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Apple iPad Pro Features Update: May Feature Digital Stylus

Apple iPad Pro May Feature Digital Stylus

There seems to be some good news for people waiting for the iPad Pro. Rumors have it that a recent filing at the US Patent and Trademark Office clearly hints on the functionality of the slate, which may come with a digital input stylus, something that was not found earlier in any device of this category. The reports of Apple Insider also have it that the stylus powered with 3D sensing can offer support to multiple users as well as multitasking activities. Even though there is no official confirmation so far, the reports indicate the stylus to feature pressure sensor as well as grip sensor performing dedicated functions. While the news about the stylus has overjoyed iPad fans, it has surely warned the Surface Pen of Microsoft about the tough competition that it might be facing in the coming days.  Though the concept of pen was earlier rejected by Steve [+more]

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Lumia 940 Release Date, Specs: Device Will Have Retina Scanning Instead Of Passwords

microsoft lumia

After much dilly dallying over the release and specs of the Lumia 940, Microsoft has revealed it will not be using password based security anymore. In what we consider a leaf from Apple’s book, Microsoft will now incorporate the Retina Scanner in its latest Lumia model. Before you think more, read to know that the scanner will be exclusivie thanks to the software Windows Hello that also aids in security features such as in facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. In another huge turn of events, the maker has confirmed that they will release the Windows 10 OS first this year and the Lumia 940 will hit the market only after the former.  Given that the wait is going to be long– probably after June this year- we are expecting game changing specs on the upcoming flagship. Video apps will see a lot of change in the way they work on [+more]

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Smartphone Cameras Helps In Detecting Eye Cancer In 2-Year Old

Smartphone Cameras Helps In Detecting Eye Cancer In 2-Year Old

The news that smartphone cameras can help detecting eye cancer that affects exclusively kids has set a buzz , leaving no doubt about the fact that advances in technology has made life much better. The life of a 2-year old kid, Avery Fitzgerald was saved when her mother, Julie Fitzgerald identified some uncanny spots around the boy’s pupil in an image she snapped with a smartphone. According to the Verge the reports, children affected with aggressive eye cancer in most of the cases have a white glow surrounding their pupils when they look to the camera for a photograph. Yet, the snaps need to be taken with a flash mode on.  The doting mother, Fitzgerald, who took her son to the doctor after founding the spots around the pupil said that she is thankful to technology. Though the kid has lost his eye due to the disease, his life is saved. [+more]

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Xperia Z Leaked Shot With Android 5.0.2 OS Creates Uproar-OS To Be Launched Officially

Android 5.0.2 Receives Certification

Leaked screen-shot of Xperia Z working on the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop already created an uproar on the internet earlier and now the reports indicate that necessary certifications for the mobile firmware has been finally obtained from PTCRB. Thus, it is expected to be out in the market anytime soon, reported Xperia blog. The reports also indicate that the new firmware can also be used in other Z series devices of Xperia, viz. Tablet Z, ZL and ZR. The upcoming Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is expected to improve the performance of the tablets significantly by introducing, “Material Design”, a complete new design language. It is also reported that the new interactive user interface, options for lock-screen notification and animation graphics will also be available with the latest version. According to the reports, replacing the default runtime from Dalvik to ART will not just improve the performance of the phone by introducing several [+more]

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Play ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ On PC- Beware of ‘Angry Planes’ Mod

Play 'Grand Theft Auto 5' On PC- Beware of 'Angry Planes' Mod

The enticing game, “Grand Theft Auto 5” now can be enjoyed on PC and the loyal fans can now try their skills on different mods released by its makers. Yet, there is word of caution before you install the mods as the “Angry Planes” mod seems to carry virus, which cannot be detected during the installation process.  The virus on this mod easily passes any anti-virus scanning, making it a big threat to the computers. Once the mod starts operating, the player becomes the target of every other aircraft in the game, ruining the total fun. Not just that, it may also create malware affecting the PC security. Makers of the game now recommend to uninstall the virus affected mod to play it safely, as deleting the mod will not ruin GTA fun in any way. Yet, the reports of PC Gamers hint that the GTA forums have been successful [+more]

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Microsoft Lumia 540 Release Date: To Hit Shelves On May 18

