready for a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone with a Querty keyboard?

Are you ready for a Samsung Galaxy phone with a Querty keyboard?

Find the touchscreen mode in Samsung to be of less worth? If you are among the tech savvy breed who desire for a keypad enabled Samsung Galaxy S6, your wishes are on the verge of being heard. Proposed acquisition Samsung is working on developing Galaxy S6 on the lines of a smartphone with a physical keyboard. To make this move a reality, Samsung is thinking of acquiring Canada based Smartphone maker Blackberry. According to Reuters, the deal is valued at around $7.5 billion. If this deal materializes as Samsung plans to, many security features including Blackberry’s famed keyboard could be added to Samsung’s smartphone in coming days. In addition, the proposed acquisition will create a new market for Samsung where it can give a fierce competition to brands like Apple. Blackberry phones, unknown to many of its users, have a balance feature that allows one to distinguish between their work [+more]

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Microsoft Launches Cheapest Lumia Smartphones: Lumia 435 and Lumia 532

Microsoft to come up with its cheapest Lumia Smartphone series- Lumia 435 and Lumia 532

It seems that the success of Lumia series of smartphones has left Microsoft desiring for more. It is for this reason that the launched two of their cheapest Lumia smartphones at the IFA being held in Germany. Run on the Windows mobile 8.1 OS, these smartphones are sure something to look out for. Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 Lumia 435 is the cheapest Lumia device till date and it is expected to be priced at around $81. The second smartphone in this range, Lumia 532 will be priced at $93. Both smartphones will be rolled out to key markets in Europe. To be launched in multiple color options, these Lumia phones will be available in bright orange, bright green, black and white. Both smartphones will be available in single and dual SIM variants. Specifications The 3G Lumia 435 will have a 4-inch 800×480 LCD display along with a 1.2 GHz [+more]

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Sony Xperia Z3 vs OnePlus One: A Comparative Check

Sony Xperia Z3 vs OnePlus One- A comparative check

Picking up the smartphone of your choice could be a tough take if you are choosing from among Sony Xperia Z3 or OnePlus One. Not anymore, as we bring a comparative chart to let you take your pick when it comes to Sony Xperia Z3 vs OnePlus One. General features OnePlus One made its debut in April 2014 while Sony Xperia Z3 was launched in September 2014. Those who prefer a lighter phone could opt for Sony Xperia Z3 as it weights 129 gram as compared to 162 gram weight of OnePlus One. A wider range of colors in Sony Xperia Z3 (black, white, orange, mint) as compared to traditional black and white in OnePlus One too makes Sony Xperia Z3 somewhat ahead in the race. Display While both the smartphone have a capacitive touchscreen, OnePlus One scores over Sony Xperia Z3 in terms of resolution as it has 1080×1920 [+more]

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CES 2015: Archos To Table 4G Tablets, Smartphones

archos 4g smartphones heium tablets

Get ready for the Archos 4G tablets and Archos 4G smartphones that are likely to prove a wonderful bonanza for technology lovers at CES 2015. It is bringing a new range of 4G-ready smartphone and tablets to the event. Archos Diamond PriceCalled Archos Diamond, this 4G smartphone is priced at $200 and enjoys an octa core processor. Along with that, the smartphone sports a 5-inch 1080p IPS display and comes with 16 GB of storage and a 16 megapixel camera. Archos 4G TabletArchos, which is a France-based company has also claimed that this would be the cheapest 4G smartphone to have been launched ever. Another of its probable launches is a helium line tablet, which is also making waves ahead of its debut. The $150 Archos 80b Helium series tablet will have a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and will have a key focus on multimedia. More in the Archos Helium [+more]

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CES 2015: Can We Expect To See The First VAIO Android Smartphone?

VAIO android smartphone

VAIO Corporation is likely to be release its first smartphone at CES 2015 being held in Las Vegas. This new launch from is likely to be powered by Android. Since this is going to be their maiden entry into the market, there is a lot one is expecting from the first VAIO Android smartphone. If reports are to be believed, they company hopes to make this smartphone more acceptable for the young, tech savvy generation. Therefore, the VAIO smartphone is meant to provide easy access to email, phone and incoming and outgoing video calls. The device is likely to be available in the mid budget range and will be limited exclusively for the market in Japan in the initial days. It is noteworthy here that after Sony’s withdrawal from VAIO, the same is now an independent company. The PC business managed by VAIO had shut down to a partial level [+more]

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Microsoft Lumia 1330/1335 Leaks Suggest LTE Windows Phone

Blazing fast LTE to Windows Phone to be brought by Lumia 1330/1335

Microsoft’s Lumia 1330/1335 is all set to debut soon and there have been some very interesting leaks. New facts have been released about the technical superiority of the phone in recent days. One of the latest leaks to hit the tech market is news that this might be the first Windows device to have LTE Advanced connectivity. LTE Advanced can also be considered to be the 4G in the real sense because this network is capable of delivering data in the range of 3 Gbps for downloads and 1.5 Gbps for uploads. Images of the device have been leaked, which show the device sporting a blue color with fresh Microsoft branding at the back. Although the design looks similar to the Nokia Lumia range of phones, it is much bigger than the former. The Lumia 1330/1335 has a giant 5.7 inch screen and comes with a 1280×720 pixel OLED display. [+more]

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CES 2015 Nvidia: Tegra X1 Superchip Launched for Cars, Mobile Phones

nvidia tergra x1

Nvidia has launched the Tegra X1 superchip for mobile phones. This mobile processor is expected to work much like a CPU with its 1 teraflop floating point performance. CES 2015 saw the launch of the superchip for cars and mobile phones with a quality much like a quality gaming console With Nvidia Tegra X1 were launched two new technologies for cars that would use the chip. While the Drive PX is meant for development of auto pilot capabilities, the Drive CX is meant to provide stunning car infotainment displays in the time to come. The available systems until date only allow assisted parking and that too in a specific place. Nvidia Drive PX would enable cars to find open space in a parking garage and return to pick up the driver when required. The driver can be summoned with help of a smartphone call too! In contrast, the Nvidia Drive [+more]

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Best Gadgets of 2014: It’s a Smartphones vs Laptops War

Best gadgets released in 2014

The year 2014 saw the release of different new gadgets along with updates on several existing models. While some of them took away the market like storm, there were others, which failed to create any hype. When the year is coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the best gadgets of 2014. LG G Flex deserves first mention not just for its price but also for the flexibility of the screen and self-healing back panel. This is the world’s first smartphone handset that can repair minor cuts and scratches on its own. It was one of the best smartphones of 2014. The year 2014 has been quite significant for Oppo as the company entered the Indian market with its smartphone N1. The rotating camera with 13MP capacity makes it a good choice for taking selfies as well as for making video calls. Sony Vaoi [+more]

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Google Android Split Screen Feature Could Be Their Next Big Thing

google secure https

Tech blog Android Police has pointed that a new split screen feature is possibly on its way with Google Android devices. Sources at Android Police claim to have viewed a demonstration of this Google Android split screen mode on a 4:3 Android tablet, though it seems that this feature could work on any of the Android devices. Google has experimented with this feature in the recent past though it has not been confirmed as to when this feature would be incorporated in Android phones. It is ironical though that while this feature might be new for Android phones, the same had been implemented by Samsung on its Galaxy phones since 2012. LG has also come up with a feature known as QSlide through which multiple apps could be opened in separate windows. In the upcoming split screen feature of Google, two apps could be opened simultaneously. Items as photos or [+more]

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