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‘Destiny’ 1.1.2 Update Introduces Changes To Strikes, Raids, Wepon; Data Miners Hint At Possible Xur Items

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Destiny fans can rejoice as Bungie has released 1.1.2 update.  The update mainly wipes out persistent bugs such as those in ammos and the weapons, 4th Horseman and Pocket Infinity. So now players will not have the risk to fail in the edge case scenarios of the game; thanks to the ammos bug fix. As for the weapons, with this update, Bungie has reversed the stats back to the initial value. The 1.1.2 update hints that Xur features will now see reduced data mining. However, a Reddit thread pointed out that the update now confirms the Xur tipster, Megamanexe 4. The update has also fixed Strikes and Raids. The strength of Valus Ta’Aruc has been slashed by more than 30 per cent. From now, layers will see lesser numbers of major combatants in Strike and Raids as well as Dust Palace. If you are more inclined towards the raids, then [+more]

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Xbox One May Update First Wave Released- Discounts On Games Till April 20

Xbox One May Update First Wave Released

Xbox one May update is not just about fixing some identified issues; it is states that Xbox One can be streamed with tablets and PCs or any other devices using Microsoft Windows 10. Yet, users will have to wait for a few more days as this will be available from the next month. Though the updates for May will be quite impressive, it will not be as expensive as it was for the current month. The first wave of updates have fixes for several issues like the audio problem that occurred when it was used with Digital TV Tuner, which is currently available only in Canada and the United States. It is also reported that that the latest changes will help Microsoft in investigating issues that involve Voice Messaging. Users need to hold their breath as more updates that are lined-up for the month are even more impressive. Yet, in [+more]

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GTA 5 PC Update—All You Need To Know About Drivers, Settings

GTA 5 PC Update

Grand Theft Auto 5—GTA 5 has finally arrived for the PC.  Before we get going on chopping the game and reviewing it, there are few questions that GTA fans are asking to be answered. To begin with, thousands of GTA enthusiasts are curious if the PC will support GTA 5. Basically, you will need to check the settings and update the Nvidia or AMD drivers to know for sure.  All Nvidia users will have this special driver only for the GTA game. The frame rate will be locked at either 30 or 60 as per the performance. Secondly, there are many of you who must be wondering if you can take screenshots of the game and share the same! Yes of course you can–thanks to the new in-game video editor. Right now, the cyber world is tweeting and posting about the unpacking bit of GTA 5 for PC.  The best [+more]

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Nintendo Announces 200 CC Mario Kart 8 Update on 23 April

Mario Kart 8 Game In April

Speeding is going to take a whole new twist with the latest update to the Nintendo Mario Kart 8. The new, spunked up Mario Kart 8 update will come with an all new speed grade of 200 cc for the delightful kart. Come April 23 and fans will see how fast Mario Kart 8 can actually get. The makers have also posted three videos that compare variation of speed after the game has seen the 200 cc tag addition, versus the older Piranha Plant Pipeway, 150 cc. Video footages reveal that the ramp jump distances have gone for a hike and the momentum will now permit gamers to swish around corners on rough surfaces. With the 200 cc mark, racers will now also be able to take a complete jump over an arch on the last third on the track. However, not just speed, this calls for gamers to have [+more]

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Microsoft Rolls Out April Update For Xbox One, Brings In Party Chat Revamps But Skips Voice Messaging

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Preview Build

Microsoft has finally launched the Xbox One April update after a long wait. While rumors about plausible additions via the update had been rife for long, it is only now that we will be able to get hands of improvements to the Xbox One. For starters, the good news comes from the revamped party chat feature and the dashboard achievement notifications. With the party chat feature improved, users will now gain access to troubleshooting guides easily. In fact, this party feature will also enable the microphone to be used. This means that the party can inform users about plausible network or settings issues that might have held inter-party communications. However, a dedicated party chat server has not made through with this update. Specifically for those having an Xbox One in China, Microsoft’s April update has removed the region lock. While the makers have not given an official statement on this [+more]

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Assassin’s Creed To Finally Feature An Indian Hero

assasins' creed indian hero

Great news is on the way for gaming enthusiasts in India. Assassin’s Creed is FINALLY set to arrive in India. The next release in the series, The Chronicles, will have three assassins from India, Russian and China respectively. Our very own Indian gaming hero, Arbaaz Mir will feature as an assassin from the era of the Sikh Empire. The country will be shown at war in 1841 in the gaming series. Two other assassins to feature in the game are Shao Jun from the Ming Dynasty in 1526 and Nikolai Orelov from the era of Red October. The latest game series will see enhanced color and resolution quality, besides having more advanced graphic details that transport you back in time. Our Indian assassin and his backdrop is rumored to resemble graphics of the gaming series Prince of Persia. 