Microsoft Lumia 540 To Hit Shelves On May 18

It seems Microsoft is aiming to get a strong hold in the Indian market by launching budget friendly smartphones in a quick succession. According to Tech Radar reports, Lumia 540, which is priced at Rs.10,199 is scheduled to be on shelves from May 18 onward and will boast some of the high-end features. The upcoming handset which has been enameled using poly-carbonate plastic finishing clearly resembles the look of the previous Lumia smartphones.  Operating on Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia 540 features  wide screen of 5-inches with a resolution of 1280x720p. To make it a worthy buy for the modern users, it has been powered with quadcore Snapdragon 200 chipset, which is perfectly supported by the 1GB RAM. Not just that, to offer improved user experience, the phone comes with 8GB storage, which can be expanded to 128GB using a microSD card. To treasure special moments of the user, it features [+more]

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Apple MacBook Vs Apple MacBook Air Vs Apple MacBook Pro: Which MacBook Is The Best For You?

Packed With Multiple Features

Apple has rolled out several new products this year and Apple MacBook is one of the most noted releases. Though all MacBook models are equally impressive, buyers often cannot decide, which is the best best buy among Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015), Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2015) and Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch, 2015). While the 12-inch MacBook has attracted several buyers for its performance and design, users have also complained about the missing features like lack of connections or ports, poor battery and exorbitant price.  While the 12-inch MacBook has received mixed opinion from users, MacBook Air 13-inch is a good choice for people, who wants to experience MacBook features at a price of only $999. According to CNET, this device also needs praises for its battery life but it is not a worthy choice for all. The wide bezel and the less impressive screen resolution has garnered [+more]

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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus: Apple To Launch New Handsets, Improvisations Planned For iPad

Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher Soon

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has taken up the market by storm soon after its release and it seems that the company still has many surprises in store. If Cupertino’s reports are to be believed, Apple Loop indicates that the company has decided to terminate the iOS 8.2 and it will be compulsory for all users to get their devices upgraded to iOS8.3. The reports also indicate that new iOS is expected to be free from bugs of older versions and is expected to offer improved performance. However, this is not all, there are speculations that the company will release three new handsets shortly. The much hyped Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be launched sometimes in September and may be soon joined by iPhone7 Plus. Though the phones may not drastically apart from iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus, they are believed to have improved features. The company may [+more]

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Which Is Better Cyanogen OS 12 Or Oxygen? Users’ Verdict Cyanogen OS 12

Which Is Better Cyanogen OS 12 Or Oxygen

OnePlus One’s compatibility with both Cyanogen OS 12 an Oxygen OS has raised a common question among the users, as they want to know, which of these is better suited for their smartphone. Though both the operating systems have an identical look, Cyanogen 0S 12 has much better customization options. By installing this, users will be able to change almost every icon on their phone, including battery. Customizations are also available for status bar, fonts as well as settings. Not just this, the OS is preloaded with Audio Maxx, Cyanogen Mail and many other useful apps. Plenty of choices on themes allow users to personalize their phone as per wish. While Cyanogen offers a wide range of choices for optimizing the smartphone, Oxygen OS is quite similar to that of Android and has limited customization options. However, apps like Hangout are often useful. Yet, it offers better battery life than [+more]

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Xiaomi Mi4i Flashsale To Begin On April 30, 2015- Useful Tricks To Improve Your Chances Of Purchase

Xiaomi Mi4i Flashsale To Begin On April 30

The Chinese smartphone vendor, Xiaomi which has already raised waves in the market after unveiling its Xiaomi Mi4i in India in a grand event last week, is expected to take the market by storm today with its first flash sale on Flipkart at 2:00 p.m. today. Like the previous flash sales on Flipkart, this one too will be open only for registered users. However, registration does not confirm purchase as there is an overwhelming response with more than 3 lakh people. To get hold of the Xiaomi Mi4i at today’s flash sale, registered users are recommended to keep the page of Flipkart open a couple of minutes before the sale starts. Keep reloading the page every couple of seconds when the countdown ends. If possible keep the page open from a smartphone and PC. Also make sure to get a stable internet connection when you hit buy and await confirmation. [+more]

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