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Twitter Bans Jokes Due To Copyright Issues

Twitter jokes ban

Every day, lots of content is being created on social networking website Twitter. This has led to people complaining about  their 140 characters being copied without giving them due credit. The Twitter jokes ban; therefore, seems to have come into place to prevent copyright infringement. Reports suggest that the social media network is deleting jokes and other content that has been copied from other Tweets. It has come to light that Twitter will delete copied Tweets to prevent copyright issues. The Verge has pointed out that a Los Angeles-based freelance writer Olga Lexell filed a case because many people had retweeted her joke that said, “saw someone spill their high end juice cleanse all over the sidewalk and now I know god is on my side”. Lexell’s Twitter account has since become private but she had earlier Tweeted that she spoke to the social networking site and told them that she [+more]

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Microsoft Could Launch Windows 10 On USB Flash Drive For Users

Windows 10 Secret menu to enhance user-friendliness and reduce time

Microsoft still considers USB drives and DVD storage worthwhile, as opposed to the Apple. Therefore, the giant might distribute its latest Windows version 10 over physical media despite this being the age of Mac App Store ad internet downloads. This availability of Windows 10 on a USB drive could have benefits for consumers given that it could reinstate the flash drive manufacturing industry. Last heard, Microsoft was expected to make Windows 10 available for consumers by 29 July. Customers or users of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 are eligible for a free upgrade. We had already brought you a guide on how to go about reserving your free copy of the same. If case you are not eligible for the free upgrade, you can buy either the Windows 10 Home or the Windows 10 Pro. This Home version is priced at $119 and the Pro will sell for $199. In [+more]

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Flipkart Says No To Airtel Zero; Supports Net Neutrality

flipkart backs out of airtel zero for net neutrality

Following the social media stir on Net Neutrality over the last few days and 3 lakh emails being sent out to TRAI, Flipkart announced today that they have pulled out of the Airtel Zero platform. In an official statement, Flipkart said that they are walking away from the on-going discussions with Airtel for the Airtel Zero platform. The statement also added that they commit themselves to the larger cause of Net Neutrality in India. This has come following the massive debate about Net Neutrality that has been haunting Indian online space for the last few days. All India Bakchod also launched a video to Save The Internet claiming that the internet means all content in equal and it should be the choice of the user, what content it is that they want to see. Flipkart was in the heat of the debate because of their discussions with Airtel. After 1.5 [+more]

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HBO Now Vs Netflix: How Do They Compare?

Netflix vs HBO Now

Revenue becomes even more precious among live streaming services with the launch of HBO Now. One of the biggest fallout of the new live streaming service would be the viewership battle between Netflix and HBO Now. While HBO Now will soon be available to viewers as a standalone channel without any cable subscription, Netflix has topped them in terms of revenue generation so far. News also has it that Netflix has made a huge bank of original content, which will create pressure on HBO Now. HBO started operations back in the early 70s and has some of the blockbuster franchises like True Blood and Game of Thrones. They have also declared premiering a new season of Game of Thrones when they launch the standalone streaming service in April 12, 2015. In this race, Netflix is not lagging behind. With experience of only seven years, they have updated their library with [+more]

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Apple iOS 8.4 May Feature Beats Music Streaming Service

iOS 8 Release and All Other Details

There is some great news for music lovers using Apple devices. As the company is improving constantly on its iOS, with the iOS 8.3 beta recently, news has already started coming that they might be working on an iOS 8.4 and may apply the update to launch its Beats-based music streaming service. Codenamed as Copper, the new iOS is expected to release in a few days. Even though there is no official update about the iOS 8.4, rumors suggest that it will be a rebranding of Beats music service, which it has already purchased. It also suggests that it will reduce the offerings of Beats as well. Whether it rebrands Beats or not, Apple is expected to provide a great audio support with this latest addition. Though the iOS 8.4 release is still not confirmed, iOS 8.3 available with developers features CarPlay menu in the general category Settings. The latest [+more]

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PlayStation Store To Offer 10% Discount as Apology After December 2014 Outrage

December 25th outrage- PlayStation Store offers 10 percent discount as apology

Sony Computer Entertainment will be offering 10 percent discount for PlayStation Network users as part of its apology for the service outrage that users had to suffer on 25 December 2014. Distinct discount for each region North America The PlayStation Store will have a Coupon Code for this region. This will also be available on the PlayStation Twitter network. The same will run from 9:00 am PST on January 23 to 9:00 am PST on January 26. Europe The PlayStation Store will have a Coupon Code for this region. This will also be available on the PlayStation Twitter network. It will run between 9:00 am GMT on January 23 to 9:00 am GMT on January 26. Japan Coupon Code for Japan is 8PLLN4L3DQ. The same will run from 0:00 JST on January 23 to 23:59 JST on January 25. PS Vita PlayStation Store does not offer this discount code option and [+more]

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Dropbox Denies 7 Million Accounts Compromised

dropbox hacked

An anonymous hacker is claiming to have hacked about 7 million Dropbox accounts pointing towards a major security breach with the file hosting service provider. The Next Web was the first to have noticed the leak on a Reddit thread containing links to Pastebin files. About 400 username and password pairs, all beginning with the letter B, have been posted in plain text as “first teaser…just to get things going” on Pastebin at 4:10 p.m. CDT on October 13, 2014. The leaks came with a note on top saying, “Here is another batch of Hacked Dropbox accounts from the massive hack of 7,000,000 accounts. To see plenty more, just search on [redacted] for the term Dropbox hack. More to come, keep showing your support.” The perpetrator has promised to update more such combination of username and password if paid through Bitcoin. “More Bitcoin = more accounts published on Pastebin. As more [+more]

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Will LG G Watch R be a Costly Affair?

Will LG G Watch R be a costly affair?

The LG G Watch R smartwatch, which was announced during the month of August, will be available in South Korea during the next week. LG has now confirmed that the latest Android wear device would be launched in its home country on 14October at a price of KRW 352,000, which is about $328. While there is still no information on the date of release or price for this smartwatch in Europe or US, it is known that LG’s cheaper G Watch was known to be originally priced at KRW 277,000, which is $230 in the US. This would mean that the watch would cost about $290 before taxes are added to the US sales. This means, the LG device would be an expensive Android Wear smartwatch for many. Smartwatches of most other brands stand at a lower price. For example, Samsung’s Gear Live has a price of $180, while the [+more]

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Apple Likely To Shut Down Its Beats Music Streaming Service

Apple Likely To Shut Down Beats Music

US-based tech giant Apple is likely to shut down its Beats Music, which is a streaming service acquired by the company four months ago as part of a blockbuster Beats acquisition. However, there is no official information available as of now about when the company is going to shut the service down, according to multiple sources of TechCrunch. The company’s recently launched flagship smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have not been equipped with built-in app and there was not any announcement of integration during the release of Apple Watch. This shows that the company is all set to permanently get rid of the brand. It was also widely reported that the multi-billion dollar acquisition of Beats by Apple is not related to Beats Music, but was all about bringing co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine into the Apple fold. There have been reports since long that Apple’s download [+more]

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