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Oculus VR: Rumored To Be Working On ‘Zelda-esque’ Videogame for Gear VR

Oculus Rumored To Presently Working On 'Zelda-esque' Videogame for Gear VR

Oculus VR left everyone surprised earlier in September 2014 when the company launched their first internally-developed videogame, VR Quest for Gear VR. The videogame is a third-person dungeon crawler and was showcased during an event. However, the company did not disclose many details. Meanwhile, during the company’s Oculus Connect Developer Conference in Hollywood, California, its Chief Technology Officer Carmack talked about the product in little detail. Carmack has said that VR Quest is among the best Gear VR titles as of now, all thanks to its colors and high quality of visual presentation. He also mentioned that the title is ‘Zelda-eqsue’, while making a reference of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series, and also said that VR Quest itself is a working title. This is the first time that the company has come up in the open to talk about its own experience. Gear VR is likely to be launched by the company in [+more]

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EA Access a reality at 4.99$/month; more discounts in the offering!

EA Access at $4.99 a month

Following up on the EA story, it is imperative to mention that EA Access is bound to shake the gaming world with its low-price offers which is offering the services of four games in one go. Players will be able to access four games including FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggie 2 and Battlefield 4 at a price of $4.99 a month of $29.99 a year. This feature is available exclusively for Xbox One users. What’s more, it has been informed via EA Access Twitter account that EA Access pass holders can access Madden NFL 15 six hours before its official launch. Well, the six-hour window is not a great offering but nonetheless advantage for many. EA Access has been launched into beta version offering a limited number of players the added advantage of playing these four games at a best price. Also Read: EA Access Will Be For Gaming What [+more]

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Battlefield Hardline May be Delayed; Battlefield 4 Glitches to be Removed Soon!

Battlefield Hardline may be delayed; Battlefield 4 glitches to be removed soon!

Players have really burnt their hand playing the Battlefield 4, launched in the last few months of 2013. The game was ‘bugged’ for quite a while but there seems to be hope in the near future. It seems that the developers are preparing an update for the game to rectify these glitches. EA, the force behind the game,  has now a troubled track record which seems to be dented by the game’s performance. Thus, they have contemplated delaying the game’s next version, Battlefield Hardline for times to come. They seem focused on developing an Update for the existing game which could take care of the several bugs and errors within its programming. Some of the improvements in the update would include changes in the core gameplay. It would rattle the whole structuring of the existing game starting from foundations to the aesthetics of the game. It will also be prepped [+more]

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GTA 5 Next Gen Release Likely November; Cheaters Galore Online!

GTA 5 Cheats

As GTA 5 becomes one of the most played games of this century, it may come up with next generation versions around November 14. The news has been leaked through Amazon Germany and is expected to hold water for some times to come. Meanwhile the game is flooded by a number of cheats and hacks which has resulted in a variety of new game play options including the ‘God Mode’ cheat which gives players or vehicles ‘uncomparable’ strength and immunity, parallel only to superheroes. GTA 5 Online has been bugged by this and Rockstar Studios is not expected to take it lightly. Cheaters may be isolated in groups with other cheaters and also banned in some extreme cases from the GTA Online. Meanwhile, here is a list of fun cheats which are easy to try and can offer you the much needed break from the intense game play. You can [+more]

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Flappy Bird Family on Amazon’s Fire TV; Expectations Soar High!

Flappy Bird Family comes on Amazon’s Fire TV; expectations soar high!

For all those Flappy Birds’ fans, there is a new joy on the way. The game is finally being launched in a new version titled Flappy Birds ‘Family’ with an exclusive release planned on Amazon’s Fire TV. Now the decision from Dotgears has baffled many but it seems that there is some solid backing for their decision. The difficulty level of the new launch has been hiked from its predecessor and would be available only for subscribers to Fire TV. In this version, gamers get to compete with their friends in the multiplayer mode. And don’t worry about the game lives with each of the player being provided three lives to complete the task. There are also some ghosts in the play which can make navigation a tough task amongst the elite gamers. The strategy for a limited release could also be due to the new developments in the mobile [+more]

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Flappy Bird makes a glorious comeback with multiplayer mode

Flappy Bird makes a glorious comeback with multiplayer mode!

