Apple iPhone 6 Release Date: 4.5 inch Sapphire Display Screen Confirmed?

iphone 6Latest rumors suggest that the yet-to-be-released iPhone 6 is likely to be launched in September 2014. Tipsters are also expecting the new Apple flagship phone to feature an incredibly thin design. It is no secret that production of the new iPhone 6 will begin nearly 4 or 5 months before the official launch, thus the timing appears to be perfect as far as announcement about the device’s displays is concerned. It is also highly unlikely that the tech giant will confirm anything so soon.

Also, analysts are expecting the new iPhone 6 to feature sapphire glass display. Made from synthetic sapphire, this would make the iPhone 6 display transparent and scratch proof. This is not the first time Apple is introducing sapphire glass to users. Currently, the iPhone 5S model features a cover glass on its home button which is made of sapphire. Apple has entered a three year contract with the maker of the material, which means that the tech major is planning to use it more than just covering the home button with this highly priced material.

Rumors have also surfaced that the tech giant will be increasing the screen size of the new iPhone 6 and the new phone will sport a 4.5-inch screen. Many analysts continue to doubt that Apple will take this leap because it took the Cupertino-based smartphone maker nearly five generations to move to a display screen of 5 inches from the 3.5 inches.

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