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Halo 5-Guardians Release Date for Xbox In October: Trailers Promise Twists!

Halo 5-Guardians To Launch This October—Trailers Promise Twists!

Good news is here for Halo enthusiasts. Microsoft has finally announced that Halo 5-Guardians will be launched soon and it will hit Xbox One on 27October, 2015. Come this Fall, the Xbox team will have launched the much-awaited installment of the franchise. While the next seven months will see eager anticipation among fans, our appetite for Halo 5 has already been whetted, thanks to the latest trailers for the same. The Xbox team at Microsoft tweeted the date along with a new hash tag #HUNTtheTRUTH. An abnormally high number of retweets followed, given that this franchise alone has raked in $3.38 billion for Microsoft. While the world awaits the arrival of Master Chief, live teasers for the game were greatly appreciated after they premiered on AMC last Sunday. The first of these two trailers reveals Spartan Locke talking to wounded Chief about his duty towards human kind. We see only [+more]

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Asus ROG G750JX vs. Asus ROG G750JM: Getting to the Gamers

Asus rog g750jx vs. Asus rog g750jm- Which one to get!

Looking for a powerful gaming laptop? Asus has come up with the Asus ROG G750JX, which is meant to provide high end gaming capabilities.  The cousin of this laptop is the Asus ROG G750JM and they are constantly pitted against one another. It’s Asus ROG G750JX vs. Asus ROG G750JM as we check out how they are different!  Asus ROG G750JX Specifications Asus ROG G750JX operates the Windows 8 pro and comes with Intel Core i7 processor. This gaming laptop has a two-in-one card reader for added capabilities and comes with an HD web camera to help you stay connected. Being a gaming laptop, much attention has been paid by Asus towards its audio capabilities. Therefore, it comes with built in 2 speakers and microphone along with Maxx audio support. The keyboard is responsive and backlit which allows the users to play even when the lighting is dim and enjoy the [+more]

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Game of Thrones: Lost Lords Review

Are you a fan of Game of Throne series? If yes, some good news is in store for you. Game of Thrones has been released on Android as also on iOS. So if you are among those who enjoy interactive fiction with some betrayal and bloodshed stories in the background, Game of Thrones: Lost Lords is for you. The downside of the game is that if you fail to avoid an attack, the game ends in one go and you need to start all over again. Some of the key characters in the game, such as Tyrion Lannister look and feel great. But some like Margaery Tyrell feel terribly wrong. The episode begins with son of House Forrester in Yunkai. Characters keep switching between Asher Forrester and Forrester squire Gared Tuttle. These characters end up meeting Jon Snow eventually. The good point in Lost Lord is the ease with which [+more]

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PlayStation Store To Offer 10% Discount as Apology After December 2014 Outrage

December 25th outrage- PlayStation Store offers 10 percent discount as apology

Sony Computer Entertainment will be offering 10 percent discount for PlayStation Network users as part of its apology for the service outrage that users had to suffer on 25 December 2014. Distinct discount for each region North America The PlayStation Store will have a Coupon Code for this region. This will also be available on the PlayStation Twitter network. The same will run from 9:00 am PST on January 23 to 9:00 am PST on January 26. Europe The PlayStation Store will have a Coupon Code for this region. This will also be available on the PlayStation Twitter network. It will run between 9:00 am GMT on January 23 to 9:00 am GMT on January 26. Japan Coupon Code for Japan is 8PLLN4L3DQ. The same will run from 0:00 JST on January 23 to 23:59 JST on January 25. PS Vita PlayStation Store does not offer this discount code option and [+more]

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