There are a few instances where the developer of a game had to withdraw from the market owing to the popularity of the game and its addictive nature. But one can witness the change of tide with the return of one of the most popular games of the circuit, Flappy Birds. Appearing on Amazon as an exclusive release, the game is returning with a vengeance. The new game is titled Flappy Birds Family and is predicted to be less addictive than the previous vision. The game is arriving on Amazon App Store for Android and also promises game play on Amazon Fire TV box, remote and dedicated controller as well. It is available as a multiplayer for friends and families to play together, using Flappy birds or floating ghosts as characters. The developer of the game, Dong Nguyen is suggesting that this edition with be less addictive than the original. [+more]

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EA Access Will Be For Gaming What Netflix Was To Cinema

EA Access

One of the biggest entries to the gaming world has been the advent of the EA Access which is all set to revolutionize the way we perceive gaming in present times. Gaming is now becoming hardcore with a variety of games being provided at the best possible prices. It is exclusively available for Xbox One users meant as a shot in its flailing arm which was lagging way behind PS4 sales. So, here we have a winner in the making. Imagine games which are worth $70 each being offered at a price of $5 on a monthly basis or $30 (in total) for a year. One will have access to the exclusive vault which has the mind-boggling list including FIFA 14, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4. And wait for the big ones as the company plans to add more games to this kitty as well. It is [+more]

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Xbox One Needs To Introduce Certain Changes: Download Digital Titles Prior to Release

Xbox One Needs To Introduce Certain Changes

US-based tech giant Microsoft has time and again radically changed its gaming console Xbox One since it was launched in November 2014 in the commercial market. The Microsoft has always listened to its fans and released a wide range of system updates almost every single month – whether they are related to refining certain features, adding completely new ones and even ditching the bundled Kinect, which the company once claimed would never do. Although the gaming console has made tremendous improvements in some areas, we still want the company to make some changes in the device. Below are the 14 changes we want to see the company to introduce in the future: Download digital titles prior to release Gifting games to our friends Offer a full range of entertainment apps Expand on Games with Gold Make a back catalogue of 360 games available Even more social features Video and audio [+more]

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GTA V hits PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One this fall, boasts various improvements


This fall will be special as the critically acclaimed GTA V is coming up with its latest console. It will be launched on Sony PlayStation4 along with Microsoft Xbox One, as also on PC . GTA V was launched for the first time on September 17th last year and a record breaking 32 million copies have been unloaded since its release. GTA V or Grand Theft Auto V as it is popularly known is already available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles of Microsoft. These next generation consoles will take GTA V to a new high and this latest announcement of the availability of GTA V on Sony PlayStation 4 is the biggest announcement, the company has made in recent days. In this high pitched game, the players can switch over between lives of three protagonists namely Franklin, Trevor and Michael. These three protagonists go through a chasing game [+more]

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UK Xbox One To Support Sky and Virgin Media Electronic Programme Guides

xbox 1

US-based electronic giant Microsoft has finally confirmed that its Xbox One will support Sky and Virgin Media electronic programme guides (EPG) in the UK. This will become possible after the company will release its next update, which it had earlier promised to roll out before the World Cup scheduled to start on June 12 2014. This will enable the Xbox One owners to directly access EPG from the device itself, and you no more require a Sky or Virgin Media box for it to work either. It can now be said that Microsoft is on the right track to be your portal to Brazil this summer. The company has also mentioned that EPGs will be pulled from other set-top boxes too. The owners are just required to plug the box into the Xbox One’s HDMI input, and it will automatically display all the information through. The people are presently allowed [+more]

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